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It’s only natural for every normal person to have dreams in life. We all have dreams, some great, others average and some others regular everyday dreams. Some want to be very great in life, some want to lead nations, or build business empires, create enormous wealth and leave a lasting universal legacy. Some want to rise to the very top of their careers as MDs or CEOs of big corporations or establishments, and some just want to live a good life, pay bills conveniently, train kids in good schools, retire and live a quiet and peaceful life. All these are dreams and I believe most of us have dreams.

These dreams, be it big ones or regular ones serve to inspire and motivate us into everyday work and action. We get employed or start a business as a means through which we can fulfil our dreams. We toil and endure hardship daily in order to secure the means through which we can pay the price for the dreams.

In the process of pursuing and building our dreams, however, we face numerous and frequent challenges, we face resistance both natural and supernatural, we face unnecessary competition and rivalry, we experience disappointments, betrayals and setbacks, we are sometimes hard pressed on every side, we are pressured, discouraged and even tempted to give up, but the power of these dreams, the fear of lack and the fear of failure keep us going and the eventual joy of success keeps us in the fight and battle all the way to the end.

However, many of us based on the commitment to our dreams and the determination to succeed become entirely consumed by the dream and make our dreams our essence and purpose in life. We lose ourselves and lose our essence in the desperation to fulfil the dreams.

We wake up every day with our dreams on our minds and our minds on our dreams. And we gradually begin to conclude living is all about fulfilling our set goals and dreams in life.

Ladies and gentlemen, are you passionately chasing your dreams today? Are you determined to accomplish that dream you carry so dearly in your heart? You want the plum job desperately, you want the promotion desperately, you want to become the CEO desperately, you want the promotion, the elevation, the appointment the confirmation- you want to be boss as quickly as possible.

Or you want the business to grow and become great in good time. You’re investing more time, energy, money, sweat, and everything necessary into that business so as for it to grow and become mega as quickly as possible.

Oh, you want that position, you want to win the election, you want to become a senator, a governor, a president you desperately want the position, you’re throwing everything at it – hoping nothing will stop you this time.

Or, you just want that decent life, that life free from borrowing, you want enough money to pay your bills, raise your kids with, send them to great schools, produce employable graduates, see to it, they settle down in happy marriages, retire quietly and enjoy the latter years of your life in peace.

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We all are chasing something we all are after something and our lives are automatically patterned presently after that which has become important to us and most precious to us.

But have you realized life is greater and more grandeur than your dreams? The purpose and essence of life is far more than just your dreams. Yes, it’s natural and human to dream, but that is not the real purpose why you live.

That is why we naturally feel this sense of emptiness and nothingness after accomplishing any goal pursued vigorously. For those who have in time past pursued a goal of perhaps a dream job, a dream house, buying a dream car, or entering that dream marriage, you’ll realize once you achieve the dream, after a short while, the satisfaction and gratification evaporates, it ceases to be a source of perpetual joy and accomplishment, the excitement fades, the achievement becomes bland and as usual and it becomes a normal, very normal part of your everyday living. It fails to bring the satisfaction you thought it would, and the void you think it would fill is still there within your soul.

And over time, that perhaps 40 million naira car becomes just another car, that 250 million naira home becomes just your home, the 250k shoe becomes just another shoe, the 500k phone becomes just another phone, and even though you’re paid millions as salary every month, there are days you don’t want to go to the office and you feel like quitting. That dream job has become just another employment.

All you’ve dreamt about, pursued, sacrificed for and accomplished ultimately can’t make you happy and provides no perpetual fulfilment, you still feel empty, void and dissatisfied with life after everything you’ve achieved.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s good to have dreams and accomplish them but believe me, your life is more in value than your dreams. Dreams are there to make your life fun, adventurous and exciting but, dear friend, that; is not the reason for your existence.

You see, a life that is entirely about personal dreams is self-serving in a way and a self-serving mentality leads to frustration and emptiness all the way. Humans are not designed to just accumulate, we are ultimately designed to disseminate.

The earth is designed to be managed and maintained by mankind. Every human including you, are created with something within, an ability, a capacity to contribute to the improvement, enhancement, and progress of the earth and the world’s system.

Your choice to identify a problem, a need, a gap and a situation that needs attention and your acts in meeting that need is what brings you fulfilment and satisfaction, not your personal achievements, accomplishment or acquisitions.

Dear friend, please here me today, your joy, satisfaction and fulfilment can only come when you genuinely and sincerely solve problems for others in this world. When you bring love, joy, comfort, succour, relief, happiness and solution to other humans, you will consequently enjoy plenty of it yourself.

Dear friend, this is your essence, it is superior to your dreams.

Check through history, many people with great dreams but lacking in essence, they never found fulfilment and despite their fame and wealth and popularity, most became depressed, lonely and sad, hence took to drugs, alcohol, debauchery, indecency, wild behaviors and many became suicidal. Some even took their own lives.

Despite being rich and having no financial troubles of any kind, when you are done achieving your personal dreams but have lost your essence in life, you become unhappy, depressed, lonely, and needy.

The gold, the fancy cars, the clothes, the big house, the fame, the fat bank account can never replace your essence in life. When you achieve your dreams but lose your essence you’ve missed your purpose. And a life without purpose is an opportunity misused.

I submit people don’t commit suicide because they are in trouble, or frustrated, or depressed, people mostly take their own lives when they see no reason to remain alive. Their personal dreams, desires, ambition, needs ego and pride would blind them towards the needs of the world, the needs of other people, what they have to offer and why they need to give.

Dear friend, you want to really be happy and satisfied all life long, recognize your essence, identify a problem or gap in this world with humanity you’re passionate about and begin to do something about it. The whole creation, eagerly awaits your manifestation, that great answers to life’s challenges you carry within, it’s time to birth it out and be glad. In this life you’re born pregnant with solutions and answers to the needs of humanity, don’t miscarry your purpose in life. Bring it forth.

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