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An obstacle is that thing that blocks your way to prevent or hinder your progress.

The sheer number of people who lament and complain about their frustrations, stagnation and less than glowing results in life today have lately been quite overwhelming for me. They thank me for all the encouragement, motivation, education and information then afterward begin to complain and blame everything and everyone for their challenges and woes and I wonder if they truly believe most of what I regularly share or it’s just for them, a fascinating talk show.

Many of them are very unhappy with their employment, their profits; their income and life quality. Many are afraid of now and even the future, many are insecure and have battered self-esteem, many live for others for acceptance and approval. Many feel inadequate, restricted and subjugated, many more do not think their great lives and successes lie within them. They totally believe they can’t become anything or amount to anything if people don’t help them, favour them, carry them or bless them. Many more believe it is only God that can do it for them, they need do nothing.

Dear friend, how do you see yourself? What is your self-concept? What’s your philosophy in and about life? Do you know you? Do you have an understanding and clear opinion about your own person? What really are you about? Where are you from, where are you now, where are you going in life? Do you live and work and earn daily just to stay alive? Do you have a dream, a purpose, a pursuit, an ambition, a sense of direction, a destination and a well-planned out journey for you?

Do you have your own constructive opinion of how your life should be? What are your own personal values and principles? What are your daily to-dos? What are your growth plans and daily habits?                                                                                                                                           For Audio Version Click here

Where are you now and where do you want to be in a year, in two years, in five years in twenty years?

Do you have a dream? Are you in charge of that dream? Does your dream, depend on an employer, the government or divine intervention or luck or you?

What do you know, what do you need to know? What can you do, what more do you need to learn and master how to do?

Are you strong and deliberate about your life or you thrive on a pity party and victim mentality? Who are the people in your life, who do you spend most of your time with, how much value are these people adding to you, your dreams and your life in general?

Who do you want to become, what do you want to become? Are you in an employment you want or an employment you got? Are you in a business you like or you’re in it for the money?

What kind of family do you want for yourself? What kind of spouse, what kind of kids do you want? What’s your plan for making your spouse fantastic and your kids adorable? What sense of responsibility do you have towards a successful and happy home?

Are you willing to build a life with your spouse or it’s about controlling, manipulating and using your partner to serve your personal interest? What’s your concept of a happy home, what’s your role in making your home happy?

What’re your problem-solving skills like? Do you have a well spelled out problem-solving tactics and procedures for your home, your workplace, and your personal life?

Who are all the people in your life, where is their place, how well defined is their role, their limits and time-shared?

When is your me-time, I mean your alone-moment to review your life, your progress, your successes, your new and future tasks and to apply clarity to your vision?

How well in control are you of your time, your life, your journey, and your speed?

Ladies and gentlemen, life is very treacherous. Too many things are thrown at you daily from different directions, by different people and establishments.

Life, if not handled with maturity can stress you to pieces. You need enough emotional strength, psychological aptitude and spiritual muscles to handle matters in life I tell you.

Many times when we fail, or stumble or make mistakes, we become discouraged, tired and we give up. Every time you give up on something or someone or a dream, your mind automatically will begin to build mental obstacles and barriers in the way of progress to achieve everything you give up on.

Your mind will automatically adapt to a language of impossibilities and firewalls will be raised to hinder your thought process towards great progress in those areas.

The implication of this is if everyone around is succeeding and making progress in the area you’ve given up on, if you even decide to try as well, you may not succeed no matter how easy success is in that area. Simply because your mind has rejected success, your life can’t accept it any longer. Even if by a streak of luck you succeed it will not be sustainable.

Dear friend, everything we lack in our lives today is consequences of mental obstacles.

Individuals who refused to see or respect disappointments and failures in life invented the aircraft, the computer, the mobile phone, electricity, the rocket, space shuttles, the television, institutions, constitutions, social order and very many other wonderful things.

Dear friend, your mind is extremely powerful and unlimited in birthing great ideas and miraculous inventions.

The problem is you’re allowing the raging storm of life get into the boat of your mind.

If you are tired of who you are and where you are, I think it’s time you begin to ask very important, personal questions about your personal identity, self-concept, your place in life, your journey and your destination.

Never agree with the world, with others and even familiar people that you are limited, you are average and you are not better than you currently are.

I know you’re tired, I know you’re overwhelmed, I know you’re perhaps discouraged,  your work is stressing you, your marriage is perhaps difficult, you have relationship issues, your qualifications aren’t that superb, you’re really broke right now, you’re totally confused and unhappy, you’ve tried hard but keep failing, you’ve experienced, rejection, heartbreak, hurt and pain, you’ve been sold out, betrayed, lied to and lied against; hey! all great people in life went through this same journey you’re on right now.

Wisdom is to see all you’ve been through as experiences not excuses. You need pain to grow in mind, spirit and emotions. Dear friend its time you clear away all the obstacles in your mind hindering your quick progress in life.

Endure hardship, endure the stress of a good change, let go of users, abusers and manipulators no matter how painful the separation. Let in fresh people who will help you, love you, support you and not judge you unduly.

Redefine your life, your journey, your purpose and where you’re headed. Change your job if necessary, change your business type if need be, do something new, learn something new, find new friends, new interests, new associates and cheerleaders.

You can do anything, achieve anything; become anything you desire if you would just take responsibility for your own life and dreams. Break down the barriers my friend, an action is superior to lamentation. Do the needful, change your lifestyle, change your habits, change your actions, attitudes, behaviours and you’ll see quick, superior results. Dear friend, it’s time to break down every mental obstacle.

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    How do I join the business academy?

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    Same interest but I am in kano state

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    Am in Kano . I like to join you sir in your business academy. You are exceptional.

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    Good afternoon sir, I stay in Abuja, I will like to join in your business academy… It’s really inspiring… Thank you sir.

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