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It’s alarming the number of individuals who today are not living the lives they want but the lives dictated to them by situations and circumstances.

Many today are living lives far inferior to what they dreamed of and wanted for themselves. Many today are not enjoying their lives; many are just enduring their lives, they endure one day at a time and they have more cloudy days, sad days, problem-filled days, and sorrowful days and rarely, happy and exciting days. True happiness for many is rare and occasional.

The experience of a life not so amazing or interesting have, however, pushed many into perpetual anger, frustration and bitterness.

They hate successful people, can’t stand the achievement of others and get irritated by the success stories of people they know. They have become envious, jealous, covetous and wicked. They always anticipate and wait for the downfall of others and they love to spread bad news and hardly rejoice at good news.

They blame everyone and every situation for their life quality and exonerate themselves from any blame. They reject any responsibility and nothing is ever their fault.

Dear friend, life is not and has never been a bed of roses for anyone; rich, poor, old young, male or female. There is no preferential treatment in life irrespective of your gender, colour, tribe, appearance, gifts and morals. Life deals blow every now and again at anyone; everyone goes through in life.

I have seen young people hurt and I have seen very old people weep, I have seen very intelligent and good-looking young people commit suicide and I have seen newborn with incurable diseases. I have seen physically challenged people become millionaires and I have seen many very healthy people beg for a living. I have seen good people die suddenly and I have seen the wicked live very long, I have seen lonely widows less than thirty years of age and I have seen middle age women birthing babies for their fourth husband, I have seen women abandon and throw away their babies and I have seen many women go through very despicable things just to conceive.

Dear friend, I want you to realize this morning that life is not against you, life is just what it is – life!

Until you learn to embrace and accept life for what it is, you may likely spend the rest of your life in mediocrity, bitterness, frustration and great fear.

You must understand that living a good and fulfilled life can only come by your attitude to life. What you focus on and how you react to challenges and setbacks will inform your level of excitement, enthusiasm and peace of mind.

Peace in this world is not the absence of challenges or pain; it is a product of understanding and faith in a better tomorrow. Every time you give room to fear, you lose your peace, every time you give room to anger, vengeance, and bitterness, you lose your peace.

Without a doubt, many of us have had very painful experiences and set-backs in life. We have been traumatized by very tough and disappointing situations. People, events, and circumstances have badly dealt with us in ways that are not easily forgettable. Some of us have experienced great losses, in material possessions, relationships; death of a loved one, loss of physical abilities through accidents or sicknesses, and today those experiences have totally nullified our ability to progress and attain new heights in life.

These past experiences have become baggage and heavy burdens we are not willing to lay down or let go but rather; we make the big reason why we have become mediocre and failures in life.

We are quick to tell everyone or sad story and terrible experience to win empathy and understanding, we are not willing to move ahead and allow the hurt to propel us into greater achievements and feats.

Can I drop this on you my friend, even the most successful of all men had very tough situations they had to go through and overcome to become successful, no man in life has it all easy.

I’ve often heard it said that sorrow is the real fuel of champions, real champions are energized by the pain they go through and hurt they suffer. To be great my friend you must learn to endure hardship like a good soldier, you must fight to win your battles; a winner doesn’t turn his back on the enemy, a winner confronts the enemy and defeats the enemy despite all injuries, affliction and pain.

My dear friend I’ll want to encourage you this morning to let go of your past; the hurt, pain, failures, disappointments, and let downs. Take attention away from what you cannot do to what you can now do, there is always something you can still do to make your life exciting, enjoyable and worthwhile, look ahead into a new season of joy, peace and gladness, whose architect is not fate, but you, redesign your future, give your life another chance for beauty, glamour, excitement and pleasure.

I’ll like to share with you steps to reinventing your life; getting rid of the past and achieving new found goals and purposes.

  1. Redirect your life. Where exactly are you going with your life? Are you lost in your life’s journey? is your life now a big jungle and you can’t seem to find your way through and you’ve settled to just living every day as it comes without direction and purpose? Dear friend, it’s time to redirect your life, set new goals and destinations for you. Tell you where you want to go, why you want to go and when you intend to reach. Redirect your life towards something that you’re passionate about and you believe in. This will automatically activate the law of substitution in your mind; you will think less of your past and pain and think more of your future and your enthusiasm and excitement would return.
  2. Offload. It is time to take out of your life no matter how it hurts; those things and people that weigh you down. If they are people that are a part of your life permanently, cease to make them a priority. Don’t let their manipulation, sentiments and attitude get to you anymore. Ignore them, focus on you and your happiness. Cease to have expectations from them, help them if and when you can but detach emotionally form them. Unburden your life; get rid of the weight and unwanted load. Feel light feel free.
  3. Pursue who and what you’ll need on this new journey. In this new journey what kind of skills, knowledge, experience and association would be useful? Don’t think you know it all or can do it alone, seek for support mentally and psychologically, visit people and sites that can help and guide you into your new found life.
  4. Lastly, plan your journey, set goals; long and short-term goals, let these goals be measurable and time-bound and attempt to always beat your own deadlines.

Dear friend, break away from a life that is unpleasant and unpleasable, a bad day is forever a bad day you can never do anything about it. Make sure you have much more better days and resolve to enjoy every single day of your life, you deserve to be happy my friend, Its actually up to you, you know; do something today my friend, give your life a fresh chance. Enjoy your day.


  1. oseni says:

    Hello sir
    A number of your posts do not have its audio present and its the delight of a few visually impaired challenges

  2. Nkechi says:

    Indeed, life is what it is – life. There is no regular pattern or formular for life. Our attitude and reactions to what happens to us matters a lot. I enjoyed the writeup. More grease.

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