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Many of us today are flustered, grumpy and unhappy about our lives simply because we are perplexed and confounded in life. Today, let’s talk about how to have effective coordination of our lives.

As adults it can be quite difficult balancing effectively the various critical aspects of our lives without sacrificing one or two for another. This is simply because too many areas of our lives demand for attention at the same time. Our husbands, our wives, our children, our parents, our friends, our associates, our bosses, our customers and so many other people need us to pay them quality attention.

Also our personal vision, our dreams, our ambition, our careers, our businesses, personal growth and even spiritual wellbeing require enough attention for us to have a well-rounded life.

Balancing all these and winning in all these areas within the constraints of 24 hours a day is the reason most of us are not very happy, it’s the reason many are agitated, cranky and irritable.

We all want to succeed in life, we all want to progress in life, we all want to do very well in life. This desire however, is predicated on our ability to do very well in these various areas of our lives and with these very many people in our lives.

Many of us today have lost focus in life and we are not very excited about how things are, the frustration of not being as progressive and successful as we want to be is the reason we seek very much to put the blame on other people and the environment even in matters where others and the system are innocent.

It’s common today to find people blame others especially the government for everything.

I listen to a lot of discussions and interviews and many other programs on radio and TV. Different people playing in different areas of our nationhood talk about the huge potentials they personally carry and the great possibilities that exist within our environment to achieve greatness. However, most of these people hardly see the possibility of this success outside the government coming to their aid.

Everybody, every sector, every professional, every talented person, every creative person, every physically challenged person, every industry, every sector, all professional bodies, babies, children, men and women all want to beg our government to please come to their aid for any meaningful progress to happen with their dreams and desire.

This, in my opinion is an indication of helplessness or being overwhelmed hence, the ability to coordinate and achieve success becomes impaired.

To many Nigerians, the government is seen and perceived as a powerful unlimited institution that can do everything. So when we become overwhelmed and become helpless we throw the responsibility of possible progress at the door step of the government.

In this life and in every nation, there is private success and public success. It is possible for a nation to succeed and prosper and for an individual citizen to fail even within a prosperous nation. And it is possible for a nation to be struggling and even retrogressing and for an individual citizen to be very successful and progressive.

Therefore, as the government has a role to play to progress and prosper the nation, you also have your role to play to prosper and progress you. Therefore, you must be able to honestly differentiate and separate what the role of the government is and what your own role is in your ambition to progress and succeed as a person.

Many of us are caught in this quagmire; we place our locus of destiny control outside of ourselves, we place it with other people, other institutions, an employer and especially, the government. This is the primary cause of our agitation, anxiety, pressure and fears as Nigerians.

Dear friend, the critical key to having a well-coordinated life is to establish goals for your life.

When your formula for living is purely survival, you’re sadly not operating at the level of life expected of humans. Humans are not created to survive, humans are created to create.

When what you chase after daily is food, clothing, shelter and money; I assure you, you need an urgent upgrade of your understanding of yourself and life. You really don’t know who you are and how powerful you are as God’s most precious and excellent creature.

Goal setting, is a very popular principle and recommendation, but it’s shocking and sad how very many people have no goals and don’t set goals in life, all they have is wishes and wild shots in the dark.

A wish is not a goal, a goals is deliberate; supported by a written out plan, activities and even required resources; and must have a deadline, a wish, on the other hand, is just a thought of what you hope can happen.

For your life to enjoy progress and coordination, you must set goals in these four major areas.

  1. Personal goals. Who are you today, who do you want to become in 2 to 5 years? To progress in life, you must set growth plans for yourself. Now pay attention, growth plans is not about what you have but what you have become. It’s actually a deliberate effort to improve your character and behaviours. It starts with carrying out a swot analysis of yourself. Your strength, weaknesses, opportunities and constraint. Personal growth is about becoming a better person – letting go of habits and tendencies that can hold you down, embarrass you or disgrace you, and using your natural great talents to advance your possibilities in life.

Personal growth goals is critical to being in charge of your destiny and journey in life. Personal growth goals leads to spiritual wellbeing.

  1. Business and career goals. This is about drawing up a plan, a vision and destination for your career and/or business. You must treat these as separate entities from you. You need to brand your career or your business to be outstanding. You must put in place a strategy for growth and advancement for your business and career. Your career or business is not you, that’s why people may succeed in business and career and fail in life. There are many successful people in business and career who ended up committing suicide. It’s because they failed in personal goals. Your personal goals should be separate from your business and career goals, if not you’ll lack coordination and mess it all up.
  2. Money goals. Also you must have plans for your finances. You must have financial growth plans. Being rich is not about hard work, intelligence, qualifications or quality of employment. No matter how much you make, if you lack financial goal plans, you will end up broke later on in life.

Money goals will curtail you from buying things you don’t need and will direct how you spend and invest. You must be able to set a net-worth ambition for yourself over time.

  1. Happiness goals. It is possible to have a good job, make good money, lack nothing money can buy and still be very unhappy. Happiness comes from three things, physical wellbeing, good conscience and healthy relationships.

Self-discipline is key to achieving happiness as a goal. Doing what is right instead of what you like is your key to happiness. Happiness comes when you treat God as God, respect and value yourself and treat others right.

Happiness comes from doing the right thing when tempted to do what appears easier or pleasurable. Happiness is the reward and consequence of right choices.

A world class pianist would find the white and black keys on a very good piano useless and frustrating without having in mind a tune or song he wants to play. Playing that song or tune is the goal that gives relevant meaning to the keys on a keyboard. If you don’t set your goals in life, all the critical keys in your life will confuse and frustrate you.

When you set goals in these four areas of your life and you focus on achieving these goals, you will suddenly have that sense of coordination, you will feel responsible for your life, you will seem to have all the answers and you will make rapid progress in life and make a beautiful song of your life. Dear friend, develop a sense of coordination.



    Thank you Sir for this insight & life changing article. This has been my life problem for a very long time, no goals, just running in circle, chasing what i didn’t lost, chasing money, working for just mere survival, forgetting that either we work for survival or not at the end of our life’s we’ll all die and end this race of survival. I know there are many people out there having this problem, some are aware of it while some are not.
    Please sir, is there any way one can reach you directly?

  2. Andrew Oghoniya says:

    This is so inspiring and thought provoking. I’m not in Lagos; I’m in Delta. Do you have those teachings in CDs? If yes, how do I have them?

  3. Godson Pillar says:

    Thank you Mr Muyiwa Afolabi and God bless

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