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As the world progresses and technology keeps advancing, competition has become wider and stiffer. You have more people to contest with, compete with and beat for you to become a real champion.

If you compete with 10 people, the probability of coming tops is 1 over 10. If you compete against 100 people, the possibility of coming tops is one over 100. Have you given a thought to how many people can effectively compete with you in our world today?

It is possible for your act, craft, expertise, performance and ability to be showcased and displayed to millions or even billions of people all over the world today, thanks to the internet.

Cultures are melting, barriers and blending and unique traditions are fading due to the rife and regular exposure to this global village called the world.

If you really want to be great, your competitors are no longer your siblings, your relatives, the people in your neighborhood, community, city, state or even nation. Competition has become global.

Now the reality is, you can’t choose to stay out of global competition, you can’t choose your own league, why? Those to reward you, either as employers or customers are shopping for products or performers on a global scale.

Good vacancies are no longer open to just graduates or employees in Nigeria, a foreign based Nigerian or an expatriate from anywhere in the world can be employed to come occupy a position or seat you’ve worked for and desired for many years if that person is better than you.

Customers are no longer shopping by visiting physical sales outlets only, online stores are growing and spreading pretty fast and people are shopping from different sellers from different places worldwide. This   behavior and trend is expected to escalate and become even more popular with time.

My dear friend, playing local and competing local has become outdated, it’s no longer a winning way. You can no longer afford to be a local champion. If you don’t think, act and compete global, in a few years you’ll become irrelevant and broke.

Playing global and competing global is no longer an option, it’s the new normal.

Now the real deal is this, life is not designed to reward human beings based on needs, life is designed to reward people based on performance, capacity and results. Nations with the greatest needs are not the richest, nations with the highest number of global bests and champions are the richest.

Nature is not interested in the number of poor and deprived people in Nigeria, nature will only bless Nigeria and make us great as a nation based on the number of excellent performers and world class players we have in every sector.

It is performance that attracts reward and riches, needs or poverty don’t attract riches. Wealth does not respond or answer to poverty or lack, great capacity and excellent performance attracts wealth.

Prayers and fasting does not make anyone wealthy, creativity, solutions and the ability to deliver excellent results is what makes anyone or nation rich.

Dear friend, don’t be fooled that poverty is synonymous to humility. Poverty is not humility, it actually humiliates you. The number one symptom of acute financial lack is psychological ailment. The have-nots find it difficult to reason and behave logically. They do things, say things and behave in ways they normally shouldn’t, but based on the need to survive, they can in fact prostate and call a small boy younger than their last child, daddy.

My dear friend, this is not the year to live your options and outcomes to chance. This is not the year to depend on anyone or institution to fix your life and destiny.

If you have your mind, your hands and your health intact, and for several months your only hope of survival is waiting for salaries owed, perhaps you need help. There are millions of Nigerians doing very well and growing their wealth in Nigerian outside of salaries. In fact people like you pay salaries. Salary is not the only means of livelihood.

Perhaps this is the year to regain the control of your life and take responsibility for yourself.

Lamenting, crying, protesting and casting blame is acceptable but does it solve your problem? How many hours of crying will increase your bank balance, what quality of lamentation will generate a credit bank alert?

Without any form of endorsement, support or disregard for irresponsibility or abuse of public office,  my counsel is for you to resolve this year, to become independent of the difficult system. Love yourself enough to find your solutions by yourself.

I want you to look at this year with a different eye, I want you to approach every month with a superior mindset. Instead of filling your mind with worry, fear, discouragement and hate, become creative in thinking, start seeking for answers and solutions, start finding ways to emancipate yourself from socioeconomic slavery.

I want to say this again, life is not interested in your needs, life will only reward you based on what you can do; not even how well you can pray or how moral you are. Most missionaries are moral, righteous, anointed but very broke, they depend on donations and handouts from religious institutions in cities. There are rules and laws to wealth creation, it’s simply finding answers to the needs of humanity and solving their problems excellently.

That’s why wealth is not evenly distributed, the best people at what they do are the richest. There are over 10,000 footballers in Europe, less than 5% of them are paid 90% of the wages.

How many people are in your kind of profession, practice or trade? How many people are in your industry? How many people are in your company? Are you among the highest paid? In your company, profession, industry, art or practice, are you amongst the top 5%?

My dear friend, I challenge you this year to make the right moves. It is time to join the top 5% not just in your company but your entire industry. If you’re not in the top 5% in any industry, you’ll be most likely average in income.

Your profession, employment or business practice does not make you rich, it is your performance.

How good are you at what you do? Frankly speaking, if you don’t find your way into the top 5% performers in what you do this year, you will struggle if you don’t suffer.

This is not another year to remain stubborn, obstinate and arrogant without solution. If you’re stubbornly waiting for the government, your employer, an institution or anyone to help your situation as you believe it’s their responsibility and they don’t, what can you do? It will be your loss.

Let sense fall on you this year. The answers to your problem is inside of you. It is time to learn, it is time to grow, and it is time to make wise investment in yourself. Sacrifice is giving up what you love for what you need. Too much TV, too much sleep, too much fun, leisure, enjoyment and gossip on social media and waiting for someone else to make your life a success is irresponsibility.

If you can’t give up what you love for what you need, you will eventually lose what you love.

Dear friend, you have a new start this year, enough is enough, shift the attention to yourself this year and take responsibility for your expectations from life. It’s time to improve your capacity for solutions, answers and results. Break a record, make the news, do what others don’t want to do, exceed expectations, be the new super star, and get great rewards!

Work on yourself, enhance your capacity, read, study, train, expose yourself, interact with people who are in the top 5%, learn their secrets and earn what they earn. Dear friend, I challenge, you right now, this year, make the news, break records, and join the top 5%.

Dear friends, FRONTIERS BUSINESS ACADEMY 2018 Lagos and Abuja registration is still ongoing. Even if you don’t want to own your business, the lessons can help you have a better understanding of where you work, hence improve your performance at your place of work. Join the top 5% earners this year.  Call 0706 349 6599 for registration details. 


  1. Emmanuel says:

    Thanks, for this timely message specially directed at me.

  2. Azeez says:

    Please can I get the audio?

  3. Paulyn Akhimiomoh-Odukwe says:

    Pleasant day sir, God bless you for your mentorship. It’s really transforming a lot of us; myself in particular. God bless you real good Sir. Pls sir, I’ll like to use this opportunity to request for the last Monday (8th January) edition of Frankly Speaking. Thank you in anticipation

  4. Samuel Oluwaseyi says:

    Thanks a lot sir for that wonderful lesson. please sir, do you have any book that deals with how to manage a business successfully. Is there any book you can recommend for me about running a restaurant business successfully?

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