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As humans, we are naturally designed for growth. As the days go by, we are supposed to change, transform, improve, become stronger, more powerful, more productive; more effective in taking charge and control of our lives and situations.

Naturally, as we eat and drink and stay healthy, we will grow physically. As we get older, we grow physically and become stronger and more mature. As more time goes on, we become really matured and become adults in life.

However, growth for anyone ought not to be only physical, it should also be emotional, psychological and spiritual. Physical growth is easier to achieve through consistency in eating and drinking and staying healthy. Spiritual, emotional and psychological growth, however, does not come through eating and drinking. It requires certain exposures, experiences and conditioning for inner growth to occur.

There are many physical adults, who are but children emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. On the outside, they look matured and strong, in physical age they are not young, but the person inside the physical body is still very young and timid.

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Growth in life is both external and internal. As you age, physical and reproductive energy is sourced from the physical part of the body.  Idea energy, creative energy, productivity energy and resourcefulness energy are however sourced from the inner-man; the invisible you.

If you keep growing physically and you don’t grow the inner you, you will consequently develop a lopsided personality. The outer you will misrepresent the inner you. You will end up an adult, but thinking, acting, reasoning and responding like a child.

Why do most people grow faster on the outside than on the inside? Why do people eventually become more physically mature than their inner person? I’ll tell you.

Your inner man is not designed to just grow automatically, your inner man is designed to grow through challenges and tests. For your physical nature, when you’re old enough to walk for instance, you walk, when you’re old enough to talk, you talk. For the inner you, it does not come with age or time, it comes with exposure and experience. If you’re not exposed to some things, you will never grow in some areas no matter your age. If you do not experience some things, you will never grow in that area no matter how old you are. Physical growth comes with time, inner man growth comes with exposure and experience.

A 25-year-old married woman with four children has an exposure and an experience a forty-year-old single lady does not have. There are many things the forty-year-old woman can learn from the 25-year-old mother of four in life despite being older in age.

Ladies and gentlemen, there are some experiences you should have garnered, and some exposures you should have relished but you never did because you decided to avoid them hence, you never grew in that area of your life.

Avoiding certain exposures and experiences in life could be based on certain factors including nurture, upbringing, religious beliefs, fear of failure, pain of failure, negative and destructive criticism, errors of parents, personal mistakes and a dysfunctional mindset.

Based on so many negative gist, and intimidating news, the courage to do what is essential for your inner growth to happen, diminished and in fact vanished, hence you’ve remained a child inside, lacking the experience and exposure for required inner growth.

When you attempt some things as a young person and you fail woefully, your confidence is challenged and it’s likely you shy away permanently from a repeat of the attempt that failed, and other attempts you’re afraid could fail. Shying away from tough and hard situations, experiences and exposures in life stagnates the growth of your inner person. You will remain emotionally, spiritually and psychologically young on the inside. On the outside you’ll look like you can handle tough stuff, on the inside, you will lack the real capacity to handle the stuff, you’ll still be too young inside to deal with hard stuff.

In our society today, I see too many physical adults who are still children on the inside. They lack the required self-confidence and inner maturity to handle great stuff in life. Sadly, instead of enduring the tough and hard exposure and experience that will grow them internally, they keep avoiding these tough stuff because they have an escapist mentality. They avoid and run away from tough stuff.

You see too many children in adult bodies today want to be rich and successful but unfortunately lack the exposure and experience that ought to have developed their inner capacity for this, hence they can’t truly succeed; they can’t be rich.

Too many people in their twenties and thirties even forties today can’t work or retain an employment because it is a child that is hidden inside that twenty-something or thirty something-year-old body. The maturity required to work hard and earn is missing, it was never developed. Instead of developing this inner capacity while in school for instance, they obtained grades, scores and certificates through illegal and corrupt means. They never earned it. Some bribed with money or gifts, some offered flesh and gender favours, some stole the results; they did not sit down, work hard to really study and pass, hence they have a certificate, but not through hard work, they didn’t develop their inner being to work hard to earn stuff.

Many of them didn’t know there is an inner being in them that develops the capacity for hard work as they study and read hard for exams, they assumed it’s just about grades and a certificate, so today they have the certificate but lack the inner maturity, strength of character and discipline to work hard consistently.

Because they are children on the inside and adults on the outside, because the inner person is not grown and built tough enough to earn good money, many young people have resolved to keep using the physical maturity to earn in despicable ways. That’s why today, a lot of young ladies are exchanging gender favors for cash from both young and very old men. A lot of young guys too are scammers or engage voodoo for sudden wealth. These kids in adult bodies lack what it takes, the discipline, capacity and maturity it takes to work and earn.

What is the implication of this? When gender favors or scamming is applied in a bid to make money, no matter how much is made, there is no satisfaction or fulfillment that comes with it for them. The aristo money and the yahoo plus money or scam money or stolen money brings no satisfaction or dignity or pride. People with such monies never feel rich no matter how much they have. This is because being rich is an attitude, a feeling, a consciousness not necessarily a bank balance. So these people have money but are still mentally poor and broke in their psyche or soul. They feel like impostors, they feel unworthy and undeserving, they feel unqualified for the money they have, the money is like hot coal to their soul; so they spend quickly and lavishly and waste it on useless things. Why? Because there is something called the torment of success. When you hold on to things that you didn’t earn, a special torment comes upon your soul and you will quickly want to do away with that money, possession or substance.  The righteous spirit of success, prosperity and true riches will torment your soul until you release that which you did not earn appropriately.

Dear friend, change your mind. Learn how to work to earn, there is no shortcut to success, success is earned not taken or stolen. Hard work will grow the inner you and mature you, hence you will feel entitled and at peace with whatever you earn. Hard work grows your inner being and qualifies you for riches without sorrow. Do it right, work, earn, grow, be happy, be peaceful, grow your inner man.

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  2. Stephen Oladipupo says:

    This message is the foundational to all areas of life.
    It is very important to understand it before any other thing
    Thank you Muyiwa Afolabi, Thank you Frontiers Consulting.

  3. Shobande Segun says:

    I really cherish today’s talk. It’s a tool for individual development, family development, group development, firm’s development and then nation’s growth and development. You’re sincerely impacting positively.
    Thank you Mr. Muyiwa.

  4. Jamiekazi says:

    True talk….. My 9am Motivator.

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