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Susan is thirty four years old, had started smoking and drinking since she was sixteen, was born of a single mother who today is married to another person with four other children and has no time to raise her first daughter. Susan was raised on the street with all kinds of people without scruples in a suburban side of town.

Her grandmother did all she could to bring up her granddaughter well but lacked the energy, authority and required control to achieve this.

Susan became curious about life, about men, about money, about success, about power, respect, love and acceptance. Susan all her life, felt rejected – the consequence of her parent’s selfish decisions.

She tried to pretend about it but deep within she was unhappy about her life. Her origin, her loneliness, rejection and confusion chained her soul. She wanted the love of her parents, the intimacy of having siblings, the dignity of a good home and the refuge of a protective family but of all these she had none.

Susan became angry at life and angry about the society. She became selfish and mean, her jealousy of others who appear to have better lives and good homes pushed her into vile behaviours, wicked conducts and crime. She joined all sorts of bad gangs and wreaked havoc in her neighborhood.

Susan was consequently arrested over a serious crime of drugs, kidnapping and attempted murder and was jailed ten years alongside her goons.

After her release at age 31, three years ago, it became obvious her perspective of life has changed considerably. She became calm, responsible, kind, sensitive and focused. She learnt tailoring and became a fantastic dress maker. Today she’s doing so well, making good money and expanding her investments in the fashion world. Susan will be getting married by the end of this year to a respectable gentleman, who lectures in one of the leading universities in the city.  Susan is happier, free, confident and grateful for her life thus far. Her mindset has changed, she has renewed her mind.                                                                                     For Audio Version Click here

As she responded to some teenagers in an empowerment interactive session about her business success and life journey thus far, she made a powerful remark. She said life is about everyone’s season and time to show up, perform and exit. No one has the power to fix everybody and everything, we are all here to do all we can to make this world better by making ourselves better. Our success at doing this or otherwise is the most important thing in life and our reward or otherwise will be determined by our maker at the end of our lives. So no matter her background and past life, her commitment now is to make her season in this world count for excellence with her maker.

Ladies and gentlemen, in every nation, in every city, tribe or group, there will always be good people and bad people, there will always be destroyers and builders; there will always be the vile and the upright. Sometimes the good will prevail and other times the bad will. There will always be good and bad in this world at every point in time, this simply implies you are not in charge of this world to fix it, you are more in this world to fix you.

You are to ensure the best of you is revealed fully before your season here is over. This can only happen if your understanding of life is the right understanding. For millennia people have come and people have passed on, no human being has successfully fixed the world permanently, this is because it is entirely out of our hands, it is in the hands of our maker.

Being overwhelmed by all that is not working in this world and thinking also as a victim of life in your own season will derail you and mislead you in destiny.

You are not here to maintain or keep the world around you a certain way, you are actually here to experience transformation through self-development and the renewing of your mind to be able to prove yourself worthy and deserving of having one.

The good and bad in your life are aimed at the same purpose – making you better, stronger, smarter and more mature to bring forth the greatness and glory you carry within.

The quality of your life can’t be measured only by what you’ve gathered or achieved but by who you’ve become. When you become superior, your world will become superior.

The only thing you have absolute power to control in this life is yourself. You can’t control the choices and decisions of others unless they let you, not even those of your kids; you can only control yourself. Self-control is the master key to great manifestations in your season and time in this world.

The world shouldn’t be in control of you, you should be in control of your own world by being in control of your own life.

Dear friend, the tendency to respond and react to all the good and bad around you in life is very high, but reacting is not what life is truly about. Your life is about ignoring the threats and enticement and seduction all around and focusing on the greatness within you. The greatest investment you can make in this life is in yourself. Ignoring the cravings of your flesh and focusing on the quality of your soul is the first greatest step to a glorious and meaningful life.

Your soul however can’t prosper if your mind is not renewed. The quality of your mind determines the quality of your entire life. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding are your soul food.

If your soul is weak, your results in life cannot be powerful and enriching. You are as poor as your soul is and as rich and happy as your soul is. You can never become legally wealthy through sweat alone. The frustration of ignorance is the reason many people steal to become rich.

A rich soul naturally translates to a wealth filled life. This is the time my friend to invest in your soul.

It’s time to forget your past, your history, your pains, all those who hurt you and all the people you’ve hurt that has put this guilt in your heart. It’s time to focus on a new and improved you. Make up your mind today to destroy worry and anxiety by seeking and finding answers. When you have a solution to a problem, the fear of it vanishes.

You can’t conquer the world you live in until you’ve conquered the naturally selfish, vile, greedy, lazy and ignorant you within.

Think of this year thus far, what great results do you have to show for the year? Change your strategy from now henceforth by changing you instead of changing things and trying to change other people.

When the inner you is transformed, your outer world will show it. Ignore external distractions in life, focus on “the you” within and your peace, prosperity, dignity and authority will naturally manifest in your outer world. Focus on your season and make it count, study hard and frequently, learn new things, new methods and how things work these days.

When you refuse to spend good money on your soul, you’re inevitably buying a very cheap future of old age suffering.

There is a huge knowledge gap with Africans especially, on how things currently run globally, if you don’t close your own gap, you will in a few years become a victim and a tool in the hands of those who know better than you.

A younger generation is coming that will make nonsense of your old ways and archaic experience.

Success is manifesting the best of yourself, not trying to change the world, without changing yourself. When you change, your world will change.

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