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For any society seriously interested in real growth, development and advancement, the men in the land must be courageous, bold, daring and sacrificing in nature.

Men, by nature are leaders in the home and the society. The male gender are divinely appointed and empowered to take the lead in life. The men are the providers for their homes,  the men are the defenders of their home, the men are the defenders of their wives and children, the men are the defenders of their communities, the men are the defenders of their lands and properties, the men are the defenders of the sovereignty of their nation, men are expected to go to war against any enemy threatening the wellbeing, safety and security of their land and people and in fact die if need be for their wives, children and land to survive and thrive. Great men are brave men, great men put their lives on the line for their women and their children, real men die in order for their offspring to thrive.

This is not just peculiar to the human race, this naturally applies even to animals – the lion is the king of his pride.

I really would want to encourage and challenge our men this morning as a continuous decline in their roles and responsibilities are becoming glaring hence, bringing about a lot of dysfunctionality, and reprobate thinking within our basic and fundamental human society.

Men, failing to uphold their roles and responsibilities in our society has given rise to all manner of destructive thinking, ideologies and activities frustrating the well being and prosperity of the home and society at large. This functionality failure has unfortunately contributed to the bizarre mindset and behaviors amongst the mothers and fathers and leaders of tomorrow.

The moral standards and core values that build and sustain progressive societies are being eroded simply because men are reclining and rejecting their God bestowed roles and responsibilities towards the female counterpart, their offspring and the society at large. Our society is mostly in trouble because of the declining number and significance of real men in the house, we’re in high shortage of real men in the land.

Frankly speaking, things can be very tough and rough and scary at times for men. Life can be mean and tough and merciless. It’s a tough job being a real man in today’s Nigeria I tell you. Everything within and without appears to be positioned to frustrate your effort, attempts and hard work as a man. Most men have dreams – yes we do and really wish the dreams will come true. It’s a thing of pride for any man to sufficiently provide for his household. It’s an honor for a man to generously carter for his parents, his in-laws and relatives. It is gratifying to, at all times, have answers to financial questions and demands, It’s a thing of pride for us as men to have what it takes to protect, provide and promote our wives and kids.

To have a happy wife, to have happy children, to have a happy comfortable home, to have your parents rejoice over you and to earn the admiration of friends, associates, the community and even strangers because you have what it takes to confidently answer the name of your gender, is the height of satisfaction for any man.

But many men are trying and failing, they are giving their best but not meeting up, they are working hard but still can’t deliver, they are sweating profusely but still can’t make ends meet. Consequently many of them are afraid and insecure, and worried, and temperamental and sensitive and erratic because they feel very much less than what their gender represents. They think they’re failing and what everyman hates is the thought of losing. Men hate to lose.

The fears, the discouragement, the tension, the insecurity, the worries, anxiety and cluelessness are all bottled within but as a man it is embarrassing to show it. The people that depend on you and look up to you must not know this, you’re afraid what it could do to their confidence, hope and belief in your leadership. This is what the society says, this is what the society expects; unfortunately.

For some other men, they’ve had enough and they do not care anymore. They’ve given up on manliness and have jettisoned their responsibilities. Their women have inevitably taken on the role of leadership in the home and in their lives. She provides, protects and decides especially on financial matters. She pays the bills, protects the home and solves every major problem. All the man does is serve her the notice of a fresh problem, challenge or need and she responds.

Some of these women don’t mind or have stopped worrying about this unusual situation. They’ve bought into the “miss independent” syndrome and they’re acting outside of their natural self and selling the “independent” orientation strongly to themselves that it really doesn’t matter.

These women are in actual fact the real head of the home and the man is just there to help authenticate their marital status. These women married to these men with lesser strength perhaps live in denial of their everyday frustrations.

The implication on our society is that the male kids raised in this abnormal homes will naturally assume their wives in future should also be like their super mums. These male kids when they mature and get married will expect their wives to be like their powerful mothers – doing everything, providing everything. If unfortunately, they end up with women who are from normal homes there would likely be compatibility crisis.

Also the female kids raised in this abnormal homes will also struggle to support, collaborate and sometimes submit to their own husbands in future; they can’t see power, responsibility and authority in their fathers and their husbands trying to wield it will appear unusual to the innocent girls. These kids have been raised wrong and their spouses will suffer for it because their fathers failed to be real men.

My dear friend, are you a man; I mean a real man. Come on, it is time to fight. It doesn’t matter how hard life has been and how many times your back has kissed the canvas in this terrible fight of life, believe me you just can’t give up. You must get up each time you fall and keep fighting. You can’t afford to give up or throw in the towel, it is unmanly to give up in a battle, brave men don’t give up; they die fighting. How can you call yourself a real man and right under your nose watch your wife and kids suffer so much and you just throw up your hands In despair and not be challenged and motivated to do something smart about it? How can you keep coming up with excuses and blames for your reluctance to be brave and courageous and persistent? Why would you keep using religion and so called destiny design to excuse the pain and heartbreak of your own family day after day as they struggle through life – doing for themselves what you ought to be doing for them?

It doesn’t matter how tall dark and fine you think you are, without a spine, you can’t count yourself a real man. Come on now get a spine and get back into that ring and fight for your life. Encourage, inspire and motivate yourself to do the needful. God gave you that family as a blessing and for a reason and you must be responsible as you’ll definitely give an account.

Stop boasting about how industrious and independent your wife is as with time you’d be surprised her independence will become annihilation; she’d just assume you don’t exist anymore or pretend you’re dead in her mind just to maintain her sanity.

Be a man, be a man, it’s beyond muscles and six packs, beard gang and designer clothes, it’s about your inner strength, hard work, integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, intelligence, superiority in reasoning, solution mindedness, productivity and the capacity to pay bills. No dinner or vacation or even marriage is romantic for any woman if she’s always footing the bills. Don’t be deceived by this gender equality campaign – I promise you the noise is just out there, your wife is just thinking it when relating with you, in dealing with you, she expects you to be in charge. its human nature, we can only pretend, nothing can change that..

My dear man, get back into that ring of life and fight the fight of your life. Your wife is worth it, your children deserve it, be brave; be bold; be courageous. Don’t be a wimpy man, be a real man.


  1. Shola Oketoyinbo Kingschurrley says:

    God bless you Sir for this word of motivation and encouragement. God help us men

  2. Rose says:

    U said it all, nice1.. can I a suggest u talk about domestic violet? It’s really getting out of hand. Most hang. Most of us are scared of getting married

  3. Rose says:

    Correction** domestic violence,, really getting out of hand. Most of us are scared of getting married. ( just a suggestion)

  4. olusegun ileogben says:

    this is very true and noisy in most home this days…
    i want to know if its true that they female has more and much opportunity than men?
    could that be the reason why most women are having upper hand as footing a lot of bills in most homes

  5. True talk Mr Muyiwa.

  6. Nathaniel says:

    Well said sir, most men has abandoned their God mandated duty, which has cause their homes to be in shambles.


    Correct !!! Mr Muyiwa

  8. imoudu idornigie says:

    Well said Sir Muyiwa, you are one of a kind and a blessing to mankind

  9. chidinma enyinnaya says:

    my how many men will believe this truth. may GOD help this generation that is heading to prediction. may GOD bless u with more wisdom.

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