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I’ve read so many interesting and inspiring stories about the eagle. The strength of the eagle the wisdom of the eagle, the character of the eagle, the endurance of the eagle and why the eagle is the king of the skies.

I’ve also read many stories and articles about the lion. In fact, I have watched so many documentaries about the lion. The life of the lion, the natural tradition of the pride, the family life, the survival tactics and why it is called the king of the jungle.

Many times we draw inspiration from these two great creatures, their ways inspire us, their courage inspires us, their habits, life style, tradition, skills and their lives in general has inspired mankind for ages.

Walk into several homes and offices and you would find either as an artwork on the wall or a sculpture on a shelf or desk, the images of the eagle or the lion.

As we see these creatures, we are inspired, encouraged, motivated and try to be our best, drawing inspiration from these powerful creatures.

But pay attention to this, the lion and the eagle are not who they are and don’t function as they do based on special training, techniques, conditioning, education, training or learning.                                                                                                                                                                                                For Audio Version Click here

What the lion is and what the eagle is in traits, capacities, abilities and performance are not externally acquired they’re internally domicile. These creatures have it in them to be what they are hence through discipline and growth, they are able to manifest in the fullness of time.

The lion learnt nothing from the elephant and has no desire to be like the elephant despite the intimidating size of the elephant and by remaining itself, it remains the king of the jungle even over the massive elephant in the same jungle.

The lion is not distracted, intimidated, envious or covetous of the uniqueness of other big cats like the tiger, the leopard, jaguar, panther or other big cats. The lion is comfortable being itself, hence remain king over other big cats, through without disregard to their strengths and territories.

The lion though consistently fighting off the hyena that regularly preys on its cubs and weaker relatives, is not distracted or derailed by the schemes and wiles of the laughing jackal to the point of losing its dignity and kingly status.

The lion is king and remains king over the jungle by remaining itself, manifesting itself and remaining comfortable in its own make up and personality hence fulfilling the purpose of ruling the jungle and inspiring human kind through the ages.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is nothing more frustrating, limiting and derailing in life like living outside of your real self. Trying to be anyone else but yourself is the number one source of your unhappiness, emotional trauma and psychological fatigue.

Many of us today have spent many years of our lives seeking to identify and find ourselves without even knowing it, and the failure to find and recognize yourself is the reason for the loss of the number one craving of every man.

You see, the reward for being yourself in this life is happiness. When you lose who you are, you lose your happiness. Unfortunately many do not realize this, hence keep looking for happiness in other things.

Think with me this morning, you may just suddenly realize all your effort, labor, activities and dealings daily is geared towards finding happiness.

You want a good job, why? Finding one will make you happy. You want your business to do well, why? A profitable business will make you happy. You want a good spouse, why? Having one will make you happy. You want a lot of money, Why? With a lot of money you can buy and obtain lots of things that will make you happy.

Unfortunately, the desperate quest for happiness cannot be satisfied by the very many things we assume can make us happy. Check your life, look over your achievements and accomplishments so far, has it brought you that sense of fulfilment that makes you happy within even when externally, everything appears to be going haywire.

I’ve seen the rich agonize in pain, hurt and sadness and I’ve seen the poor laugh happily at dirty street corners. I’ve seen the haves end up committing suicide and I’ve seen the have nots smile happily sharing the little they have with one another.

Dear friend, the real key to happiness is in being who you are designed and created to be. No external influence, stimulus, acquisition or conditioning can make you happy. The key to happiness is being who you are and becoming the best of who you’re meant to be.

A lion can never be happy trying to live like a hyena. An eagle can never be happy trying to live like and ostrich, you can never be happy trying out a lifestyle and following a life structure you were not designed for.

Your life, just like that of the lion and eagle is purposed to inspire others to be the best of themselves. You are created to be an inspiration by manifesting the greatest glory of your design and crafting by your maker.

Peace, joy, happiness and fulfilment will elude you if you keep seeking for them in things and people. This is because they are not resident outside of you, they all bubble up from within you as you continually improve and become the excellence of your originality.

My dear friend, it is time to stop and think. Are you in your place, your zone, your world – doing what you love, delight in and get excited doing?

Are you living your life trying to be someone else instead of working hard to be the best of you?

Are you a lion trying hard to be a zebra because you fancy the black and white stripes? Are you an eagle trying hard to be an ostrich because you admire its size?

Are you derailed from your own life and destiny, trying to be like others hence, malfunctioning and breaking down emotionally, psychologically and physically frequently?

Products malfunction and breakdown when misused, are you facing health challenges because you are living a life not meant for you?

It’s time to do the following:

  1. Identify a creative or productive thing that makes you happy; really happy when you’re thinking it or doing it.
  2. Find your flock. Look for people who do what you love doing, are known and are profiting from it. Try connect with them or join their association.
  3. Set a goal and vision for your natural passion and pursuit in life. That thing you love to do, how far do you want to go with it? Pay the price in cash or time today, and kick start a superior future of gladness.
  4. Begin to grow and develop in what you love till you become the best at it, hence becoming an inspiration to millions to also be the best at what they’re meant to be.

Dear friend, you want to be truly happy and great in life? Stop looking outward for false satisfiers, it’s in being yourself. Go for it today, be yourself.

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  1. I’m greatly inspired

  2. Jerry nwogu says:

    i am inspired, it is a mind changing thoughtful

  3. EMEH EBUKA says:

    Sir, u are an inspiration to many, av been a staunch listener of ur program, you are so endowed with knowledge, you are too much, i make sure that i listen to your program every 9:00am, my prayer is that one day i would see u in person.

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