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As humans we are naturally designed as tripartite beings. We all have our bodies, souls and spirits. The spirit is the source of existence, the soul is the power of existence and the body is the container for existence. These three must be present and must operate together correctly for a human being to be well, active and functional. These three must be catered, developed, protected and deployed for any life to record any reasonable degree of success.

The world we live in is designed by the almighty to function and succeed at the level of three dimensions. All physical substances can be viewed at maximum three dimensions at the same time, anything more is impossible.

The earth and the world are powered in three dimensions, the earth is the third planet from the sun; and the formation is land, sea and firmament, hence most innovations and inventions that will succeed and perform are designed and controlled in three dimensions. Three critical aspects must combine correctly for there to be a success with anything in this life.

Dear friend, your soul is the most important factor in determining your success or otherwise in life. A man’s life can only prosper in relation to how his soul prospers. Your true prosperity in life is according to how your soul prospers. Your life cannot experience what your soul has not experienced. If it doesn’t happen at the level of your soul, it can never manifest in your physical world.

It is your soul content that powers your physical manifestation in this life. If your soul is weak, your outcomes in life will be weak. If you’re broke in your soul, you’ll be broke in life, if you’re afraid in your soul it will reflect in your life.

You see, your soul also operates in a tripartite format – meaning a three-dimensional format. Your soul comprises your mind, your will, and your emotions.  These three must also function together and correctly for you to have great results and excel in life. Your mind conceives, your emotions empower and your will performs.

Many people struggle and fail in life though they have very active, educated and well-informed minds but they have very weak and negative emotions. Some have great minds, powerful emotions but lack the willpower to do or perform. It’s one thing to know, it’s one thing to think but it’s entirely a different ball game, getting up to do and to remain at it till the results show.

Your mind, your emotions and your willpower must be in place and be correctly blended to see results in life. Many of us fail because we don’t know or understand this very powerful principle for great results and manifestation.

In my opinion, education powers our minds, religion, and relationships power our emotions but unfortunately, I do not see any platform or concept driving our will to do anything in Nigeria. Nothing apparently imparts the discipline for action and results in Nigeria.

We are brilliant, we can talk, we can analyze, we can criticize; we can argue, we can jaw-jaw, oh we have people with brilliant minds. Hence, we can come up with brilliant, realistic, applicable concepts and ideas that will transform this country and our lives.

We can pray, yes! we can fast 100 days straight, we can give to God and make donations to ministries, we can give out cars, land and everything, we can offer all sorts; dance offering, praise concerts, vigils back to back, oh yes we have it, hence we can be charged up sustainably through emotions.

Our big problem, however, is the willpower to do what it takes. I’ve tried in my own capacity to study, monitor and understand Nigeria and Nigerians. I’ve studied our history, observed the present and researched governments and people and in my submission, I’m not sure Nigerians truly want a better country, I think Nigerians just want to enjoy.  In my opinion, we talk of a better nation, we pray for a better nation but we really don’t want to do what it takes to build a better nation. Many people are asking questions why many things are not working but the little they have charge over, they are mismanaging and failing at it as well.

The success and greatness of any nation are achieved more through individual commitment, participation, performance and delivery, and these collective results deliver the general great result.

I think we are not doing really well as a nation because the majority just love to talk, pray and do nothing but wait on a very few to do everything. Corruption, inefficiency, wastage, mediocrity is rife and perhaps overwhelming in Nigeria because their source is not from one corner but from most people and places. The pain and frustration experienced as a nation is hence, a collective consequence not the ineptitude or failure of a few through history and till date.

Most of us are perhaps selfish, unpatriotic and laid back, in fact, if the government decides to place a million naira on every doorstep some will still complain about why they did not bring it into their bedrooms.

In my opinion, based on what I’ve observed, some of us are just wired like that. We talk, we pray but have zero will to do the right and necessary.

Why is this so you may ask? It’s simply because the tripartite combination of our minds, will and emotions are not correctly blended. The weakest, being our power to do and the diciest being our emotional stamina.

Dear friend, what can you handle? What are you willing to commit to and do despite all odds? Are you willing to sacrifice enjoyment for right and great results? What do you wish for, what do you pray for, can you work for it? Do you want to earn it or wish another will do the work while you rest and eat the fruit?

Can you endure the hardship for success, so as to let go the hardship experienced due to lack and failure?

How powerful are you emotionally? How strong is your willpower? What do you want to endure? Are you just a talkative prayer warrior? Or a brilliant, committed hardworking performer? Are you sensitive and emotional or you’re mature, strong and responsible?

I may not know what you’re going through right now, and I may not understand how complicated things are, but I assure you, solutions will never come by being a fantastic analyst of problems or a good resource person for solutions if you or anyone else wouldn’t do the work required for solutions to manifest.

If you want something to change or happen for you, you must do something. It may be hard, tough, daunting, challenging and even costly emotionally, but the solution to every problem and challenge is in actions. Dear friend, what is that important thing you’re still not doing? What are the minor easier things you’ve made your primary tasks because they’re convenient?

I’m sorry, that is not how to win in life. It’s time to combine your mind, your emotions and the will to do for your soul power to find expression in your physical life.

Dear friend, it is time to get up and do something. Knowledge is not enough, wisdom is not enough, feelings can’t accomplish anything; it is what you do that brings the change you want. Dear friend, its action time.


  1. Eloka says:

    Nice write-up Sir, We really do do a lot of talking in this country but very few want to get it done, sad but true

  2. Yomi says:

    Great piece Muyiwa.

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