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After 30 years of meritorious dedication and hard work in public service, she decided to retire and venture into something of her own.

Her close friend is into the sales and supply of drinks and was doing pretty well, hence, she assumed it was a lucrative and easy venture she would easily succeed at. After all, her friend isn’t as educated yet she’s doing very well with the business.

Mrs Abu invested almost all her gratuity into the business of sales and supply of drinks; Soft drinks, canned drinks, packed juices, wine and bottled water. She rented a big shop and employed about 5 young people to work with her. The outlet was well positioned; visible and well put together. By the time she was done, everything looked good and okay for the business to flourish. However, to her greatest surprise, customers didn’t pour in as expected!

Mrs. Abu became worried and curious. She assumed customers would pour in as she usually witnessed in her friend’s outlet, but surprisingly that wasn’t the case with her. Only a few people came to her outlet to make inquiries about price and only one or two persons actually bought packs of bottled water in a whole month.

Mrs. Abu was surprised, then she became worried and agitated. Time was running out, most of the drinks would expire if sales remains this slow. There are bills to pay; rent, salaries, transportation, diesel to power the generators that’ll cool the refrigerators, security bills etc.

Her most disappointing experience is, even friends and family didn’t come to buy as she assumed they would.

She’s retired, she can’t go back to paid employment; Mrs. Abu has become worried and anxious. Her business, her finances, her future…

She made a big mistake! She didn’t learn about business before venturing, she assumed she knew, now she’s about to pay the price!

Every business needs a structure, needs to be understood and efficiently managed. If suddenly through circumstances of life or retirement you need to start managing a business of your own, will you succeed?

Join Frontiers Business Academy! Practical, realistic insights on how to start, grow and manage your own business in Nigeria!

This week, we’re focusing on developing a powerful BUSINESS MODEL that will make business management easier and extremely profitable.

Product definition, understanding and superior presentation that will make your brand irresistible in the market place is our focus.

What is the core of your product offering?

What is the “expected” of your product offering?

What is the perceived value of your product offering?

What are the compelling qualities of your product that’ll make yours preferred to that of your competitor?

Join the class this Sunday.

Date: June 18 2017

Time: 5pm to 7pm

Venue: Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel. 1A Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue Victoria Island, Lagos.

For participation and other details. Please call 07063496599

We transform…that’s a promise! See you on Sunday!

5 responses to “NOT AS IT SEEMS…”

  1. Doyin Hassan says:

    I will like to be part of this class, but I’m not in lagos now.

  2. Ojo Victor Olusola says:

    I’m super excited at this great opportunity to learn from someone I so much respect. Please what’s the procedure for participating and the cost please.

  3. OBIKA Stephen Okezie says:

    Hello sir. I’ve been your follower right from Events centre, Ikeja. But due to circumstances I’m always in the east these days. I’ll surely join your class any Sunday I’ll be in Lagos. You’re really a blessing to this our generation

  4. Mercy Amalime says:

    I live in Abuja how do I benefit frm ur coaching lectures.

  5. Patience Idisi says:

    Sir please how can I meet you in person? Or have a conversation with you?

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