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I couldn’t help but listen to the conversation of two children about ten years in age at an event I attended recently. Parents came along with their kids to this birthday celebration after church service that Sunday afternoon and I sat in a corner, quiet as I was exhausted and just wanted to rest – be by myself.

These two boys were having this interesting conversation. They were friends and were both in JSS1. One of the boys was complaining and lamenting to the other one about how he felt denied by his parents; things other kids appear to enjoy with ease.

He was complaining to his friend with a tone of envy, how they no longer subscribe to satellite television and can’t watch their interesting TV programs anymore. He also complained about putting on the generator for only two hours every day compared to several hours in time past. He also complained about the delay in the payment of school fees and how they’ve had to withdraw from their beloved school clubs because his parents wouldn’t pay the club dues anymore. He also talked about all the nice sneakers and nice clothes he would want to have like his friend, but he couldn’t have them. His friend asked him why and he said, the father told them he was building a house and on that account the whole family needed to make the necessary sacrifice so that the housing project can be completed on time. This boy went on to say something really touching, he said, “why must we suffer because daddy is building a house, if he doesn’t have enough money, can’t he wait till he has enough? In fact, I hate the house already and I won’t move there with them when it’s completed”.

I was touched by this conversation. I looked at this boy’s face and he was visibly upset. He was angry at his parents but of course wouldn’t say anything to them. As a 10-year-old, he was daily exposed to the benefits and provisions other parents made available for their own children and he wouldn’t understand why his own case was different. At ten, he had become an angry child and be sure from then on, his allegiance would likely be to friends and maybe other parents he admires but not his parents. As he becomes a teenager he would rather be close, be intimate and take advice from friends and people he admires than his parents – the parents were losing him on the account of a housing project.

 Ladies and gentlemen, we may judge this boy as young and ignorant but the implication and consequence of his father’s decision is a reality they’d have to deal with in future.

Dear friends, its glaring things are difficult economically right now and many are struggling really hard to sustain a standard of living, however, we need to be conscious of the implication of giving up and crashing our living standards on everyone connected to us in one way or another. It will affect many people and relationships in ways we can’t even imagine.

You see, it’s okay to deny yourself excessive pleasures in times like this, but not good quality basic necessities. While putting together this episode, one of my colleagues argued that satellite television is actually a luxury for kids but in my opinion, satellite television has become a necessity for any child that would effectively compete with his mates in future. The world has become a global village, such exposure is hence, very important. My opinion.                                                                                                            For Audio Version Click here

As the cost of living is climbing, what we need to do daily is keep thinking and strategizing on how to effectively grow our revenues. We should consider several ways of at least sustaining our living standards, we shouldn’t let it crash if we can’t improve it. What we should cut down is excesses, not basic necessities.

When the dynamics of life takes an unfavourable turn, sticking with the easy, the convenient and your familiar way of doing things will entrap you and frustrate your living standards eventually. As life changes, you must do all you can to change with it.

Too many of us would rather spend hours complaining, lamenting, criticising and arguing about all the goings-on without dedicating enough time and thought to how we can personally overcome this general recession problem.

My dear friend, what is your personal strategy and plan for escape in this economy? What are you doing not to be a perpetual victim of this economic situation? Are you praying without working, confessing without thinking, believing without action, fasting without planning? Is there any inspiration, revelation, new idea, new strategy and progressive sense of direction for you personally?

Are you just wishing and hoping with nothing to activate, dear friend, hope is not a strategy and confession without action is self-delusion.

Ladies and gentlemen, we can’t just give up now, we must arise and think creatively and progressively. Times have changed, there are new winning ways different from the past – fresh opportunities, fresh processes, new and unusual avenues to wealth. You must learn what works now and stop hoping for a return of your convenient yesteryears!

Stop sticking with your old ways, old strategies and old ideas, learn the new ways, acquire new skills, learn a new business and think daily on how to grow your income not how to keep cutting cost. If you don’t stop dwelling on cost cutting very soon you’ll arrive at that point where you may have to do away with very basic needs.

I know many may begin to say they are doing their best but believe me, life does not reward your best, life rewards the best, “I’m doing my best” is accepting a lack of will to want to stretch further to grow and improve.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to increase your income to catch up or even exceed the growing costs of goods and services in the marketplace.

You can keep your day job but ensure you earn something by the side to make up for the shortage in your purchasing power.

I do not think your salary is regularly reviewed to match the inflation rate hence, your salary may be increasing in figures every year but your purchasing power can keep declining, yet your responsibilities keep growing. You need to escape.

Dear friend. Start selling something. On your phone, on social media, it’s time to start to sell something. You can supply eggs, food, clothes – anything, go into transport business, learn a new and relevant skill; just learn to sell something.

At this juncture, selling is not something you do because you like it or you want to, you have to sell because you need it to survive. Selling has become very necessary at this juncture.

If you remain indifferent, life will leave you behind, and your contemporaries will leave you behind because they have decided to expand their streams of income and you have refused to expand yours.

If you refuse to grow or expand your income sources, with the rising cost of things, you may find yourself borrowing from your subordinates and juniors earning lesser because they have other sources apart from their salary. The law in Nigeria permits even civil servants to practice farming so you have no excuse even as a government worker.

Ladies and gentlemen, this may be hard but it’s very necessary. Its time you do what you must do, think of your future and begin to act right today. Learn all you need to learn and join the winners of tomorrow. Dear friend, don’t get caught in lack and insufficiency, poverty is a terrible master, do the needful.

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