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No matter your number of years in paid employment, one day you’ll have to leave and at least venture into something you’ll manage that’ll guarantee a continuous flow of income you can control and increase.

Entrusting your future in the hands of institutions and financial structures you can’t directly control can be quite risky in Nigeria, and if you can’t manage a business, later on in your life when you’ll be physically weaker, you may eventually experience a challenging older age.

FRONTIERS BUSINESS ACADEMY will equip you with the right knowledge on how to start, grow and effectively manage a business in Nigeria. Practical approach and realistic scenarios are key considerations in our delivery.

Don’t just assume you can run a business successfully because another person you know is. The fact a 9 year old can ride a bicycle easily doesn’t mean you can ride one if you don’t learn how to.

Do you have a dream business? Are you close to retirement? Do you intend to transit from paid employment to self-employment without financial or social setbacks? Or you’re finding managing your business a struggle?

Join Frontiers Business Academy.

This week, we’re focusing on developing a powerful business model that will make business management easier and extremely profitable.

Product definition, understanding and superior presentation that will make your brand irresistible in the market place is our focus.

What is the core of your product offering?

What is   “expected” of your product offering?

What is the perceived value of your product offering?

What are the compelling qualities of your product that’ll make yours preferred to that of your competitor?

Join the class this Sunday.

Date: June 18 2017

Time: 5pm to 7pm

Venue: Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel. 1A Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue Victoria Island, Lagos.

For participation and other details please call 07063496599. 

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  1. Ebong Eshiet says:

    Dear Sir,
    My names are Ebong Eshiet, a Freight Forwarder.

    I’ve been following your TV talk program (Own Your Own) on AIT, and this program has really inspired me as there are nothing but straight facts.
    May I use this opportunity know the requirements to join Frontier Business Academy and the Tuition fees,Duration and other information.

    Thanks as I look forward to your kind reply.

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