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So it was the third of the sad breaking news about teenagers committing suicide I’ll be saddened about in just 2 weeks. All happening in different parts of the country. 15 year olds, 16 year olds  taking their own lives. For what nau?

So the subject was up for discussion on one of the whatsApp groups I belong to, and the summary of the discussion is that, it is the situation in the country that is responsible and we should intensify prayers for our teenagers as it seems like the devil is now after our teens. As usual, everybody seemed to concur, I had a different opinion though, but I said nothing; it wasn’t necessary.

It seems to me that every time an issue arises that would require critical analysis and thinking, followed by requisite action to put an end to it, our lack of will to think hard and take necessary actions is what makes us quickly put the blame where it’s convenient and use “let us pray” to end the discussion and leave the matter still hanging dangerously.

We love to involve divinity in matters common sense and right actions can resolve. But being mostly people who are outwardly religious, brain lazy and fearful, we prefer to pray.

In my opinion, Satan is not after anybody, Satan is after everybody and if he has all the power to do as he wills, the entire human race would have long been destroyed without a trace. Satan cannot force anyone to do what they do not want to do, life is a matter of choices and consequences, not satanic forces. Placed before every human is that option of darkness and light, life and death, unfortunately, many prefer darkness to light, as their deeds are mostly evil. And many also prefer to choose death as the way of death looks right, easy, pleasurable and appealing unto man. Also many elevate the potency of Satan over the supremacy of God almighty, and what you strongly believe works for you.  Secondly, I’m still trying to link teens committing suicide with the situation in the country as insinuated in the group. The way some of us analyze and conclude on matters sometimes is disturbing.

Ladies and gentlemen, being suicidal is an ailment of the mind. It’s an outcome of mind injury caused by certain unpleasant experiences or situations. A continuous dwelling and meditation on this negative experience or situation however, leads to depression and eventually suicide if not checked by an expert – a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

A healthy mind is a productive mind, an injury free mind is a creative mind. A sound mind is an unlimited and an unrestricted mind. Unfortunately, many of us today are injured in our minds, we’ve opened our minds up to damaging information through what we choose to see, read, watch and listen to every day. The quality of your life reflects the condition of your mind; that’s why it is wise to guard your heart with all diligence.  Protect your mind from information capable of depositing fear, insecurity, anxiety, tension, helplessness, failure, confusion, low self-worth and poverty into your mind. If these information fill your mind richly, it will naturally find expression in your life. Nothing happens in your life without first finding a comfortable place in your mind. Your mind controls your life. As you think daily, so will your life turn out eventually.

In frustration and despair a colleague at my workplace last week began to lament about the despicable lifestyle of so many young people in Nigeria today. Many young people hate hard work, they have no dreams of their own, no commitment or passion for anything except quick money and a high sense of entitlement, and they are willing to do very despicable and deadly things to come by sudden wealth.

Many young people are into rituals, she continued to allege and lament, many young beautiful ladies are into gender favors for cash returns – no vision, no skills, no commitment, no capacity or will to learn or grow in anything. Everything for most of them appears too stressful, all they want is the latest phones, hair, shoes, clothes, bags, watches, jewelry, cars, party, clubs and foreign trips.  And many are willing to do almost anything and afterwards, post their so called reward and achievements on social media, and go to religious gatherings to impress and oppress. She concluded by saying she weeps for the future of this country.

I said nothing. And as I sat in my living room watching national geography later on that same evening, I saw on television a documentary on how seven weather satellites currently orbit the earth and how smart young scientist are building and monitoring these satellites. And among these young scientist was a Nigerian, in his early thirties.

Then I began to research and I discovered thousands of young Nigerians doing great things all over the world in the fields of medicine, academia, invention, robotics, info tech, entertainment, legal practice, architecture and entrepreneurship in the US, UK, Germany, France, Russia, Canada, Ukraine, South Africa, China, Japan and many other countries of the world. Thousands I tell you.

Now, the first line of though for most people would conclude these Nigerians doing well abroad exceeded based on their relocating and the opportunities available in those countries.

A sound mind and a superior thinker on the other hand would submit, these guys abroad are excelling because they decided to pursue their dreams, work very hard and commit to excellence and they indeed excelled, first because the competition in these nations with the citizens and other nationalities is quite intense, and  there are thousands of Nigerian abroad also, sleeping on the streets, broke and busted and many more in jail based on their thinking and bad decisions, hence it’s not a matter of location, it’s a matter of choices.

As my colleague also felt unhappy about the behavior of many young people in Nigeria, I promise you there are very many young Nigerians, though not in your face on social media or television or as brand ambassadors, doing great stuff, building their businesses, developing themselves, smart enterprise managers and entrepreneurs.

Being loud is not always a reflection of being in the majority. The empty are usually the loudest.

Dear friend, you cannot be greater than the way you think. The world today had become so advanced and transformed your place of origin and circumstances of your birth has no power to limit you in anyway.

Stop thinking local. How far you can go and how wide you can influence the world has nothing to do with where you are or where you’re from but the answers and solutions you carry and how far you want to take themt. You can’t escape poverty by changing location, you escape poverty by birthing global solutions wherever you find yourself.

The new set of billionaires are people with the knowledge and capacity to solve global problems and meet widespread contemporary humanitarian needs. You must develop the capacity to earn across nations and continents, not just in your own country. You’re unlimited by your nationality and origin as long as you have the right and needed solutions with global relevance.

Dear friend, it is time to rise above the thinking that where you are is your problem, no it’s not, how you think and the quality of answers you have is the real problem. The world order today makes it impossible to be limited within geographical landscapes. Your gift, talent, and excellent answers will project you and re-position you globally.

Dear friend, COME OUT leave small thinkers, leave victim thinkers, leave lazy thinkers, leave fake religious thinkers, leave greedy thinkers, leave hopeless thinkers, leave corrupt thinkers, leave thinkers who do not want to earn, solve a problem, develop capacity and build their lives, foul thinking is contagious. Find right thinking people that will help position you where you belong globally.

You are an embodiment of influence, how you are today is a product of how you think, how you think however, is a consequence of how your mind is set. That’s why your “thinking pattern” is called a mindset, as people in and around your life keep setting your mind day after day.

If you allow people set your mind wrong, your life will be wrong, if you allow people set your mind right your life will be right. Come on, come out from amongst them and be separate. Anyone with no correct answer but lamentation to your challenges in life shouldn’t have much of your time in life. Don’t waste your time with people like that, redeem your time- the days are really evil.

Dear friend, change your crowd, change your mind setters, sudden ill-gotten wealth won’t last and ends in disgrace or destruction. Earn a living, build your dreams; be safe, happy; peaceful and free. Stop chasing things and people, create relevant solutions and answers, and your life would be great. Come out from amongst them and be ye separate.

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