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The quest of all men daily is joy, peace and comfort. We all wake up daily seeking what we believe would guarantee our happiness, our peace and our comfort in life.

We want good clothes, we want good food; we want good homes, great relationships, security of our lives, our loved ones and our properties. We want to be socially secured, relevant not relegated, subjugated or made to feel less important to others.

We are all searching for ways to make our lives worth living; getting all we want and having all we need, we want a great life so we work very hard, think very hard and study so hard for daily answers.

The reason why this is our way as mankind is because the system of this world itself does not by nature support survival and success for mankind. The natural state of life is dangerous, destructive, depriving and devastating to mankind.

To make this clear let me explain it, if you give birth to a baby today and abandon the baby without care and attention, nature will kill the baby. If you don’t feed the baby, nurse the baby and protect the baby, nature will kill the baby.

If you build an apartment and abandon it without care and maintenance, nature will destroy it, if you cultivate a farmland and abandon it without working it and caring for the plants, nature will prevent it from yielding good harvest for you. If you don’t feed yourself, take care of your health, protect and provide for yourself, nature will kill you.

Nature by design works against the ambition and desire of mankind to survive, thrive and prosper, hence, hard work and effort on the part of mankind to survive in this world have become compulsory, if not mankind would cease to exist. We must work to remain alive, we must as mankind work out our survival daily. Hmm.

Needless to say our world today is full of too many people talking, nagging, debating, complaining, protesting, accusing, judging and blaming everyone and every institution for the deprivation, pain, hurt and distress in this world.

On  TV, on radio, on social media, the newspaper, magazines, social gatherings, everywhere people meet and congregate, the debate, discussion and matters arising has to do with the problems and challenges in this world, who is responsible, who should be held accountable and how we can solve the problems.

We have collectively and individually ignored the reality that we live in a natural world of trouble for mankind and each one must work and do the right thing for there to be individual and collective peace and prosperity. Most of us do nothing about this situation, we just look for who and what to blame.

It’s really amazing to see individuals argue passionately and logically about what is not in place and who is to blame. I observe all these and it really gets me thinking.

You see, in as much as it is important and sensible to discuss our issues and challenges and hold people accountable and responsible in life, I think the most important place to ignite the fire of true change, improvement and transformation in our world is from within ourselves as individuals.

For you to confidently judge and condemn anyone not acting well nor behaving appropriately, you need that moral credential yourself. It is hypocritical to insensitively judge, criticise and condemn others for the same weakness or misconduct we carry. The last person under our searchlight when playing the blame game and judging is always ourselves.

We are so quick to cry foul and ring the alarm for the sins and crimes of others not because we don’t commit the same crimes or sins but because we are yet to be discovered.

Thieves calling thieves, thieves, Adulterers calling adulterers, adulterers, cheats calling cheats, cheats; wicked people calling others wicked, liars calling others liars, disloyal, pretentious, mischievous traitors accusing others of same.

You steal from your company, from your employer, from your congregation, you cheat friends and anyone unfortunate to fall into your trap, yet you’re loud and in the forefront of criticising government officials and accusing politicians of corruption.

A civil servant, an employee appointed and entrusted to deliver good service to the people, to clients and customers, yet would refuse to do the job until he’s bribed.

A fuel attendant at a filling station would refuse to sell fuel to desperate citizens until he is bribed, a PA would refuse innocent value seekers access to the boss until he is bribed, a security man wouldn’t let you access or park your car until he is bribed, a boss refusing to promote a female subordinate until she succumbs to his sexual advances, many pastors and spiritual leaders exploiting their congregation, telling half-truths and threatening and scaring members to bring all their hard earned money for God to be pleased, yet they spend these contributions on luxurious and lavish living not caring for the poor, the needy, victims of abuse, rehabilitating and reintegrating ex-prisoners, ex-drug addicts or prostitutes, no support for displaced Nigerian refugees due to terrorism, no investment in research into cancer or AIDS,  no small business financing for congregation members; some of them build educational facilities too expensive for the congregation who contributed the money to afford. Where then is the love, where exactly is the moral credentials to criticise others in position of responsibility and authority?

Dear friend, I want you to focus on yourself today, focus on your life, if everyone in this world were like you in attitude, thinking and behaviour would we all still be here?

If all men were like you, would there be trust in the world, can you be trusted with anything? If all men were like you, would there be truth in this world? If all men were like you would there be love, care attention in this world? If all men were like you, would the poor still exist? If all men were like you, would there be loyalty in this world, can anyone go to bed trusting you today that you’ve got their back? If all men were like you would there be humility in this world? If all men were like you would there be peace in this world? If all men were like you would there be answers, solutions, creativity, or complaints, nagging, criticism and blames?

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If all men were like you would there be kindness in this world? If all men were like you would there be opportunities for others to prosper and become rich also? If all men were like you would there be openness and sincerity in this world or the world would be full of drama and pretence?

If all men were like you would the wealth of the world go round or everyone would be about more for themselves alone?

Let’s bring this closer, all the things you’ve done and you’re still doing as a lady, would you pray your daughter does exactly the same with her life? The way you treat and deal with others, will you pray for the same treatment for your own children?

My gentleman, all the women you’ve slept with and still sleeping with, would you clap for your wife if she matches your record in number and spends for other men? All you’re doing with other women, can you handle it if your wife is doing the same with other men?

The way you deal and handle ladies out there, will you be proud if your daughter was treated the same way? Would you be happy with your daughter if she’s sleeping with a man your age mate or probably older than you are as you are sleeping with ladies her age? Are you sure she’s not? You reap what you sow o!

Can you imagine a world with no creativity, no intelligence, no solutions, no knowledge, no fairness, no kindness, no compassion, no progress, no joy, no peace and no hope simply because you perhaps lack all these and everyone in the world is like you?

Dear friends, we’ve criticised others enough, we’ve condemned others enough, we can talk, yes, we are logical yes, we see all the evil and bad others are doing, yes its true, they’ve been wicked, insensitive, selfish, mean and deserving of condemnation, maybe it’s about time you subject yourself to the same measure of criticism and judgement. How are you too?

The world cannot be better if you don’t become better. In everyone becoming better, we create a better world. It is in a better you, that a better world is birthed.

Work on yourself to become the world you desire to see. Do unto others as you’ll want them to do unto you. Judge yourself, so that you’ll not be judged.

I assume many listeners may this morning not be very excited about this message, but my job is not to keep you happy and excited in captivity and mediocrity, my purpose is to inspire you to become a better you; enjoying true freedom and living a fulfilled life. You must conquer your world, you have all it takes my friend.

Always ask this question each time you want to do something, if everyone did it, would the world be better or worse? Enjoy your day.

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