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Hmmmm, It’s not a piece of cake, not a walk in the park, it’s not easy my dear friends. Life, they say is not easy.

Life is full of complexities, complications and a lot of uncertainties. Truth is, as advanced and knowledgeable as we are as people, we are so not in charge as mankind and we daily collectively and individually struggle to grapple, comprehend and hold down life in the way we want it or as we wish it turns out for us especially.

The complex dynamics of events and inconsistencies in social order keeps putting pressure on everyone to keep changing, keep adapting, keep learning, keep doing new things and working very hard just to stay alive, well and happy.

Too many things are beyond us when we look at creation and nature; we can’t control nature we can only preempt its turns and behaviors and we must live with it.

We can’t do anything about hunger; we really can’t do anything about aging and death. We’ve learnt to cope and live with it. Even more frustrating than nature, could be our ability to live and cope with other human beings.

Human beings are the most dangerous and complex living organism on earth. Incidentally, you belong to this specie of creatures; you are one yourself hence, could be dangerous to yourself and others, but must of necessity live and cope with human beings and yourself.

Human beings are very complicated, intricate, unpredictable and unreliable, yet they are in charge in this world. As humans we have also been created to live interdependently with one another. You can’t live without others and you can’t live totally at peace with others.

Let me tell you this; life for me hasn’t been a piece of cake. I’ve been hurt, abused, disappointed, and betrayed. I’ve been lied to, lied against and told I couldnt amount to much in life.

I’ve been discriminated against, rejected and disgraced; A lady I really loved and would have married was advised by her parents to keep away from me ‘cos I wouldn’t amount to much in life and guys who I saw as friends and helpers turned their backs on me because they were initially ahead of me in career and cash wise.

I’ve been broke, very broke, sad, depressed and have sacrificed so much to make others happy despite my own hurt yet, they mostly repaid me with evil.

Many, even today, hate, resent and begrudge me without cause. And many times rejection, loneliness, hurt and pain is very much present.

Life comes in shades and shadows. Many times you review your life and wonder how you can really enjoy peace; progress and tranquility then you realize the more success you appear to record, the more problems and challenges you’d have to deal with in people and with you.

And many times the urge to throw in the towel is strong; you fell like giving up, you feel everything is just a waste of time; this life isn’t worth the stress and pressure you tell yourself, and this thinking is especially prominent when you lose a very dear and loved one to death.

But you see, dear friend, life is not really about how it is; life is actually about how you are. Life is life, you are you. As powerful and intimidating as the complex system of the world is today, you still have the inner power, as an individual to determine your own world and create your preferred world type.

The truth is your world is not around you; your world is within you. The quality and nature of your life today is not about what happens to you, it’s really about how you happen to your world.

The quality, power and outcomes of life for you have its origin in you not from around you.

Nothing and no one can hurt you, stop you, destroy or frustrate you without your permission. You have the power and control over your life and mind condition.

Your pain, frustration and sorrows are strongly tied to your mind conditioning; and your joy, your peace your happiness and wellbeing is tied to your mind conditioning.

Stress, blood pressure and even stroke are all the sickness of a mind but with eventual physical symptoms and manifestation.

A sick mind is what makes you indulge in habits and behaviors that can destroy you. Addiction to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, food, carbonated soft drinks is a problem of the mind not the body.

It is impossible for a total stranger to break your heart; you experience heartbreak from people you chose to love who decided to stop reciprocating your love or would rather love someone else, not you.

Heartbreak comes through psychological and emotional addiction to someone; no one can break your heart if you’re detached; being attached is your decision, being detached is also your decision.

The fact that you failed an exam does not mean you’re dull, it only means you didn’t have the answers to the questions asked, if you had been asked questions that you knew the answers, you would have passed.

So failing an exam may not mean you’re dull, you just didn’t have the answers then, and guess what; no one has all the answers every time. Try writing the exams again and read wider this time and you’ll see you’ll pass, so you’re not dull, failing is not about your nature, it’s about adequate preparation.

You see the way you interpret what happens to you in life determines your reaction, your emotions and your will to progress and do greater things.

In this life nothing is as bad as it seems. There is nothing you can’t cope with or adjust to. You can really do without that person, that kind of job, that much food; that excess in drink, that relationship, that association, nothing in this life is a matter of life and death. You can survive and cope and get over anyone and anything.

All you need to do is to keep on keeping on; never ever give up on your dreams and your desires; your world is not around you; it’s all within you.

Pushing ahead it the face of setbacks and disappointments is your measure of self-belief and ability to succeed.

An edge is that staying power more than anything else. Self-discipline limits disappointments and failures in your life; it defeats setbacks and injects emotional strength to get up and go again.

Persistence demonstrates to you and others you are not a loser. You only lose when you accept defeat; you can actually reject defeat by trying again and again. Self-discipline is self- mastery, you exist to serve purpose not to preserve yourself.

All you enjoy today came because someone didn’t give up on their dreams; they were persistent.

Endure without complaining, murmuring or attracting sympathizers, don’t feel too sorry for yourself. The world will bow when you refuse to bow; there is no permanent resistance anywhere, it’s in your persistence.

Re-arm yourself and fight again.

Dear friend, this morning do a list of your failures, challenges and problems. Identify areas of discouragement; keep in mind failure is not an option. Look for another way to go again; think of a new approach, a new strategy and a better way to success. Never give up.


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    This is indeed an end of the year best gift to all your followers.Sir,you are a genius.

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