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Sometimes in life when we’re overwhelmed, we may begin to question what it is exactly we want out of life. When the pressure becomes so intense and we’re getting weary of everything we become discouraged and we just want to let go of everything. We are tempted to give up on the vision, the dreams, the plans, the ambition, the desires and everything that matters to us.

In seasons such as this, philosophies such as “money is not everything”, “it’s not by power nor might”, If I die today, these children will still do great in life”, “the lifespan of work far exceeds that of humans”, “I’ve done my best, I’ll leave the rest for God”, it’s not of he that willeth or runneth, but of God that showeth mercy” and so on and so forth.

Truth be told, when overwhelmed, these sayings become appealing and acceptable. And the truth is, though factual these sayings are but applicable within reasonable contexts. You don’t embrace these sayings when tired, you embrace them when helpless.

Being tired is different from being helpless. When you know what to do but lack the passion, energy and courage to do it, you’re tired. But when you have the willpower, energy and courage, but based on prevailing circumstances, you can’t do anything, then these sayings can motivate and inspire you to stay strong.

My dear friend, are you tired in your pursuit of success, vision, mission, ambition and happiness? Are you daily encountering difficulties, challenges and negative surprises and already, your dreams and plan for the New Year are taking the back seat?

Are you back in your life of routine and comfort such that nothing you’re doing now is different from all you did last year?

Has it been difficult embracing that new lifestyle with the capacity to launch you into your dream life? My dear friend, it is dangerous remaining the same in an ever-changing world. If based on discouragement and fatigue, you choose to stick with the usual, the easier and the familiar, you may eventually become a victim of the changes and dynamics.

In this life your intention, desires, plans and prayers mean nothing without corresponding action. It is what you do that changes your situation not what or how you think. It is the commitment, the sacrifice, the pursuit and determination to succeed that delivers the results not the wishes, confession, declaration, and faith. Faith with no works is always dead.

See, you can’t again allow this year go by as usual with nothing significant to show for it. Perhaps you’re already slipping back into that state or inertial, believing things will just work out by itself, here’s the news flash, things won’t work until and unless you work things by yourself.

Yes it might be difficult, intense, overwhelming and appear impossible, but giving up is not an option. There is always a way out, there’s always an answer to everything, there is always something that can be done if you remain at it long enough and constantly keep working on things.

Dear friend, are you already tired this year? And the thrill, excitement and euphoria of a brand new year of new opportunities and possibilities have waned?

Perhaps you started off the year with your entire focus on fasting and praying without any planning or strategizing, so on exactly what will your prayers and fasting manifest? What is the dream, the vision, the project you want divinity to act on?

What personal habitual change are you embracing and retaining all year through? Reading, exercising, dieting or learning? What destructive habits are you giving up? Smoking, excessive drinking, excessive eating, promiscuity, crime, lies, deception, infidelity, laziness or gambling?

What are the things you’ve embraced with the possibility of pushing you up your ladder of success? What are those things weighing you down you’ve decided to lay down? Dear friend, it’s too early to be tired, perhaps you’re coming up with the same excuses that have kept you low, down and struggling year after year, maybe your fears are again getting the better side of you, perhaps you’ve allowed people different from you in perspective, ambition, calling, purpose and dream, talk you out of a greater new year with their pessimistic or conservative counsel.

Dear friend, please remind yourself again, what exactly do you want out of life this year? I mean, seriously, are you already giving up?

Come on now, you shouldn’t do that, your excuses, lamentation, and blame games won’t change your life and story for good. It may fetch you a lot of pity and many might sympathize with you, but it will never change your life for good.

It is time to arise and be the champion of your own destiny. You have the power in you, you have the ability in you, the potential is right in you, the possibility is in you, there is nothing impossible if you’re willing to believe in yourself, learn all you need to learn and do all you have to do.

Stop watching too much TV it’s time to be on TV yourself, make the news this year for good. Instead of spending hours snooping on the lives of others on social media, do something positively great and phenomenal this year that will generate millions of views the world over on social media.

Hear this my dear friend, nothing really great starts easy and likely at the beginning. It will always appear difficult and impossible, it will almost look like it will fail and it’s not worth it and you’re just wasting your time. But if you just hold on and keep keeping on, doing all you can, never giving up, the sudden break through will surely show up. You don’t break through with just a strike, you break through with several strikes at the same thing in the same place, if the first one don’t do it, strike a second and a third and the next until you break through. It’s hard to defeat somebody who never gives up.

If you’re tired ask for help from people going your way in life, not people going in other directions or people going nowhere. Look, your association is extremely powerful in fulfilling destiny. The kind of minds around your mind, the kind of intelligence around your intelligence, the kind of courage around your courage, the kind of faith around your faith, the kind of energy around your energy and the kind of people in your world will more than anything else determine your success rate and magnitude or otherwise in life.

The reason why the rich mostly marry the rich is not that they want to keep the poor out of their cycle, it’s because poverty or riches has nothing to do with a bank balance; it’s about a mentality.

Being rich or poor has nothing to do with resources, it’s all about a mindset and thinking pattern. Who today, are you rubbing minds with? Those blaming everything and everybody for their problems or those thinking daily on how to surmount all problems and succeed?

Dear friend, to retain the motivation and encouragement that will make you succeed this year, rub minds with people going somewhere. Stop celebrating philosophies and theories that will keep you brain lazy and full of excuses. As much as you can, find progressive people and associations and stick with them no matter what, that’s how to succeed on this journey. Best of luck


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