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Many of us still wonder, still bother and are concerned over our financial situation. We’ve worked so very hard for so very long, we’ve acquired all the qualifications we think are necessary, we’ve changed jobs several times over, we have tried so much in business too and have applied so much energy physically and mentally yet, we are not very rich; financial independence is still eluding us.

We’ve tried to find out from different sources how to become really rich, we are desperate for answers on how to enter a season of more than enough, we have listened to programs, read so many books, monitored closely the so-called rich in the society, tried to emulate their habits and discipline and we’ve struggled through so much opposition and challenges, yet we are not rich.

At times we question the possibility of really making good money without theft or corruption, we wonder how multi-millionaires have emerged without skeletons in their cupboards since we too are working so hard yet cannot boast of having enough.

You begin to wonder – if your hard work and long hours of labour including weekends can’t make you a millionaire, what is the extra the super-rich are putting in to become that rich? After all we all have 24 hours a day. What are they doing differently?

Some of us running out on clues have concluded that becoming super rich has nothing to do with individual effort, knowledge or ability, it is a blessing bestowed by the almighty and there is nothing anyone can do to be rich. We conclude becoming rich is exclusively by the blessings of God.

Many have resigned to fate today and have continued to endure a life of struggle and survival, many can’t buy what they like, eat what they like, live where they like and dream as wide as they can because they have resigned to fate. Many have stopped dreaming and have lost their passion for super success.

Dear friend, when you concede and decide to give up on your dreams and vision in life, what you’re indirectly doing is relinquishing the charge and outcome of your future and letting fate or others determine your future.

The next two years, the next five years, ten to twenty years you do not know and can’t predict at all where you would be and how your life would be.

You do not know. Will you be happy and successful? You do not know, would you be comfortable and peaceful? You do not know, would you be relaxed and enjoying? You do not know, would you be an answer to the poverty or lack of your society or you’d also be a victim of deprivation and lack? You do not know, All you know is today but how tomorrow would turn out; you have no say, you’d rather not think or talk about it.

Silently you carry the fear – that fear of what your tomorrow holds; how you’ll pay your bills, how you’d sponsor your children through school, when and how you’d build that dream house, if you’d still be able to afford a brand new car after retirement, afford to travel overseas after retirement, the lovely vacations after retirement,

How you will maintain your life quality; fueling your diesel powered generators, maintaining and servicing your  cars – if you can still afford a new SUV, pay the dues for your social clubs membership and you wonder if these your high profile, high class friends would still be your friends if this regular income from employment ceases to flow.

You keep worrying yet don’t want to think it; how do you attain that level of regular high frequency cash inflow for life? That life of good fortune? hmmm.

My dear friend, can I say to you this morning that the challenge of poverty in the world today is not really on the account of scarcity? There are more than enough resources in the world today for everybody to be a multi-millionaire. The real challenge is access.

The world system has been configured such that wealth is not a free for all provision; to be wealthy you must earn it, to earn it you must know how. There is a process and a technic for accessing wealth my dear friend.

Many of us understand and practice effectively the basic requirement for income generation; education, production, skills and services.

It is common knowledge that when you offer a service or supply a product or apply a skill you get paid hence cash inflow. What the majority fail to consider and think through is the kind, the quality and frequency of goods and services that would bring in more than enough revenue.

Many people are working hard but very few people are working right.

Working hard is about your output per time, working right is about your revenue inflow per time.

Most of us focus on our output and feel on the account of how hard we work we deserve to be compensated adequately. Incidentally reward systems all over the world has not been structured that way; the pattern isn’t respective, so we keep working hard, complaining and lamenting and feeling unfairly treated hence, we hold grudges and animosity against those who we believe should be rewarding us adequately; most of the time our employers.

Working right is focusing less on your output and focusing more on how much income you generate per time; how much you earn per hour.

This is calculated based on the quality of your contribution as perceived by your employer not you and how much your employer is willing to pay per hour for it.

It is also calculated based on the number of customers that buy from you per hour; how many people patronize your business or buy from you and how much they are willing to pay for it; not how much you think you want to sell it for.

Dear friend, the summary of this is you cannot earn more than how your product or service is perceived by your employer and your customers. The difference between the rich and the average and the poor is not hard work, it is how much their customer or employers are willing to pay them per hour based on how value the customer or employer places on the offer.

Perception, not hard work determines your reward; the rich and the poor have 24 hours a day, the difference is in how much they make every hour of the 24 hours!

How much is your worth per hour? This is not how much you think you should be paid; it is how much your customer thinks you should be paid.

Becoming rich is actually about making more money than you can spend per hour or per day consistently. Hence, becoming rich starts with first determining the quality of life you want to live, then enhancing the value of your skills, capacity or product to a point of excellence and strong appeal, and thirdly finding the buyer that will value it and be willing to give you more per day than you can spend based on the quality of life you’ve predetermined for yourself.

Dear friend, you are super rich, truth is your money is in the pockets and bank accounts of your customers and employees that need to perceive you as deserving. Make them release it to you. Enhance your service quality and appeal.

Enjoy your day

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