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  • Do you use regular metal pots to cook in your home? Do you know the metals used in manufacturing these pots do contain natural metallic substances poisonous to the human body?
  • Once your aluminium, lead or iron pots are exposed to heat or fire, they slowly dissolve, and form compounds that contaminate your food, soups or stew! This lack of awareness has unfortunately contributed to the heightened incidence of cancer, organ failure and infertility with many.
  • To keep your meals safe and your family healthy, change your cooking pots!
  • LONGRICH ENERGY POT is the safest and most affordable cooking pot today! It is made from titanium – a human body-friendly metal used for surgeries and body implants due to its very safe nature.
  • Its production quality standard has received patents in seventeen countries including China, The United States and Russia.
  • What’s more, food cooked in the Longrich Energy pot remains fresh and tender for a very long time because the pot regulates the amount of heat energy released when cooking, thereby retaining up to 85% of the food nutritional value after cooking.

Feed your family with safer, healthier and more nutritious meals from today. Protect them from the danger of unsafe metallic pots! Purchase your LONGRICH ENERGY POT now! To place your order, please Call 0802 569 6670, 0909 458 0360

Longrich Energy pots is Marketed and distributed by Frontiers Marketing International Services Limited.

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    how much does it cost ?

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