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A natural human tendency and flaw we all need to deal with to move ahead quickly in life is the “I syndrome”. Too many of us prioritize ourselves in everything and in every way. We have a high sense of rights and entitlements, we believe everything should work for us and in our favor and for our benefit, we think if there’s nothing we could benefit from anything directly, it’s not worth out time, effort, attention and contribution. Most of us suffer from the “I syndrome”
I am tired, I am weak, I am upset, I am sleepy, I am discouraged, I work hard, I make all the money, I am discouraged, I feel rejected, I feel unappreciated, I feel used, I deserve the job, I deserve the promotion, I deserve the contract, I deserve the rest, I deserve to be first, I deserve the best, I’ve earned it, I’ve suffered, I’ve labored, I’ve endured, I’ve paid my dues, I’m good, I’m smarter, I sound better, I look better, I’m more beautiful, I’m more intelligent, I’m more exposed, I don’t deserve this, I shouldn’t be treated like this, I shouldn’t be spoken to like this, I shouldn’t be sidelined like this, God why me.
The self-centered, self-seeking, self-worshipping syndrome is behind the failure of many destinies and potentials in this life.
As easy as it is to always want to put yourself and your interest first, it is the fastest way to lose out in life. This is because the access key to your greatness, success and reward in life is not in your custody, but with others, hence when you put yourself and your interest first you’re looking and focusing in the wrong place for your success access keys.
Yes, it’s a popular saying and prescription that your greatness, success and glory is within you, but be aware that it will only manifest when you obtain the keys to unlock them.
Let me explain this, the activating force of your success, progress and glory lie in you but the manifestation is when the world gains and benefits and then reward you with cash, respect, honor and glory.
Any potential glory, gift, skill, uniqueness and skill in anyone that cannot and will not impact the world is useless. The greatness and importance of all you have within you is activated when you bring answers and solution to the problems, crisis or you create something to enhance processes in this world.
Your inner power and glory is useless without impact. If you however suffer from the “I syndrome” what is in you will never come out, as the “I syndrome” focuses more on receiving than giving. And in this life, your real and genuine blessings lie more in giving than in receiving. It is more blessed to give than to receive. The hand of the giver is always above that of the receiver. Oke, lowo afunin ngbe.                                                                                                                  For Audio Version Click here
My dear friend, your strength in life, your good growth, your rapid progress, your maturity, your fulfilment and happiness come from giving than receiving.
The “I syndrome”, makes you a taker, gives you a lopsided sense of right and entitlement and consequently makes you unloved and valueless to others; especially those who can support, help and bless you in life.
No one likes to be around or hang out with a selfish person, no one wants, as a friend, someone with an absolute sense of entitlement. Everyone loves a generous person, everyone loves a cheerful person, everyone wants a caring person, everyone loves an encourager, a motivator; everyone wants to be helped, inspired, supported and blessed by the people in their lives.
The “I syndrome” leaves you mostly lonely, unloved, unappreciated and denied of favor. Your keys to greatness are withheld by the people who can help you when you suffer from the “I syndrome”
Happiness and satisfaction in life come from healthy relationships. Money is useless when there’s no one to share it with. It is impossible to hold a party successfully without guests. Who will eat the food and share the drinks with you? A party is impossible with just yourself, without many great people in your life, your party of life remains impossible.
The access key for you to unlock and release all the good, the glory, the power and greatness you carry within is in the hands of the people in and around your life.
These people will never release the keys when you generate and disseminate the wrong energy. The wrong energy is self-serving and selfish, the right energy is people-centered and that spirit of care and generosity. Now I’m not talking about Greek gifts or trying to induce, seduce or bribe people in order to get something back, I’m talking about being genuine and sincere in your desire to help, support and assist everyone especially those in no position to pay you back.
Being self-centered and self-seeking is a consequence of daily toxic exposures and experiences. Everywhere you turn every day you’ll find messages of mind destruction. Everywhere you turn, most of what you’ll find are messages that sow fear, insecurity, suspicion, hate, wickedness, intimidation, mischief, anxiety, horror and panic and your instinctive reaction is to protect yourself and your interest first, it’s a natural human instinct to defend oneself first.
The desire for self-defense, based on these messages of mind destruction is the source of your “I syndrome” disposition in life. Your “I syndrome” condition, shuts doors of opportunities, privileges, blessings and greatness against you because life is unkind to the selfish.
Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to check yourself, it’s time to stem the negative tide of these messages of mind destruction. Protect your mind, guard your heart with all diligence, don’t let these poison flow into your mind, don’t permit or let in the negative, it will consequently destroy your mind and derail your life.
Don’t let the negative flow into you, instead let the positive flow out from within you. Be a source of encouragement, inspiration, motivation, kind advice, support, and a real blessing to the people in and around your life.
You see, everybody is in one way or another a victim of negative news, information and external conditioning. People hate and in fact kill because they’re misinformed, people retaliate because they’re afraid and feel vulnerable, hate has its source in negative information, and retaliation has its source in negative information.
These messages of mind destruction are doing more harm than good to every one of every tribe and every religion and every ethnic group and even generations in our society.
Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to reverse the flow, don’t let the negative flow into you, instead let your positive flow out from you into the society.
It’s time to make a positive impact. It’s time to have a great effect on others. It’s time to kill your “I syndrome” virus, it’s time to be a blessing, its time to be kind, to be good, to be generous, to be a helper, to support, to love, to prioritize others, to lift others, to bless others and consequently manifest your great glory.
It’s time to invest energy and time pursuing that which will eventually bless mankind and humanity at large. It’s time to build that hospital, it’s time to build that orphanage, it’s time to establish that foundation, it’s time to empower the congregation instead of expanding that auditorium, its time as a couple or family, to regularly donate drugs and medications to medical centers in your neighborhood, it’s time to donate mosquito nets, bed sheets, and toiletries to the sick and poor in hospitals. It’s time to give out your unused clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry.
Make an impact, make someone glad, make someone happy, impact your family, your community and your nation, kill the “I syndrome” Virus. Put others first, unlock your glory. Be happy and find fulfilment in life, let your existence count for something, give your life a meaning.

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  1. Terry Harrison says:

    Thank you so much for these words I am I kind of person that I always put other people’s happiness first, someone that can sacrifice his happiness for other’s, but up till now am still not satisfied with my life presently, I look up too GOD to find my real ME…

  2. I always enjoyed reading your piece.

  3. Innocent David says:

    Always on point, God bless you sir

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