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About six years ago I met this very good looking and friendly man at a church program. He’s heard me speak before at events and was glad to finally make the acquaintance. A very open minded and friendly man I must say. No airs very witty and he could gist. With him, there was never a dull moment. He knew movies, music, sports, celebrity gist, politics, history and of course gossip. He was fun to be around.

He was married with three lovely teenage children and a likable wife. It’s easy to see how closely knit they were as a family and how much they loved one another, but despite all these, he was a very broke man.

He didn’t have a job, he was unemployed and had no business he was running; he didn’t have any source of income. Surprisingly, his wife was also unemployed. According to him, her health wouldn’t permit intense work, so she did nothing to bring in any income. His children hustled every day, everywhere and with whomever for silly jobs and tasks just to bring home something to feed on and sort out urgent bills.

I really didn’t understand it. He was in his late forties yet had nothing bringing in money for his family! I subsequently asked for his credentials to see how I could be of help, but he really didn’t bother giving me any papers. He kept avoiding the subject and would brush it aside each time I raised it with him.

Another thing I observed with him was his very negative thoughts and expectations about himself and his family. He was always seeing and confessing negative things, evil eventualities, dangerous outcomes and disappointing results. He saw evil everywhere, he expected everything to fail, even when good things happen occasionally he believed it would be short-lived and was just a trap. He was a very negative person with a very negative mindset and many times he’d make fun of himself, laugh bitterly about his poverty, make jokes about his low life and frustrations and surprisingly held on to a mindset of deserving the ugly and evil side of life.

I was frequently shocked when he said things like that, he would just drop it and go on talking as if he didn’t say anything unusual. I didn’t understand it, I was really confused.                                                                                                                                                                            For Audio Version Click here

But something was quite clear to me, when you look deep into his eyes, you will perceive bitterness, you will observe a man with a troubled soul, a man full of regrets, you will perceive a very sad soul.

One day a client came to my office and met him there. They exchanged pleasantries in an odd manner. It was quite obvious they knew each other very well and for a long time, but they were not so friendly, there was this tension between them that came very quickly as it vanished.

After my friend left, my client asked where I met him and how I knew him, I told him we met at a church program. My client smiled, shook his head and sighed. I asked why, he then called my friend by a very scary nick name. They were in the same university. This my friend used to be a very powerful and active gang member back in the days on campus. He was very famous and feared all over campus back then. He led a gang of guys who reportedly raped, tortured and were even rumored to kill and rob. My client told me this my friend was consequently arrested as he was caught red handed in a rape and torture incidence. He was expelled in year three with four of his gang members and subsequently jailed. He was on the same floor at the hostel with this client of mine back in their university days, they knew each other well.

With this information from my client about my friend, I then understood the reasons for his negative thinking, negative mindset, fearful expectations, bitterness, low self-esteem, lack of employment credentials and a poor, stagnant inconsequential life style.

He obviously has great regrets about his past and can’t seem to move on in life. What he did in his early twenties still haunted him and wouldn’t let him be at almost fifty.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m convinced we’re all in this world to build something, add something, develop something and contribute something great that will improve humanity and make the world a better place to live in.

I also believe we are all imperfect people with mistakes, errors, bad choices, selfish acts, mean dealings and even wickedness dotting our paths in our life’s journey so far.

No one can claim to have lived a perfectly upright, selfless, moral and impeccable life thus far. Some of us made some mild mistakes, some of us made very terrible mistakes. Some of us got hurt terribly and some of us really offended and hurt other people badly.

Either as a victim or perpetrator, the implications and consequences of our experiences tend to want to stay and remain with us in mind and in life perpetually. Sometimes we blame ourselves, sometimes we blame others, however it is my dear friend, not letting go of the incidences of the past has untold powers of robbing you of a great future of happiness, prosperity, peace, success and fulfilment.

In this life, you either conquer your past totally or remain a permanent victim and prisoner of your past.

Many of us did wrong, many of us were wronged. Many of us were disobedient, rebellious, lived dangerously, took crazy risks, made bad choices, joined bad gangs, were self-centered, lived shameful and disgraceful lives and pursued vile adventures. Consequently, we became filled with deep regrets and intense guilt.

My dear friend, I want to let you know this morning that it doesn’t matter the direction or trajectory of your life’s journey thus far, it doesn’t matter all that happened to you and all that you happened to, one thing is still very sure, that I can guarantee, there is still greatness in you. There’s something, great, powerful, useful, incredible and phenomenal that your maker put in you when he created you, and guess what, he hasn’t withdrawn it and he wouldn’t withdraw you. When God blesses you with a gift or talent, He doesn’t change his mind. The gifts and calling of God is without repentance.

It is time to shift attention away from where you were to where you should be going. Stop looking back wards in life, you’re not heading in a backward direction and you can never return there. It is time and it is wise to look forward to a life of superior experience, glory, breakthrough, manifestation and positive prosperity. Yes you can do it, you can achieve it; it’s all in your mind. Its time you forgive yourself, forgive your past and let it go.

Did I hear someone say the damage is a permanent one and the scars and consequences are there with you for life? Hear me this morning when I say, all that has happened to you in time past actually has a role and purpose in the manifestation of your greatness in this life. Your scars and irreparable losses are testimonials and proof of how great someone that used to be so low and base can become. The extent of the damage of your past, is a reflection of the intensity of your coming glory!

If your painful past wouldn’t be needed in your future and the final ascension of your glorious throne in your domain in this life, you wouldn’t have walked that path.

Come on, its time you forgive yourself, let the guilt go, let the regret go, let the pains go, let go of the bitterness, the heaviness of heart and depression and self-torment. If your maker is no longer holding it against you, stop holding it against yourself.

To be human is to be strong and be weak and be real, I promise you, life will help you, lift you, promote you, heal you and reward you, once you decide to take a step of courage to do what is right and wise.

Its time you get up from your ashes of despair, desolation, misery and despondency, forgive yourself and forgive all who hurt you. Take your life back and run it right and well. Its time you pursue wisdom, knowledge, understanding and purpose. It’s time to build and develop your mind positively, its time you educate your mind aright, and see the king in you. A happy life is waiting for you, a successful life is waiting for you, a happy marriage is waiting for you, a fat bank account is waiting for you, a business empire is waiting for you, relevance, respect, honor, glory and fulfilment are all queued up in your future, all you need do is just take that step to forgive you and forgive others. A brand new light of hope, healing and revelation will overshadow your frail and troubled mind and powerful ideas, answers and revelation will surge up and burst forth from within you.

Ladies and gentlemen, my dear friend, forgive him, forgive her and most importantly, forgive you. Dear friend, reprogram your life.

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  1. Onomeh says:

    ‘To be human is to be strong and be weak and be real, I promise you life will help you, lift you, promote you, heal you and reward you once you decide to take a step of courage to do what is right and wise.’
    This right here is so powerful, I’m so grateful that i made the choice to listen to your radio talk show today although it was toward the end already
    I just quickly took your website down,i have gained so much insight from this article
    God Bless you

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