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Like I’d always say, your attitude is a product of your upbringing. Who you are today; the total sum of your behavior, good, bad, average and many of your habits are a product of your nature and your nurture.

You were born with a blank mindset. No bias, no subjectivities, no opinions, no views, no judgments, no controversies. You were born with a plain and perfect mindset.

Your environment and those that raised you however made impressions on you and began to set your mindset, through principles, reward and punishment, cultures, traditions, values and social pressure. These people set your mindset, your mind was set; that’s why it’s called a mindset.

Attitudes are not automatic, attitudes are not formed or shaped in a vacuum; your attitude today is a total sum product of influence.

You act and react today based on all influencing factors including family, friends, experiences, exposures, education and encounters.

Many today exhibit an extreme influence of academic knowledge, some keep acting out what they’ve seen on TV or heard on radio or consumed on social media. Many today have formed attitudes by imitating people they love, admire or have observed for a long while. Our attitude generally today is a product of influence.

Every company in reality is about the people. It’s not the logo, the nature of business, the location of the business or anything different from the behavior, mindset and character of the people.

Many successful companies today; admired by rivals and coveted by employment applicants is purely about how the employees have represented the company to the public.

That’s why in reputation, equity, value and respect, companies are not equal even if they operate within the same industry.

Organizations don’t make themselves, employees make organizations and the attitude of the workforce of any organization determines the brand equity, the respect and reputation of that company.

How people perceive an organization is directly related to how they perceive the workforce of the organization.

Many of us today look at our lives and circumstances and desire to see improvements and great progress. Today many Nigerians keep crying, clamoring and advocating for major improvement in our socio-economic life.

We keep speaking and advocating as though this transformation we seek is something that can be purchased off the shelf somewhere. The fact is, the improvement we all desire to see, starts from our resolve as individuals to improve as well.

How then do we achieve individual transformation and growth so as to experience collective transformation and prosperity?

My dear friend, I believe you know what your weaknesses are and many times you would have made attempts to change especially some very destructive and retrogressive habits but find it rather difficult.

Truth is, a habit or attitude at times can be very difficult to drop or unlearn if all the influencing factors are still within and around you.

I always say as easy as it is to learn a bad habit is as easy as it is to drop if you take the right steps. To illustrate, for a non-drinker and a non-smoker, it’s just a matter of time for such a one to probably begin to drink and smoke if he decides to associate strictly and regularly with drinkers and smokers. His association and location makes it very easy to pick up such a habit, it’s just a matter of time.

Dear friend, If you really want to see real growth and progress in your life, you must improve personally.

You must resolve and make up your mind that this year, you’re winning, you’re breaking free, your overcoming those bad habits that have slowed you down and even stagnated you for years. You must we willing to take on the growth challenge and ensure you indeed grow.

Here are a few things you can do that will help you accomplish that desire to improve your attitude or habits this year, they are as follows:

  1. Change your environment.

Truth is many of us have been held back and slowed down by our environment. Where you live and where you work have actually boxed you into a particular pattern of thinking and perception. In this life, you can hardly appreciate, value, or pursue what you can’t see. You can’t dream or see beyond your exposure.

Truth is where you work can limit your income and quality of life irrespective of your hard-work and knowledge.

Where you live can also affect the kind of vision, dreams and desires you’ll have. Environment makes a man, improve your environment.

  1. Change who and what you listen to. Words are very powerful, you actually become what you listen to everyday. If a lie is well put together and repeatedly told, with time it will appear like the truth.

Information can form you, deform, you, reform you or transform you. Information is very powerful. The value of any information is in its ability to improve you

  1. Thirdly, enhance your self-image, get exposed and go after new experiences.

You must resolve to learn new things to become better; you must look at you and decide to improve in knowledge. You can enhance your self-image by enhancing what you know. What you know reflects who you are. Get knowledge.

  1. Fourthly, change your association.

The friendships you keep, the people around you can raise you or disgrace you. With bad associates most times come envy, jealousy, gossip, spite, evil rivalry and competition. Evil plot, disdain, quarrels and enmity is common if your association is bad. All these will distract you in life. Change your bad association.

Ladies and gentlemen, to see a new and improved you, you must improve all your influencing factors, you are a product of influence, to be better, get influenced by better things, better environment and better people.

This is basically how to reconstruct your attitude.


  1. Afolabi Oluwatobi says:

    Hmmmn! wise words. God bless you more.

  2. OBIFATHER says:

    Thank you very much sir. I learn something new everyday through this motivational posts. May God grant me the required grace to apply them to my life.
    God bless you sir!

  3. Again thank you Muyiwa. i learn every time i ready your inspiring write up and always looking forward to it.God bless you the more. Amen

  4. Sunday usha says:

    You have opened my eyes, many thanks to you sir

  5. Michael Olukokun says:

    Sir, your writes up is inspiring. Am learning new things every day

  6. ADEMIJU DAYO says:

    This is great and inspiring, God bless you sir.

  7. Kingsley says:

    I drive joy from knowing that any day I visit your blog I have a million worth of information to digest. thank u very much for motivating me…

  8. Felix Famous says:

    This Is Psychological Uplifting Nature And Nuture Indeed Restructure Our Attitude In This Way We Reconstruct Our Attitude In Positive Light Following The Above Stated Point Above. Great Write Up,

  9. Oluwatosin says:

    We are responsible for our tomorrow wether we like it or not…. Muyi, many thanks.

  10. Iko Victor says:

    Great to get this timely Words. Im much motivated. For Bless u Sir with more grace.

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