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Year in year out, many people have been encouraged, inspired, trained, educated, informed and guided on how to become successful in life but sadly, up on till now, they have little or nothing to show for it.

Many people today ought to have become very comfortable, accomplished and happy in many areas of their lives but it’s just not working. All they’ve been exposed to in knowledge, admonition, information and even secrets have failed to profit them as these valuable exposures have found no potent place in their hearts and lives.

Many today are struggling with what other people are succeeding at even in the same environment and under similar circumstances. For lack of a logical explanation for their conditions, the buck has been passed to God, as the one who chooses to prosper one and relegate another. Without a doubt, God rules in the affairs of men but if you follow his laid down principles for success, I promise it will not be denied you.

If you’re willing to go by the rules and obey the laws for a particular kind of success, it shall be delivered to you unquestionably.

Why are people succeeding at what you’re struggling with my dear friend? When will you be more comfortable, more progressive, more accomplished, richer, happier and more fulfilled? When will you apprehend all that you’re chasing? When will you achieve your dreams and goals in life?

Many people today have nothing impressive to show for their lives, not because they are failing but because of doubt. Doubt has killed more dreams in this life than failure ever will.

In language, failure is the opposite of success, but in the play of life, failure is an integral part of success. You can’t really succeed in life without failing. In the play of life, the real opposite of success is doubt.

People don’t succeed in life because of doubt. They allow that feeling of uncertainty to creep in, especially when going through a phase of failure and then they give up. Doubt is the killer of dreams, goals, ambition and all possibilities, not failure. The role of failure is to teach you how not to do things, it’s not meant to stop you. Doubt is what stops you.

Many of us due to strong attachments to our comfort zones embrace doubt with all our might. No matter what you’re told, no matter what you hear, no matter how logical, realistic and possible it is, some of us will engage doubt in order to make an excuse to remain in our comfort zone. In fact we go the extra mile to create absurd excuses why fantastic plans won’t work for us.

I’ve heard some people make excuses such as “I’m not lucky”, they’ll tell you even if others succeed at it, if they try they’ll fail because they’re not lucky by nature; how absurd.

Doubt is simply the refusal to be convinced. If you’re not convinced, you can’t act. If you don’t act you can’t progress, if you don’t progress you can’t achieve anything. Perhaps, doubt is your number one captor in this life.

When you lack conviction you lack faith, when you lack faith you’ll operate in unbelief, if you operate in unbelief, life will not release anything but failure to you.

Even the spirit realm has no regard for doubters. It takes faith and conviction to get the supernatural to work along with you.

All great things you own, see and admire exist because their inventors were not doubters. Even when they were criticized, mocked, restricted and sometimes imprisoned based on their conviction, they didn’t doubt. Despite their very many and frequent failures, their belief in their conviction kept them going hence incidences of failure had no power to stop their dreams.

The computer, the airplanes, electricity, mobile phones, satellite television, space shuttle, rockets, robots and artificial intelligence you have are at your disposal today because the inventors refused doubt, they held on to their convictions no matter how outlandish and ridiculous it sounded to everyone else.

Why are things not working as you expect my dear friend, is it a case of doubt?

Progress, achievements and great accomplishments manifest when the vision carrier works and walks in faith. You can’t become anything significant if you’re always in doubt. You’ll sink when others are floating if you operate in doubt.

Think with me this morning and just look at your life, is this all you’re about? Are you at your best? Are you subjugating your true potentials? Can you be better than this? Can you achieve more than this? Can you be more successful than this?

Can your life be more comfortable, peaceful and progressive? Are you willing to endure hardship, failure, and setbacks just to be the best that you can? Do you allow temporary setbacks, disappointments and obstacles make you embrace doubt? Have you lost faith in yourself and your true possibilities?

The books you read, the stories you were told, the seminars you attended, the secrets you read up online, the teachings you’ve received, where are the fruits – the results and proof you received them, believed them and practiced them?

Where are your results? Many of us are distressed today and full of lamentations. We are unhappy about our struggles and pains, our lacks and backwardness, we’re focused on our anxieties, fears and doubts, we have indulged in excessive religiosity, doctrines and rituals emptied of power, true faith and spirituality.

We don’t know how to make things work for us hence have relinquished our true potentials and future possibilities – trusting other people, institutions, and structures to deliver greatness to us cheaply.

When you believe in something, your mind, soul and spirit should remain committed to it until it’s done. What is that one thing you are committed to today that will make your life great and glorious?

When you believe in something you’re sold out to it, you give up other pleasures and fun things to devote enough time to your commitment.

Being the best at anything is not just about knowledge and practice but about commitment and devotedness.

The difference between the super successful and the average in the same industry or profession is commitment. No matter how gifted or talented you are, the man with the commitment will defeat you any day any time.

So here we are, a new beginning, a new year, think through your past and all the great things you gave up on because you had doubts- the relationship, the business, the skill, the project, the investment and all other great opportunities you let pass you by because you doubted.

How better has doubt made you today? The thing you refused to do five years ago, three years ago; even last year because you were not convinced, what today is the reward for not doing it? If you keep doubting everything, hence don’t do anything, how will your future become better?

Dear friend, you must begin to believe and do great things this year. Nothing will ever be equal and there will never be a perfect condition, so the best time to start anything is today, as you will never have a sure time. Being sure is a mirage. Don’t be afraid of mistakes, don’t be afraid to learn from failing, it’s all part of your journey to greatness. Don’t allow doubt keep you as a prisoner of stagnation and mediocrity, it’s time to act despite all uncertainties. It’s time for you to believe. When you believe, there will be miracles. In this life seeing is not believing, believing is seeing. Go and get your results!




  1. Orighomisan Megho says:

    Thanks Sir for the inspiring talk show, may God increase your wisdom in Jesus name . Sir I want to participate in this year business class but I need a price reduction to enable me meet up because I will be traveling down from Warri every friday and return back on Monday morning, I will be bearing some other cost on me like transportation, Hotel, etc for the whole duration of the course.

  2. LUKA DANIEL says:

    Very inspiring sir.I was a prisoner of doubt throughout the year that ended.thank God for knowledge and encouragement by this episode.God bless YOU muyiwa .I promise myself to turn over New leaf.

  3. Steve Uko says:

    Dear Muyiwa,
    I have been sending mails and text messages to the mentioned telephone requesting for a concession of the fees but no one has responded to me.
    I have been planning for the program for the past year and I desire to be there.

  4. Thanks man God will continue to increase you and bless your ministry

  5. Abimbola Agboluaje says:

    Thank you sir, doubt is the killer of success. Though we cannot see God still we believe God is existing. Remain blessed for inspired the world with your wisdom and knowledge.

  6. Taderi John Olufemi says:

    Thanks for this inspired episode.

  7. Daniel nkusu says:

    I just watched you and woul like to write to you

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