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The iron law of life! Hmm, the most critical law in this life is the law of means. This is the iron law of life. Means is simply the ability to do, acquire or achieve something.

Nothing is free in this life, absolutely nothing. Everything you currently own, have and enjoy is either borrowed or purchased. Even your very life – the breath you take in every day is borrowed. You can’t choose how long to live or when to die, when it is time, the one who borrowed you the life will come for it. The almighty owns your life.

A mindset that wants something for nothing will hardly deliver greatness to the owner. Anything you want in life, you must be willing to give or exchange something for it, either tangible or intangible.

Even if now you can recall something you believe you got for free, this iron law of life expects that you should also pass on the good or benefit to someone else, if you do not extend similar gift, help or assistance you’ve received to other people, you will eventually lose the benefits and proceeds from that help you received.

In most religions, blood pays for the rights to salvation, grace, forgiveness, blessings and benefits, this blood obviously belongs to a person or an animal, in this life; nothing is free.

If you have any respect for this iron law, you clearly understand it, and believe it works, the good news is, you can actually have ANYTHING you want simply by offering, giving or sacrificing what it requires to have it. There’s a price tag on everything in this life, either tangible or intangible. If you can pay the right price, you can absolutely have anything you want in this life.

The reason many of us are in lack and live less than glowing lives is because we don’t want to pay any price or the required price for that which we need or want in this life.

In summary, the whole world in matters of success, progress and prosperity is governed by this iron law of exchange. You give something to get much more, you sow something to reap much more, if you want anything in this life, you must give up something, sacrifice the right thing for that which you want to find its way into your life.

Now, listen, NO ONE came into this world with nothing to give in exchange for something you want. The creator gave all of us the most valuable resource that you can exchange for anything you want in life, that resource is TIME. Time is money, time is extremely valuable, time is powerful. Time is the greatest resource in life. If you want anything but have no time, I’m afraid you can’t have it. Your time is your life. The only resource that is irrecoverable when you’ve lost it in this life is time.

Dear friend, what do you want in this life? If you give time to it, if you sacrifice the right amount of time, you can have it. Let me break it down.


 Your income today is a reflection of how much time you’ve exchanged for skill acquisition, capacity development and knowledge. It is a reflection of how much time you exchanged in building yourself to the point of your current value in the market place and with an employer. It is a reflection of how much time you invested in building and developing your natural and God-given talents.

Your employer is not paying you based on your personal needs, your salary is based on your worth and value to your employer. If your role and capacity is very important to your employer, you’ll naturally be paid more, if however, it is not so valuable, in that many people can do what you do and even do it better, and they’re willing to be paid less, you can’t earn much with your current value or worth.

Time is the currency you exchange for personal improvement and self-value appreciation. Whatever your job type or description is, choose to be the best in your company, choose to be the best in your industry, choose to be the best in your state, choose to be the best in Nigeria? Are you world-class in your capacities and abilities? The best people in their arts and crafts and professions are the highest paid in the world. For them to have emerged the best, so much time have been sacrificed and exchanged for improvement and good growth in ability, skills, performance and knowledge. The difference between the best in any profession, vocation or venture and the average or mediocre is simply the amount of time exchanged to improve performance, ability, capacity and knowledge.

When you hear the highest paid, the highest paid, it simply implies the current best in that field, vocation or skill.

Dear friend, you have the means to acquire anything you want in life simply by exchanging the required time for it.

This concept hence nullifies the belief that hard work alone makes you rich. Of course, you need to work hard but how you’re working hard and what you’re working hard at, is what is more important.

Just step back in your mind today and visualize that which you’re working hard on today. That which you are exchanging your time for every morning, noon and night, please how profitable or rewarding is it eventually?

What are you exchanging your precious time for today?

When you know why you’re working and what you’re working for, where you work will of course matter. In this life, your location largely determines your allocation.

My dear friend, what do you want in life? The reason you’ll follow the majority and popular opinion about career, employment or business is because you don’t really know what you want, hence you don’t know what price to pay or even where to pay it.

Working hard with the sole aim of becoming rich does not make good sense, it is actually an illusion because being rich is a consequence, not a goal.

Dear friend, what do you want in your future? What you want will determine what you give time to, what you exchange your precious time for.

Knowing the time price for the future you want will help you know how much time you need to give up for that future desire. Knowing how much you need to earn, will guide you in how much work you need to carry out on yourself, you would need to know the competence and productivity required to acquire all that you want in life.

Dear friend, the most precious resource in this life is time, exchange it for the necessary ability, capacity, skills, network, knowledge, exposure, training and mastery you need to be able to earn the things you want in your future.

If where you work, what you sell, the business you own, your skills and abilities today cannot deliver the kind of future you’re picturing in your mind, you know you’re not there yet and you need to work harder on yourself.

The iron law of life is to give your most precious resource which is time to build yourself up, become extremely valuable to attract all you desire in your future and you will get it. Stop the hustle, start building you, Start now.



  1. Sam says:

    Spot on! 2nd Timothy chapter two, verse fifteen: Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
    Thanks for these words of truth. God bless.

  2. Ajibola Babatunde says:

    Mr Muyiwa,
    You have really impacted my life for almost 3 years that I have consistently follow you on radio and I have no doubt that millions of lives are changing through you by the day. You have really help me get better, in business, marriage ,finance just to mention a few. My confidence level is at all time high and I can confront my fears and make very crucial decisions real time.
    Keep up the good work and more grease to your elbow sir

  3. Loveday James says:

    Dear Friend Mr Muyiwa,

    Thanks for this insightful teaching.
    The WORD says,”W isdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.”
    I ask God for the grace to apply what you have taught me free of charge today.
    May your oil not run dry.

  4. SOBOWALE bamidele says:

    Good job.

  5. Obayemi Waheed Olawale says:

    I am truly inspired. Indeed, you are a blessing to our generation.

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