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Every life ought to be naturally progressive. Forward movement is expected of every life that would eventually be adjudged successful. If you want a successful life, you must be progressing in life every day. You should be doing something, learning something, knowing new things and acquiring new skills that would make your tomorrow much better than your today. The world is progressing, advancing and moving pretty fast, if you’re not aligned with this forward progression, you’ll eventually be left behind or worst still, life wound run you over. You’d become a victim of civilization, transformation and advancement.

Life has become so fast such that even being a first class graduate does not matter much if you do not continue to improve yourself. If you don’t catch up with the trends of time, you’ll get run over by new seasons.

Dear friend, a life that is ideal and admirable and worthwhile is that life that is worry free. But your life can only be worry free when you have great answers and solutions to everyday questions and challenges life throws at you.

A life that is worry free does not necessarily connote a life of riches. Being rich does not diminish or eliminate worry especially if the wealth is ill gotten. Being rich does not also eliminate worry if you’re not in direct control of your source of income. Being rich does not eliminate worry either if vital areas of life including family, relationships, health and peace with your maker are being sacrificed for the riches and being rich does not eliminate worry if you’re failing successfully – meaning doing rather well what you’re not created or designed to do by your maker.

An ideal life does not have to do with how much you have or how much you lack, it’s really being at your right place and level at the right time.

Your life is a journey towards a destination. No matter how anxious or eager you are, you must walk every mile and take every single step necessary to arrive at that destination. Anxiety, tension, worries and lamentations can’t shrink or reduce the distance it’ll take to arrive at your destination, but anxiety, tension, worries and lamentations can lead to a waste of your time, unnecessary delays, fatigue, ill health and consequently elongate the duration of your journey.

A two hour journey can become five hours if the traveller is constantly distracted by the various happenings and developments and threats and intimidation and scary situations on his way to his destination.                                                                                                                       For Audio Version Click here

A journey can also be prolonged if the traveller lacks the knowledge of the way or the wisdom to outsmart the traps, traffic and temptations on the way.

You see, your life is in stages and in phases. It is very difficult to attain your next stage or phase in life if you’re not ready, fitted, positioned and qualified for it.

Being ready or qualified for your next level does not come by age or certifications or education or exposure or even experience.

Being qualified for your next level in life comes through maturity – that’s the growth of your soul and superior mentality. To sincerely qualify for your next level, you must have gotten rid of the thinking, mind-set and mentality expected and required of your present level. You must be thinking like your next level to truly enter your next level.

Hard work without a corresponding superior mentality can never promote you in life. For anyone to qualify, advance and succeed at a brand new higher level, the inferior thinking, mind-set and behaviour of the previous or current levels must have been completely dealt with and removed. Not just in public, but also in private.

If, for example you lack the maturity and mind-set to productively lead a team of six people in a project, you will most likely fail as a departmental head. If you can’t lead a department successfully, I’m afraid you can’t possibly succeed as a Director.

This has little or nothing to do with your qualifications, certifications or age, it’s about letting go of an inferior way of thinking for that superior way of thinking that will bring about productivity and good success at every new level.

Your life, ladies and gentlemen, can never be better than how you think. Your answers can never be superior to your intellectual prowess. The condition of your life today is hence, a reflection of your thinking and judgements.

My dear friends, many of us are stressed up, frustrated, desperate and very worried chasing after and holding tightly unto levels and positions we’re yet to earn or qualify for in life. That’s why you think life is really hard. To the competent and ready, no task is hard, to the incompetent and ineffectual, the easiest tasks are damn difficult.

You want a job you lack what it takes to handle, you want a salary you lack the value to earn, you want a promotion you lack the productivity to attract, you want a business you lack the dexterity to manage and profit with, you want a marriage you lack the patience, self-esteem and tolerance to sustain, you want a position you lack the leadership capacities to manage, you want rewards and benefits and titles and levels that are way superior to your current thinking and reasoning levels. It can’t work my dear friend, even if you obtain through inappropriate means, life will consequently embarrass you and return you to your true level.

Many of us of course are ambitious and want great things in this life, but we are experiencing delays in progress due to opportunistic amnesia. We pay rapt attention to the details of what we want but blank out and ignore some key requirements that will call for intense discipline and behavioural changes. We don’t want to pay the necessary price for the new level, we want to cut corners and obtain things undeservingly.

Let me illustrate this. You can put a primary one pupil in primary four simply because he cried, and begged and lobbied and has the stature for it, but the mentality and thinking of a primary one pupil will not change simply because his class environment has changed. He may now belong to primary four but he is not of primary four. The school that obliged him will have no choice but to convert a primary four class environment and teaching technique to that of primary one for that pupil to function and relate properly in primary four.

Attaining levels and obtaining things you’ve not earned yet, desecrates and vandalizes a superior level. This naturally violates the order of life and it becomes offensive to everyone.

Promotion does not come by age in life, it comes through learning, trials, exams, tests and mental transformation. If you don’t pass your maturity tests, you won’t move on to your next level.

When you were a child, you talked like a child and behaved like a child, but once you’ve attained maturity you must put childish things away.

Ladies and gentlemen, you’re perhaps tired, restless, frustrated and stressed to pieces trying to attain levels you’re yet to grow into or holding on to levels you don’t deserve yet, you’re not living an ideal life no matter how rich you are. If your life is full of worries and emptied of real peace, it’s time to deal with selective amnesia. Open your mind and face the facts regarding the real root cause of your worries. Embrace all factors, be true to yourself. When you find them, fix them.

An ideal life is a life of peace, patience, knowledge, wisdom, answers and solutions. It comes through a deliberate attempt to grow by dropping inferior thinking and adopting superior ways of reasoning. Cut off all sentiments, let go of the lies you tell yourself, avoid the company of liars and self-deceivers. Find peace, happiness and comfort. Earn your levels in good time. Live an ideal life.

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  1. Michael says:

    My every day mentor. You have really translated my life to a meaning and worth living world. I always brace myself with your every day teaching and 9am Ray Power station FM Frankly Speaking. Keep it up boss of all time. God bless you.

  2. Felix Florence says:

    Hmmmm. I stumbled on the your radio station presentation this morning, I was so motivated by your words that I had to search for you on Wikipedia. This is so inspiring. Well-done sirrrrr

  3. oxborn says:

    well spoken my mentor…….sir how can i get in touch with you? i need you to guide me on something am about to bring into reality.

  4. Ayo Victor says:

    Nice one sir…You have been a role model to me,I will love to take it a step further by making you my mentor,I need to learn more from you on a personal encounter,You are a blessing our generation

  5. Anietie Umoren says:

    You’ve spoken frankly…thanks sir, we need you in Abuja as well

  6. adeniyi-oba says:

    Well said Mr muyiwa…God almighty will continue to increase you in wisdom my brother. Amen

  7. Ojay says:

    Please kindly make plan to come over to the oil city-Warri.
    More grace.

  8. Stephen Esebre says:

    I will keep thanking you Sir !

  9. Adetola Elijah says:

    one thing that is universal about your teaching is taking responsibility with no excuse thus increasing ones confidence and high self esteem living a person with the possibility mindset and intentional living… Sir you are blessing..

  10. Darlington says:

    Please do you have your messages in audio tapes for sale.. if yes please how do i get it.. need it very badly

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