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As mankind we naturally yearn for a supreme being to worship, serve and be accountable to. We feel inadequate and too small for this intimidating universe. We fear the very many and mighty things we cannot control hence, we embrace religion as a way and means to contact, communicate and relate with a supreme being who can handle all that we can’t, and there lies our peace and sense of safety as mankind.

Religion, is our method and approach to serving God, the maker of the universe and our creator. We love and respect religion because God is involved and our respect for the almighty is so great we dot play or take for granted our religion which is a very good thing.

Many people and groups all over the world have their version of religion and worship styles, they have their beliefs and religious routines and these they observe and conduct within doctrines and required rules diligently.

The sensitivity of religion as a subject and our religious differences globally has however, mitigated our desires and will to discuss and be objective about critical matters on this subject hence, many have remained distrusting, deluded and unwilling to be realistic because of religion.

I am a strong believer in spirituality and I have untold respect for God and required respect for religious people and other religions different from mine. However, a personal concern is how most of us can claim to be so religious and at the same time act and behave as if we don’t believe in our religions or the rules and doctrine of its practice. We act as if God doesn’t exist and his commandments don’t matter at all.

It personally shocks me, how most of us can be so religious as a people and be so unethical, treacherous, insincere and dubious at the same time.

I’ve personally had dealings with people who claim to be very religious and god fearing and at the end had serious regrets based on the unethical and treacherous ways they dealt in the business.

I recently engaged an artisan to do me a job and it involved a relatively large sum of money. He came highly recommended as a religious leader with a title, and all through our negotiation and communication he dropped lines and statements to indicate his familiarity with religion and the God he worshiped. After I released some cash to him, this man of God just vanished. He wouldn’t pick calls and wouldn’t be in touch, I eventually had to give the job to someone else.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s become very common to find people who use religion to try and gain your trust when dealing in business. If they know you’re religious, they use it against you and try to weaken your position as a buyer or a seller.

Dear friend, if you really want to go far in business and you desire a stable and problem free career, you can’t afford to ignore the rules of business and required formalities for ethical business and career dealings on the account of religion. There is nothing wrong with religion, the problem actually is with us, humans, using religion as a cover up for all sorts of business atrocities and mayhems.

Ladies and gentlemen, business is business, if there are documents to sign, please ensure they’re all signed, if there is a need for guarantors; please ensure the guarantors are presented. Don’t overlook, receipts, invoices, contract documents and every element that formalises a business transaction on the account of trusting “perceived religious” prospects, customers or colleagues. Do not on the account of religion subjugate the requirements of ethical business and work practice.

Ladies and gentlemen, no matter the extent or extreme of our religiosity, if we remain mean, dubious, corrupt and unfair in our dealings in business and at work, we cannot do well, we cannot prosper, the business will eventually die no matter the extent of prayers offered.

In my opinion, prayers are needed in everything including your business and your career, but prayers alone can’t make you succeed. You must be professional, competent, hardworking, dedicated and of course be honest. Prayers and dishonesty can’t work hand in hand.

You can’t be doing something unacceptable to God and ask for his backing and support.

What really grows a business is fairness, ethical dealings, integrity, honesty and excellence. These are the virtues that keep your customers loyal.

Nations we consider less religious have overtaken us, are doing much better and the gap keeps widening not because of their prayers but because of superior morals and ethics when dealing with one another.

Despite our religiosity and passionate prayers and prolonged fasting, many are still in lack and are frustrated simply because they don’t want to pay the price for real success.

Many love messages, sermons and teachings that exonerate them from real hard work, competence, dedication, tenacity, patience and excellence. They love the idea of grace and favour making everything happen while they sit and sleep doing nothing.

They love to recount and recite the promises of God and ignore the part of willingness and obedience; they prefer to see God as a promise keeper not a covenant keeper simply because covenant requires responsibility from man as well. They’d rather choose to give God money to do for them what they have been designed, equipped and empowered to do for themselves.

My dear friend, prayers is not a substitute for knowledge. Prayers is not a substitute for excellence, prayers is not a substitute for honesty, fasting is not a substitute for hard work, diligence and efficiency.

If you’re not hardworking, knowledgeable, honest, intelligent and professional, I’m afraid, your prayers and fasting can’t take you very far in business or career.

All religions emphasise honesty, integrity, love for others, helping one another and doing the right thing. No matter your devotedness and commitment to religious activities, if you disobey the rules of morality, ignore the laws of God and have no love for people, your prayers may not be answered.

Religion is good, prayers very important and you need to fast as well; all these are ways of seeking supernatural or divine assistance for your terrestrial ventures.

Success is born when there’s a collaboration between divinity and humanity, but when humanity violates the law of divinity, the necessary collaboration for good success can’t take place. The frequencies are different and divine help cannot come.

Dear friend, in agreement with your religion, do the right thing. Obey God’s commandments. That’s the master key to real success in life.


  1. Obi sandra says:

    I always look forward to listening to frankly has greatly helped me improve as an individual and as an entrepreneur.please keep up the good work.thank u

  2. OBIFATHER says:

    That’s the simple truth.
    Thanks so much for this educative & motivational letter.
    God bless you more.

  3. Abua Jacob says:

    Fact many refuse to accept, we must not be selective in our obedience to God.

  4. Afolahan Charles Oluayo says:

    Hmmm, I assimilate sir, Thank u!


    You shall no the true and the truth shall set you free everyday failure, this is a bitter truth that can only be accepted by those who want to have real success and freedom.

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