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There are two kinds of pain in this life, there’s the pain of sacrifice and the pain of regret. The pain of sacrifice has to do with the things you want to do, the things you enjoy doing, the things you crave for, the fun, rest and enjoyment you really, really want but have to give up in order to create for yourself a more beautiful, comfortable, peaceful and rewarding future.

The pain of regret is your lack of will to give up the pleasure, fun, rest, enjoyment and indulgence of today and you later pay dearly for it when you’re too old, weak and late to fix anything or make your life great.

There are no middle grounds regarding these options, you either suffer the pain today to enjoy later, or you enjoy today and suffer the pain of regret later.
The principal factor that discourages us from doing the necessary today whilst still young and able is the fear of pain. The fear of different kinds of pain; these pains could include physical, emotional or psychological pains. You’re afraid of the pain of failure, you’re afraid of the shame of disgrace, embarrassment. The psychological pain of rejection and isolation scares you too hence, you’re more comfortable with the majority even if the majority are wrong and heading the wrong way.

Many don’t want to be seen as inferior, we want to appear as rich as the really rich even though we’re not, we want social relevance, acceptance and security. We hate to walk alone even if it’s the wise thing to do. We don’t want to work hard and long on tough problems and challenges. We don’t want to go the extra mile to become outstanding in life, we are comfortable with average; we want to play at the level of the majority even if mediocrity is the obvious performance of this majority.

Dear friend, I know it’s hard to decide to be different. I know it’s hard to give up your popularity and the much needed acceptance and attention of friends and family based on the conviction to follow your passion and do what you’re naturally designed for by your maker. I know it feels comfortable enjoying the applause and commendation of the people in your life even if deep on your inside you know you’re missing it. But believe me, it’ll consequently be your own problem and you alone will end up in regret. All you may at best, get from all these people is empathy.When you’re encouraged to stay in a place, remain on a job, retain a business type, adopt a thinking, keep hanging with people and following an earning routine that lacks what it takes to meet your future needs, only you will endure a broke and troubled life in that future.

Tell me today, how are your bills climbing? How much do you earn now? How much will be your income be in 3 to 5 years? What’s your deliberate plan and effort to grow your income? Can you do it? Do you have what it takes? Does it depend on you? Do you have control over this?

Are you afraid to critically think about this somewhat scary and worrisome future and all you do is wish it away, say God is in charge, refuse to do anything and just say to yourself tomorrow will take care of its self?
Truth is worry is not subject to your personal control. The only answer to worry is to solve the problem or develop a plan towards solving the problem causing the worry.

Real faith is believing your plans will work out, it’s not in not having plans at all.If the resources in the world today is not subject to equal distribution, if it’s all about contest and competition and who can earn the most, you better start thinking the game and doing all you can to have a good portion of the resources if not the lions share.                                                                                                                For Audio Version Click here

Life rewards people based on how superior they are to others in solving problems, meeting needs and the quality and number of their buyers.
To earn more, you must be outstanding in your practice, profession, ability, skills and fame. You must be superior to have an edge over other competitors in this contest for resource distribution and control.
To earn more than others legitimately, you must be better than others considerably. To earn above average your performance must be well above average.

It’s time to endure the pain of sacrifice. So that your life will be better, much easier, more comfortable and delightful in future to avoid the pain of regret.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is not just time to work, it is time to work harder than your colleagues and contemporaries. Spend more hours than everyone else at what you do. The longer you remain on a job than others, the more superior you become at doing it than others. Whatever you choose to do, don’t stop until you’re done. Working hard is good, but working harder than others is the key to a richer future.

It’s time to know more. What do you know now? What do your contemporaries know? What do you need to know? Its time you deliberate decide to improve and enhance the volume and quality of the relevant things you should know. The most important books to read, the most important knowledge to pursue is that one with the capacity to improve your performance on your job. Don’t just read books, read books about your profession.

Dear friend, it’s time to stay focused. Too many of us are too distracted chasing money instead of creating value. We keep jumping from one employment to another, one sort of business to another, learning a skill after another based on which one pays the highest. This is not how to succeed. The key to real success is remaining at one thing and pouring your whole life into it until you become the best in the world. The more valuable you become, the more money you’ll attract. The really rich don’t chase money, they create value to attract money.
It’s time to become really resilient. Nothing good or great comes easy. You will be discouraged by people, the environment, your mistakes, your wrong judgments and injustice. Never, ever give up. Refuse to get emotional or sentimental about life’s challenges, remain focused on your ambition and your journey. Just keep doing all you need to do, and keep enduring and adapting to necessary changes and dynamics, resolve to pay the price for being outstanding and one day, you will manifest the greatness you’ve been developing through hard work and resilience over time.

It’s time to shun distractions. The major factors that slow us down in our pursuit of purpose and success are distractions. We encounter distractions from people, friends, new ideas, colleagues, employers and even unforeseen problems and developments. No matter what shows up suddenly or what comes your way, don’t let it stop you, just keep doing what you want to do, keep growing, developing and building capacity for tremendous success.

It’s time to be your first and best help. Learn to lean first on yourself for emotional and psychological support. Learn to encourage yourself by yourself. Develop the ability to enjoy your own company. Let your locus of control be within you. Don’t wait for the commendation and compliment of people for you to know you’re doing well. We all need people alright, but go after people when you need people not because you don’t want to stand by yourself.

It’s time to give up your victim mentality. Hear this, whatever you do not like about the government or political office holders is not targeted at you in particular, as yourself, who in government knows you personally and is after you in particular? What you’re experiencing is a system and perhaps character problem with leadership and citizenship hence, it’s wrong to take anything personal. To get angry and bitter about current policies and decisions affecting every employee, every citizen and the masses is not good for your blood pressure. Don’t think like a victim, think options, solutions and ways out for you and everyone else ultimately. Solution mindedness rather than nagging, complaining and vile criticism is your sure key to being on top of your game. No too dey vex.

Lastly, decide to follow a role model. Identify a wise and successful person and decide to follow them. Don’t always learn from your own mistakes if you can learn from theirs. Emulate the successful and do what they did and still do.
Success is predictable, and you can be on top of your game if you’ll just do all you need to do.

Sacrifice your enjoyment now so that you can enjoy your life later on in life. Sacrifice your sleep now so that you can sleep well later on in life. Sacrifice the travels now and the many hours of watching TV so that you can comfortably do all these when you’re retired, rich and happy. Endure the pain of sacrifice today, to avoid the pain of regret later on in life. Dear friend, be on top of your game.

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  1. adeniyi-oba says:

    Thank you Muyiwa for this great advice.

  2. My boss keep it coming!!!!

  3. Abiodun says:

    Extremely blessed by this. Thank you.

  4. Amarachi Clinical Psychologist says:

    More knowledge, you are touching lives. Many Thanks to you Sir.

  5. Iyabode Attah says:

    You made my day with this insightful talk! I have shared it with a lot of people today. I’m using the content in my talk at a presentation with students at a Lagos school today. Kudos to you!

  6. Angela Chiz says:

    well-said. keep it up.

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