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Without a doubt, one of the most critical needs for progress, success and great accomplishments in life is people. It is impossible to achieve anything, become anything or have a meaningful life without people. It is people that will educate you, enlighten you, inform you, give you feedback, accept you, employ you, buy from you, reward you, make you wealthy, sing your praise and accept you as a leader.

To touch lives in any way must be by the permission of the people you want to touch. No life makes meaning or any sense without people.

However, people are very difficult to deal with. People are unstable, unpredictable, can pretend, can deceive, can change, can betray, can reject, can envy, can be mean, can hurt or even destroy you.

Human beings are undependable and unreliable. As difficult as humans are, you still have no choice but to deal with them as you are also, one of them. You have the good the bad and ugly side of humans as well, you are not an exception. You can be kind, loving, considerate, caring yet pretentious, deceptive, envious, vile and treacherous. We all have bad behaviors in us actively or potentially. This makes us human – imperfect creatures. Hence dealing with problematic humans is actually dealing with your kind.

For many potentially great and awesome people, the inability to cope with the nature of humans have totally robbed them of actualizing their potentials in life. Many people are offended, disappointed and angry at the people with the keys to their greatness in life. These important and needed people in your life at one point in time have perhaps disappointed, betrayed and hurt you so bad, you decided to do away with them completely. This is not a bad decision I must say, however, it is not every bad behavior or offence that should require you dumping or rejecting the people you need in your life.

Truth is everybody is tolerating you as well as you are also not perfect, so if you are rejected by everyone over every error and misconduct, you will ultimately have no one accepting or offering you any vital opportunities or benefits in life.

Please hear me and understand me this morning. Bad relationships are unhealthy, toxic relationships can hurt you and it’s dangerous to your wellbeing. Hence you do not remain friends or stick in a relationship that can destroy you mentally, emotionally or even physically. But there are some people you need in your life to remain happy, progressive, inspired and motivated. There are some key people in and around your life, whose imperfections are not destructive only disappointing.

These people possibly hold the keys to your greater tomorrow. To play god over the lives of others and judge everybody as imperfect when even you are not perfect, can mitigate your potentials for real achievements and greatness in life.

Another albatross stopping many from rapid progress and greatness in life is pretense. No human being is perfect. However, religion and religious people over the years have demanded and keep demanding perfection from their faithfuls. Lack of conformity to established moral standards or conduct or behavior is met with sometimes severe embarrassments, castigation, isolation, slander, gossip and criticism. Consequently, most of us have learned to pretend to be what we’re really not. We’ve mastered the pretentious mannerisms, language, attitudes and interactions that will earn us acceptance within the fold, but outside of the fold, we’re completely different.

This fake life consequently paints a different picture about who we really are to other people, hence when our true selves betray us and suddenly comes to the surface, people are shocked and disappointed and wouldn’t trust us with anything again.

To enjoy superior relationships in life, we must learn to accept valuable people and we must conduct ourselves in realistic manners that would make people also accept us the way we are. You don’t have to be perfect but at least, be real.

Since your blessings, breakthrough, opportunity, help and reward are in the custody of people that are perpetually imperfect and can unfairly withhold what you deserve, how then do you get them to release to you things that are quite essential for your greatness in life?

I’d like to share attributes that unlock the goodness of most people and would enable you enjoy their goodwill, support and assistance through life.

  1. Respect – Everybody wants to be respected. Though respect should be earned, the people who usually demand respect and fight for respect are those who find it hard earning it. Security guards, receptionists, maids, commercial bus drivers, messengers, cleaners even area boys want you to speak to them politely and with respect. This is because many people don’t respect them and they feel bad about this. The nature of anyone’s job should not be a basis for anyone to disrespect them; after all they are human beings as well and their conditions can become better tomorrow. Guess what, the people who crave for respect the most are disrespectful people. To enjoy goodwill from everyone, respect everyone no matter who, when people go low, you go higher.
  2. Tolerance – we are all imperfect people and many of us know and are tired of our personal weaknesses. Anyone rubbing in a weakness we’re already battling with can be a turn-off. People don’t like it when you dwell on their weaknesses and bad habits perpetually. Don’t dwell on people’s personal weaknesses if not they wouldn’t like you or assist you. You can lovingly advise but don’t criticize. Learn to tolerate people, people are tolerating you too.
  3. Understanding – Believe me, everyone you know is going through a series of battles you may never know or understand. When people act weird, strange and out of character, don’t just attack them and judge them, I assure you, there is a motive for what they are doing. People want to be understood not judged, many people want help and support, if you truly want to help people, stop judging and condemning, try to understand and support, they will like you and support you when you need them to.
  4. Appreciation – Everybody wants to be appreciated for anything good they do. Being thankful, grateful and appreciative encourages people to do more with gladness. Please get this, appreciation is not bribery or inducement, appreciation is a sincere thank you for a big and the small good done. Let people know you appreciate anything they’ve done, they will be motivated to do even more.
  5. Help – We all need help in one way or the other. When you’re in a position to help people and you do not, people never forget, and they wait patiently for when you would need their help too and they withhold it from you. Life is so perfectly arranged such that you will always need people you were once in a position to help. If you deny them now, they will deny you later. Help people if you can, they will reciprocate when it’s your turn.
  6. Kindness – This is doing good especially to people who have not earned it or don’t even deserve it. People who know they don’t deserve your kindness feel indebted to you when you show them kindness, hence when you need them to help you with anything, they are more than willing. Learn to be kind for nothing.
  7. Forgiveness – Let go of offence. When people hurt you, the best way to deal with them is to forgive them. Forgiveness puts your offender in an uncomfortable position and state of mind when it comes to your matter. They will perpetually be looking for how to make it up to you. When you revenge, you’ve lost the power to obtain favours and help from them. Learn to forgive, you may need those people latter.
  8. Honesty – Honesty is not just about being good, it’s about telling the truth about you – the good the bad and the in-between. When you’re honest, people trust you and they can confidently relate with you. Honesty is a great policy.

Dear friend, to enjoy open doors, favour, blessings and promotion, don’t just pray and fast, treat people right and all these shall come your way too. Treat people right.




  1. xoxo says:

    Forgiveness puts your offender in an uncomfortable position and state of mind when it comes to your matter. They will perpetually be looking for how to make it up to you.

    Not accurate….. some people don’t care

  2. adonis says:

    Lol, it doesn’t matter if they care or not, you play your part and watch how it pans out

  3. Idowu Adetayo Olujimi says:

    Please help me with these ” to err is human while to forgive is Devine ” , Can we completely forget?



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