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Sometimes it’s obvious, other times its innocuous. That feeling of helplessness, weakness, surrender, submission and capitulation. Many of us carry it around with us day after day.

We had dreams, sure we used to dream. Of a great life, a rich life, a wealthy life, a happy life, a problem free life, a life of freedom, joy, excitement and everyday goodness.

It’s unusual to look into your future and prioritize the challenges, problems, opposition, detractors and people that would be hell bent on ensuring you fail. No, you’ll most likely focus more on the good side, the bright side the positive side and the rewarding returns of your dreams and ambitions.

So you start off on your dreams on a great note, high spirit, excited, thrilled, delighted to go ahead with so much gusto and confidence that you’ll definitely succeed, and as soon as you embark on the dream, the journey, the trip, the adventure, the project, the program, the great vision, all the unpleasant surprises, problems, limitations, oppositions and antagonists begin to show up, they begin to gather and start resisting you relentlessly.

All the friendly enemies will begin their acts, treachery will become the main stay, sibling subjugation will commence, your favorite cousins will turn against you, your most trusted friends, your colleagues at work, your employees, your residential neighbors, religious counterparts, even parents and spouses sometimes will begin to reveal some strange colors and speak to you in unfamiliar and discouraging ways.

Their reaction might  shock and crumble that your opinion that they truly love you and want the best for you, and you may subsequently begin to realize most people that claim to love you do love you but from a self-centered position. It’s usually from the point of an advantage and benefit to them. It’s mostly based on gains from you, not really the best for you.

Most will try to discourage you, dissuade you, judge you, criticize you, blackmail you, be selective in listening to your views and will quickly pronounce you as unkind and inconsiderate without any fairness or objectivity once you disagree with them.

As you continue to persist in pursuing your dreams, life situations beyond your control will also oppose you, challenge you and totally frustrate you. Collective policies, injustice, insecurity, corruption, nepotism and vile behaviours of needed people including clients, customers, employers, employees, bosses, subordinates, security and regulatory authorities, even rivals and competitors,  could mess you up big time.                                                            For Audio Version Click here

Based on your own personal limitations in knowledge, experience, exposure and growth, your natural weaknesses, wrong choices and mistakes could also make a mess of great privileges, opportunities, possibilities and advantages that could have hasten your journey towards your dream destination.

All these combined will eventually get to you I tell you. You may consequently feel discouraged, overwhelmed, weak, tired, empty, defeated, helpless and powerless.

You could consequently relinquish the control of your life’s direction to the dictates of social systems, everyday events and fate. You’re no longer in charge, you’re too weak to fight, what’s gonna be’s gonna be you say, there’s nothing you can do anymore, you’re too tired, you don’t want to fight anymore, it’s of no use you’d begin to think, you’ve made a mess of everything, recovery is now impossible you’ll conclude.

Deep regret may take over and overwhelm your mind, if you had known, you wouldn’t have dropped out of school,  if you had known you would have studied a different course, if you had known, you would have gone into self-employment much earlier than now, if you had known, you would have saved up when you were really making money, if you had known you would have listened to your parents, if you had known, you would have listened to the counsel of that good friend, if you had known you would have worked harder on your job, if you had known, you wouldn’t have invested in the failed project, if you had known you would have remained in your previous place of employment, if you had known, if you had known,.. Now listen, when you made all these decisions leading to regrets today, you saw it differently, you saw things differently. You hoped things would favor you, you saw the possibilities and opportunities and the good sides, that, naturally was the reason you decided to do what you did.

Sitting down on life today, wallowing in regret, lamenting about your situation, emptied of your dreams, vision, ambition and motivation is not a sign or attributes of greatness or great people. Every great person in life was once upon a time in the same situation of regret you’re perhaps in today or even worse, but you know what, they refused to remain there, they rose up from their ashes of regret, disappointment, ridicule, shame and even losses and decided to rise again and keep on chasing their dreams. Though broken, damaged, injured, discouraged, disdained, disgraced and abused, they never gave up!

A fight you give up on fighting is already lost my friend. The moment you turn your back and walk out of the fighting arena, you’re already the looser. Dear friend, do not turn your back on your fight of life! Do not turn your back on your opposition, foes, confrontations, challenges and strong oppositions, it is not the hall mark of a true champion to walk away from trouble and tough responsibilities, refuse to be defeated, keep fighting till you win!

Yes, the fight may be tough, rough and hard but it’s in your interest to know you really have what it takes to win.

Defeat every now and again is normal in life, we all fall down but decide to rise again and keep fighting, many of us have had our backs kiss the canvas many times in a bloody boxing ring, however, champions are not people who don’t experience defeat, they are people who keep rejecting the defeat and keep on fighting until they win.

Your life is more precious than what you’re currently going through, your future is more colorful than you can picture right now, all your possibilities are still waiting for you, your glory is waiting for revelation, come on, let go of people, experiences, hurts, crisis and situations holding you down in life. You must arise today and say no to all your chains, and shackles and yokes and weights and fetters. Kick them off!

Enough is enough, defeat that number one enemy called fear; cease to become desperate for acceptance, stop that frantic attempt to retain selfish, insensitive users in your life. Let go of all the selfish friends, people, social and religious groups sitting on your glorious destiny telling you untruths and manipulating your mind. Reject all the religious and spiritual bullies blackmailing and threatening you with stories of fear in order to exploit you.

Activate your dreams, passion and assignment to the world God loves. Become involved and passionate about the needs of the poor, the weak, the helpless and the less privilege and see unprecedented divine assistance show up in your life and situation!

Forgive yourself, release yourself and shut the mouth of the accuser within; blaming you and judging you over past errors and mistakes, harassing you with false guilt.

Learn more about your maker, learn more about humanity and life, study hard, keep productive relationships, have a good purpose for every friendship, grow with people going somewhere, don’t be slothful in business, be diligent, finicky and pay attention to details in your dealings. Retain a laser sharp focus on your destination. Let your locus of control remain within, be and stay in charge of your own choices and decisions. Yes, life is tough but you can be tougher! Let no man despise you, discredit you or make you feel cheap and inconsequential. You have the power to make your life marvelous, wonderful and glorious. Do thy diligence to become valuable in life! Build up yourself in faith, power, capacity, competence and confidence. That dream is still possible, it’s never too late to start again, arise from your mindset of defeat; come out of your state of daze, regain your focus, look unto every enemy with a renewed determination to fight and win. Become a true champion. Keep your dream alive!

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  1. Joel kayode says:

    This is so inspirational, educative and propelling towards purpose, thanks sir for this great piece. Am more inspired

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