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It was a few minutes past nine PM and he was telling his sons and daughters in law the intriguing story of his life. The good, the bad and very sad ,he was willing to share even in details, more out of a sense of gratitude to God than for them to learn from, but it was equally important they took lessons from his life story as well. It had been a very exciting, but tedious eventful day, his second son and last child got married that day and the last set of guests just left; leaving this 61 years old man, his two sons and two daughters in law alone with him in his bedroom.

For 35 years he’s worked very hard alone, raising his two boys and today the first son is a successful architect, the second a computer engineer. The first son married a medical doctor and his second son on this day married a banker, now he has four successful and upwardly mobile children as it were, despite being a university drop out and a factory worker for 35 years.

Coming from a very poor polygamous background of 3 wives and fourteen children, it was very difficult for this man to afford a university degree, his mum unfortunately, died when he turned fifteen and he had to take care of three younger siblings of his own mum without support from his dad or anywhere else.

At thirty, after so much suffering and struggles, life appeared to bestow favor on him and he married a very beautiful and wealthy fabric merchant who traded in the major market in the city. Because of her hard work, financial support and connections, they became rich, famous, relevant, respected and happy. This man became very comfortable and volunteered to support his wife in her business. They had two boys together, but one sad December, five years after their marriage, the wife was poisoned at the end of year party of cloth merchants in the market. After one full year of being hospitalized and spending everything they had, she died.

He buried his wife after 10 agonizing months in the hospital and as she was lowered into the grave on the day she was buried, this man’s life appeared to just stop. He became extremely depressed and lacked the will, zeal, energy and drive to move on in life. He lost interest in everything, he didn’t want to live anymore. No money, no business, no qualifications, no wife, no friends or good relatives, no promises, no opportunities, no help, no hope. All he had left were two young boys, five years old and three years old, who didn’t really understand much except their mum has gone to be with the Lord.

For almost two years after the burial, this man did nothing with his life. He didn’t want to live anymore, he missed his wife like oxygen, he didn’t care about life or living anymore and several times he considered taking his own life too, but the fact his boys would have no one left to take care of them made it a tough choice.

A kind neighbor who used to be a friend to their mother, took over the care for the boys. She helped with their homework, feeding and paid them a great deal of attention.

After almost two years, this man one day walking along the road saw an advert of vacancies for factory workers in a nearby manufacturing company and decided to apply. A week afterwards he resumed work and his life slowly picked up again when he took on the employment.

According to him, life has disappointed him and he had no dreams, vision, ambition or desire for success, he just wanted to take care of his boys till they became established. He’s worked very hard for over 30 years in the same company as a factory worker for one reason and one reason only – his boys must become successful graduates, and today, his ambition has materialized, not only are his sons graduates, they are now married to two more graduates and today he has four graduates for the price of two.           For Audio Version Click here

Sitting with his two sons and daughters in law telling this story was quite emotional for all of them, and as he concluded his story, tears welled up in the eyes of everyone, and the four graduates approached this 61 years old proud father as he sat on the edge of his bed, and they all gave him big hugs, one after another, then suddenly, there was a loud thunder and lightning as the sound of rain drops was heard on the roof of the building, Hard as life was, this man was unstoppable.

My dear friend, yes, it may be the start of a new year, and based on what you’ve been through and experienced, you’ve lost your will, zeal, passion and desire for dreams, vision, success and accomplishments in life.   You don’t want anything, not excited about anything, not interested in anything.

Due to pain, life has lost its color, thrill, meaning and essence. Nothing makes sense anymore. You’re just taking each day as it comes. You are so unhappy, depressed, frustrated, discouraged and overwhelmed. You feel like giving up on life and throwing in the towel. All I’m saying to you this morning may not be making complete sense but there’s one thing I’ll want you to do, hang in there. Never give up, a brand new day is coming to you I promise you, a great new season is coming your way. Don’t give up. You know why? You are unstoppable. All life has thrown your way and the bad blows you’ve received are not as tough as you are, you are built to last, yes, you have what it takes to soak it in, recover and keep fighting until you win.

Yes you may have lost you highly rewarding and paying job, just hang in there, you are unstoppable, you’ve lost a lot of money and your business has suddenly crumbled, you are still unstoppable, Suddenly the doctor’s report about your health is very unsettling and scary, I tell you this is not your end, it’s just a phase, you will surely overcome because you are unstoppable. Your wife, your husband, a child, a parent, a sibling, a close friend, is in critical health conditions, this may appear too much for you to bear, but just hang in there; you are still unstoppable. So your husband walked away from that marriage without warning and you can’t think of what you did wrong, and it’s killing you, you are still unstoppable. You’ve suddenly lost a loved one to the cold hands of death and your life appeared to have stopped, it all appears like a dream, so not real, you can’t believe it, your life feels over without this person, just hang in there my friend, you will recover, you are still unstoppable. So your lovely wife walked out on you and perhaps dumped you for another person, and the emotional torment is unbearable, don’t lose hope my friend, you shall recover fully because you are unstoppable. After five years, six years or even ten years of being engaged, that lover suddenly says you’re not the one and is walking to the altar with someone else. Ouch! This can be devastating but I promise you, it could be a blessing in disguise and all you need do is hang in there because you’re still unstoppable.

Just hang in there my friend, please don’t give up on yourself as in a short while, even this year your joy is on the way, your happiness is coming, your opportunities are lining up, your bounce back is at hand, you will recover fully, your help is at hand, a new day will dawn for you, your peace, happiness, excitement and passion shall all be restored, your new day will show up.  That helper is coming, something better, superior, fancier, classier, more rewarding and fulfilling is coming your way. You will recover, your loved ones shall recover, your career shall excel, your business will boom. You will do very well, because you are unstoppable. Now say to yourself, I’m unstoppable, I’m unstoppable, I’m unstoppable. I’ll be great, happy; successful and fulfilled, my life shall be glorious. I am unstoppable.

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  1. Apelogun Olugbemiga says:

    Glad to read what is too similar to my life’s story, safe the fact that I am not sixty one yet. The abruptly ended marriage was blessed with two children, a boy and a girl. March 4, 2007 without notice death snatched the love of my life. I was suppose to write Inter Group Exam the following day as undergraduate in penultimate year, University of Lagos. Mr. Afolabi, how I wish I have access to you then or your write up like this, maybe I would have recovered quick. Anyway thank be to God as I have fully recovered now to the glory of God. But I saw the other side of life.God bless you and continue to enrich you with wisdom. Today I worked with Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria at the National office and also pastors a church where I have the privilege of meeting young people for mentoring. Thank you.

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