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This coaching experience is designed to equip participants with the following:
– Improved proficiency in powerpoint presentations.
– Public speaking professional skills.
– Successful Image making (Public relations, public affairs and media relations).
– Effective presentation to win new business accounts.
– On-Air content presentation (Radio/ TV & digital programs)

Lead Coach: Muyiwa Afolabi NIMN FIMC
Muyiwa Afolabi is the CEO of Frontiers Consulting. He is a foremost professional speaker, a business and career coach and a social reformer. He is the host and anchor of several radio and TV talk shows with millions of listeners and thousands of online followers in Nigerian and overseas.
In November 2017, Muyiwa featured in a 12 series documentary on Entrepreneurship in Africa on CNN, hosted by Anthony Bourdain’s paths Unknown.
Muyiwa is the founder and faculty head of Frontiers Business Academy, a school for entrepreneurs with faculties in Lagos and Abuja. He is an erudite business and career blogger, a certified Public Relations Consultant, a serial entrepreneur, and a fellow of the Institute of Management Consulting – licenced to practice in 48 countries of the world including the G8.

Date of event: Saturday, August 11, 2018

Time: 10am prompt

Venue: Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

Cost of Program: N20, 000:00 only.

Other benefits: certificates, lunch, free business and career counselling and an opportunity for profitable networking.

Please register now, limited seats available.
For Participation details please call 0706 349 6599


  1. Yemi says:

    Good Morning Sir,

    I do hope you are fine.

    Sir, permit me to take some minutes of your time to read this message.

    I was nominated to attend a sensitization session on Strategic Facilitators Network in Lokoja. This took off on WednesdayAug 1 till FridayAug 3.

    The objective of the session was to educate new members and existing ones on how to achieve the core objectives of the Bank.
    These would be achieved through passing information to and from staff in all the branches needed for the vision.

    So let me go straight to the key thing here, on the last day we were to learn how to make presentation and pass information. I been very terrible with communication i just felt i wasn’t good enough for this role but anyway i just attended and planned how i will keep escaping.

    So the man to teach us public speaking gave us an interesting lecture , showed us Obama’s speech that made him president and all other things. The he asked us to write down the names of two people and the personalities we liked about them.

    I wrote down the former CBN governor, Sanusi Lamido( now the Emir of Kano) and the personality i admired is his BOLDNESS then the other person i wrote was a public speaker i have admired for years..( like 5 yrs) and told everyone about. So fast forward. I left Lokoja by 2.30 and gone to Abuja but my flight to lagos was scheduled at 7:45pm so i had to sit down till that time. Lucky for me i had my novel to complete so i got busy.

    While i was reading, the guy next to me just uttered; jhow does intelligent kills? ( name of the book)…i did answer him but not with confidence i stuttered and i felt it was a terrible one😢. We got talking a bit then we were distracted by an airline that called its passengers only for passenger to return back to their sits with their meals + apology for delay of flight to Port- Harcourt or so.

    Anyway i bidded him farewell as the airline i had paid for called us to board.

    I boarded and sat on the seat by the aisle(17D) to be exact. This isn’t my type of angle , i rather do window seat and also do seats with single digit so i can flee from the plane immediately after landing.

    I sat down and brought out my book, how intelligent kills by Ikechukwu ofili. As i read, i look toward my left, those sitted on the other wing, on my line(17), i saw a guy by the window seat, i saw a lady in red dress i guess and i saw ….oh .. i saw the guy on the 17C seat, this guy, i have seen him before. No it cant be him, then i saw a glimpse of his phone,his screen saver, this is the picture i see on his site…oh its Muyiwa Afolabi😱😱😱😱😱.

    I brought out my jotter and i checked the name of the public speaker i wrote down to be sure…it is the same Muyiwa Afolabi.

    I was shocked but pretended to continue my book. I brought my jotter again to show you what i wrote down but the gut, the nerve were just not working.. i wanted to show you that you are my mentor and you are one of the people that have shaped my life through your teachings and daily message. I tune to your prog. 6:45am most times on cool fm. Thank you

    Have you read the book , The secret? It talks about the law of attraction.. I have thought about some day meeting you and just that same morning i wrote down your name in my jotter. Then Nature decided to give me a chance to see you life but i didnt use the opportunity. Its ok. At least i saw you.

    One day, i will be like you..I jus dont have the guts, the nerve to stand in from of a single person to talk. I stutter, incorrect grammar spills… I only find confidence in a small group and they must be people i have know for years.

    Sorry for taking your time and also apology for too many ellipsis..They help me with words unspoken.

  2. Folorunsho says:

    Good Evening Sir,
    I will sincerely appreciate getting notice of your Seminars

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