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I’ve observed we live in a dispensation and a society where and when people a repugnant to any form of pain. We hate discomfort of any kind, we love life, we love ease; we love convenience and cheap success. We do not like to make sacrifices but expect the best life’s got to offer.

This in my opinion is why many of us, despite our hard work still don’t have much to show because the key to real success is sacrifice not just hard work.

Sacrifice is the will to give up benefits, comfort, convenience and ease for a greater good or reward from the future. And sacrifice is usually quite painful.

The most successful people in history are those who understood the power and purpose of pain and used it well to their advantage. People of the past with no relevance in today’s history are those who wouldn’t tolerate or endure any hardship and they interpreted pain as unfair and unnecessary suffering; hence couldn’t decode the opportunity and profit hidden in the pain. They wasted great opportunities and advantages – they made no mark in life. However, there are some who did extremely well.

Let me illustrate by this true story.

Mr. Candido Da Rocha is arguably the first known Nigerian millionaire. Daroach was a native of Ilesha in present day Osun state. He was a slave returnee from Brazil. He returned to Nigeria in 1870 from Salvador in Brazil and quickly built a lucrative business and made a lot of money taking advantage of the same horrific travel experience of a slave through the South Atlantic trade route.

His first experience of travel through the route was as a slave, in chains, tied to other slaves in a lower deck of a slave ship, travelling day and night for months, in pain, hunger, in anger, sadness, sickness, untold sufferings and discomfort. A very agonising experience.

Returning to freedom in Nigeria in 1870 could have been for him a great testimony and the slave travel experience, something to forever remain bitter about. But in his mind, he saw an opportunity in his painful experience and began to use that same travel route to export and import products and he became very rich subsequently. Da Roach didn’t run away from the experience of the pain, he didn’t call a pity party, he didn’t feel sorry for himself, rather; he converted the horrific experience to an opportunity for prosperity.

Darocha subsequently introduced and developed a superior water supply system in Lagos. He opened an office at Kakawa in Lagos Island and he became a testament to the industrial will that led to the establishment of the Iju water works that served the entire Lagos in the 20’s before it was taken over by the colonial administration.

Darocha laid pipes from Iju to Lagos Island, Yaba, Ebute Metta and other communities in Lagos where there was high demand for pipe borne water. He was selling water to Individuals until it was taken over by the colonial government paying Daroacha for the supply of water to Lagos and was thus a pioneer of private ownership of utilities in Nigeria.

He was so wealthy that it was a popular saying in Yoruba that if you try to borrow from someone or think of getting him to spend money he doesn’t want to spend, he will respond saying do you think I’m as rich as Da Roacha?

Da Rocha, a man from Ilesha, sold as a slave to Brazil, in pain, agony, truma, and severe abuse, returned to Nigeria and turned that experience into an opportunity and eventually became the richest Nigerian in his days.

Dear friend, what exactly do you consider painful, tough, challenging and intimidating today?

What is your attitude to pain and severe hurt? Do you look out for the message in the pain, the opportunity in the pain and the advantages of the painful experience?

The purpose of pain is to build you, mature you and develop you emotionally and psychologically.

Many of us fail in life and business because we attempt things that we are not emotionally and psychologically prepared for. We set goals and fail because we refused to let pain develop us to that point when we can achieve the goals with ease.

Riding a bicycle for instance looks easy when observing a rider, but to mount one and ride will make you realise you need to learn how to do it if you don’t know how to.

Don’t just assume you can succeed in business because you’ve seen other people succeed. You need growth and maturity to handle some kind of business and commercial pressures. This growth and maturity is delivered through pain and huge sacrifices. If you want to go far in business, you must grow through pain and mature through sacrifices.

Stop blaming people, the environment, the government, the system and everything else for your business pressures. Endure the hardship, take the lessons, mature through it and decide to become bigger. Learn every lesson and become unstoppable. Push forward no matter how hard it seems and I promise you, gradually and eventually, you will achieve good success. Don’t run away from pain, it is the real secret of your power in business.


  1. Adinya Moses says:

    Much thanks my mentor, many of us complained about environment and many succeeded when the environment was bad enough than this.

  2. Love Davis Akpos says:

    This post has given me the boost to continue on my project despite lots of pain and disappointment…..THANK YOU SIR

  3. Adinya Moses says:

    Many thanks my mentor, many of us are still complaining about the environment and many succeeded when the environment was very bad. We really need to change and do something.

  4. Paul says:

    It is enriching


    This is an ideal message for the present time in which we are and I am very touch by it, I believe this will gingered me to want to do more to become more in my life’s endeavour. God bless you sir.

  6. Aug's law Ade says:

    How do i thank you sir? Dear lord pls keep increase him in knowledge,wisdom,prosperity,longlife etc

  7. John Adesiyan says:

    This article is for me Mr Muyiwa.. Thank you sir. May God enrich your mind the more..
    Many thanks..

  8. godonu stephen says:

    my mentor you always the best many God continue to be with you. I wish to meet you one day.

  9. aware Suleiman says:

    Appreciate u

  10. Abua Jacob says:

    You inspire the motivators with your words of truth may God continue to give you the understanding and utterance.

  11. Alex Byanyiko says:

    God bless you, Muyiwa. Your “Frankly Speaking” has been a great deal of inspiration for me. I’m always by my radio every 9:15 am to swallow your wisdom tablets. Most importantly you have moved me to action when you treated the topic of fulfilling one’s purpose by pursuing one’s dreams. I resigned my appointment with the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) April 10th last year to pursue my dreams in film making. I am getting much better by the day as a film maker. I have shot a couple of music videos, documentaries and short films. While I am working and trusting God for funds to do a feature film, I am so grateful to God and to you, for being such an inspiration and a mentor. I have even registered my company Sunshine Studios Limited. I look forward to meeting you some day soon. You’re a great blessing to our generation and many more to come. God bless you sir.

  12. olusegun ileogben says:

    You have lifted so many people up from slumber and I pray that may God continue to lift you up in all ratificatio..many thanks Mr Muyiwa

  13. S A Lateef says:

    Thank you very much.

  14. Emmanuel says:

    “Ease is a greater threat to success that hardship” from Denizel Washington. Life is all about the joy of trying new things, and failing, learning form the mistakes, until you succeed rather than doing same thing everyday. Thanks for the advise

  15. Oluwwseyi says:

    Real word,hard to chew but softens the hard conditions.

  16. Roslyn Humfre says:

    that’s the main issue we need to know . thank you

  17. Oluwatosin says:

    Muyi, this is fantastic…

  18. Eya Leo says:

    Your words are very straight and true sir, we all hope for the strength to endure pain and see the opportunity there in.

  19. Your words are great and illuminating life. More unction Sir.


    I can’t thank you all for what you have done with your radio program which I started listening to over a year now, you have help me to dream again,after 12 year of unreasonable excuses, I have been able to go back to school sponsoring my self in computer engeering course, if not for God and your counselling I Will live and die without having higher education, and this has help me to fill the inferiority gap which I have carry for long time,Thank sir God bless you and your family. looking forward to meet you one day.

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