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Beyond assumption and speculations, it is obvious there are other worlds and realms different and even superior to our realm as humans. Even scientists today have come to agree to the existence and reality of the supernatural realm. So many things that can’t be logically explained yet occur is perfect precision – it is not coincidental.

As humans, we are creatures of destiny. Like every other created being we have a role in this territory called earth. We owe our maker accountability as far as our purposes and destinies are concerned.
Dear friend, I assure you there’s something great about you and quite important to your maker you just have to make up your mind to deliver on why He placed you on this earth and is still keeping you alive whilst many are dying.

Everywhere you turn there are threats and barriers; treacherous situations and surprising dynamics capable of frustrating you, derailing you, limiting you and even snuffing courage, passion and persistence out of you. You’re daily plagued with fear not just on the account of what you need, but even for all you’ve gathered and accomplished over time. You pray and hope all that’s yours won’t become defiled, tainted, or destroyed. The fear of a subsequent loss trails every new and pleasant gain.
You fear for your life, you fear for your relationship, you fear for your marriage, you fear for your children, you fear for your career, you fear for your business, you fear for your money, you fear for your health and you are daily anxious about all the good things in your life. You want all to remain a source of joy, not of pain or sorrow.
This fear is evidence and proof we lack total power or control over anything as humans.

Lacking absolute control over a world’s system we’re an integral part of is evidence mankind is not the owner of this planet or in charge of this world at large.
There must be a superior force, superior authority and power that is truly in charge and capable of total control of the earth, the world and all the systems therein.

Human nature requires you naturally look up to this superior being with the absolute power of control and charge in this world. You naturally depend on Him with what it takes to keep, protect and preserve the whole world, you and all that is yours.
Such a one is whom the majority of humans seek daily in prayers and religious obligations hoping through a relationship with the maker, we’ll find peace, security and confidence. You hope all you have will be protected and secured when it’s within his trust.

As a religious nation, we are very conscious of divine reality, divine presence and divine intervention.
We are a praying nation, a religious nation and a nation that is quick to ask for divine help and solution to all problems and crisis of life.
God is real, God is true, God is kind, God is loving and very faithful and of course, he loves you too much to desire your downfall or destruction. God can and will provide for you, protect you, secure you and guide you but please permit me to announce to you this morning that the almighty God my dear friend, is not your servant.
The progressive template for this world is largely designed around a purposeful collaboration between humanity and divinity.
To see results in life, humanity has a role to play and divinity has a role to perform. But distorted theology in recent times and popular half-truths encouraging laziness and indolence have unfortunately deluded many – taking away from us that sense of responsibility and obligation in this life. There are many of us today who, as a result of what we suppose is the truth, have relinquished our human responsibilities and handed it over to divinity to perform.

Many of us today, expect God to do for us, what he has designed us to do for ourselves.
Every human being is created with a spirit for inspiration, soul for imagination and the body for activation. The smart combination of these three components of man is what births creativity and solutions to the challenges of life and any nation. Not just prolonged prayers and fasting.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are naturally created for creativity. The purpose of man is to keep improving, upgrading, preserving and managing the creation called earth.
We are to discover, articulate, manipulate and harness the surplus natural provisions on earth by designing and inventing many concepts and articles of solution to make the world a better place. We are designed to create social order, education, science, technology and an efficient economy and many other things to keep improving the world.

I submit our greatest challenge as a nation is that we’ve ignored and abandoned our responsibilities as humans and handed the responsibility back to the maker. We want God to do for us what He has designed us to do for ourselves.
Intelligence, hard work and character I assure you, will solve 90% of our problems as a nation. Unfortunately, many of us are brain lazy; we don’t like to read, we don’t like to think, we don’t want to work hard; many of us are not diligent – we work for money not for real productivity or perfection. Many of us also lack character; we can’t be trusted with cash, valuables or resources, we have a bad reputation, people can’t trust us, hence help and support is cut off. If you can’t be trusted no one will invest in your dreams and ideas no matter how smart and lucrative hence, so many remain broke and stagnant in life.
Instead of applying our spirits, our souls and energies for creativity, deep imaginations and success sustainability, we prefer to pray. We pray to God to come and solve the problems we are daily creating on an individual and collective basis.
As Nigerians, praying to God to come solve problems we are daily creating, multiplying and celebrating with impunity is the height of hypocrisy.

Dear friends, sorry to burst your bubble but God cannot help you if you don’t help yourself by becoming useful and responsible. God cannot help Nigeria until we decide to become more responsible as a people. The key is not really prayers but repentance. We need to change our ways, we need to want the right things and decide to do the right things. Nations that appear to pray less have better results because their behaviors and sense of responsibility are superior to ours.
Ladies and gentlemen, the role of divinity in your life is that of intervention and not servitude. God is not your servant. You must do your job, play your role, work hard and do the needful. Your intelligence and energies are not for decoration. Deploy them. God will not help you do what he’s designed and empowered you to do for yourself. God is not a helper to the lazy or slothful, he blesses and supports the diligent.
Your life is your life, your role is your role, your duty is your duty and your responsibility is your responsibility. God will only intervene to help you when you’re tired, or weak or losing control then he’d withdraw afterwards for you to continue to do your work. That’s why it is called an intervention and not spiritual take over.

Dear friend, your life is yours, your work is yours. Do the right things, work hard, be excellent at what is good, be innocent of evil and divine intervention will be frequent in your life.
Prayer is good, sacrifice is good but obedience is better. Prayer is not the substitute for knowledge, hard work, character, diligence and discipline. Prayer is the revelation key on how to acquire and develop all these.
I know your life is great, I know your life is glorious, something powerful is waiting to happen for you, I know you know down within you; you’re made for more. I know you love God and you’re very religious, devoted and generous in ministry. But as long as you see a servant in God, you may not go far. After you have done all to stand, make sure you stand, and help from your maker will show up just when you need it. Inspiration, imagination, hard work and character are your roles, intervention when necessary is the role of your maker. Dear friend, enjoy the collabo.



  1. Kenneth Ugwu says:

    I have been reading and enjoying your daily-frankly-speaking. It’s a life-change forum. I want to also suggest the possibility of making the audio equivalent of each corresponding daily speaking, This will enable one to listen to any of them at any time of the day.

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