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David turned off the ignition, got out of his driving seat and slammed the door of his car as he walked briskly towards the entrance of his apartment. Ignoring his dog that ran up to welcome him he knocked on the front door even as his wife Sarah sensing he had returned opened the door. He walked through the sitting area, up the stairs into his bedroom ignoring his wife’s welcome. Sarah went up after him, baffled and a bit disturbed about her husband’s unusual behaviour. Honey, what’s the matter? She said to her husband as she entered the room. He was lying halfway across the bed with his legs on the floor. His palms locked against the back of his head, he was staring at the ceiling.

Sarah, I’m fed up! He managed to utter struggling with the urge not to cry. Fifteen years! honey, fifteen years! And I’m still a bloody middle manager. The promotion letters were given out today and again I didn’t get any. People who joined the organisation five years, ten years after I did are already senior managers, the worst pain is that Benjamin, a guy that used to report to me three years ago was made my director today! Sarah, enough is enough! I’m quitting! I’m tired! I can’t take this anymore.

Sarah leaned against the wall, folded her arms across her chest and sighed. “Benjamin is very hardworking and purposeful; I saw this coming, congratulate him for me” she said – walking out of the bedroom. “Your food is at the dining” she called out on her way downstairs back to the kitchen.

Dear friend, many of us today are very frustrated and unhappy at the place where we work and with our employers. We look at how many years we’ve invested in that organisation and presume we should be getting a better deal than what is currently obtainable.

Perhaps we were there when the company was still at a very tender stage, trying hard to survive and we contributed our quota, hence we expect that now that the company is doing much better, we ought to be rewarded in accordance.

May are upset looking to the left and right and seeing many younger and even newer employees occupying more powerful and higher positions than they are, many can’t handle the fact that younger employees whom they perhaps trained are now their superiors at work, they see all these as unfair, imbalance and partial.

The urge is there to quit and walk away but to where? Being out there without any source of income is too scary so they remain in the organisation and swallow the embarrassment. Consequently, they’re bitter, angry, envious and daily radiate negative energy – seeing nothing good or commendable about the organisation, the leadership or the processes. They speak ill of everyone and everything and try very hard to poison the mind of whomever cares to listen against top management.

Ladies and gentlemen, rising very fast and experiencing frequent promotion into core relevance and power in any establishment cannot be divorced from being a go-getter at work. Your ability to deliver and get result on time will accelerate your recognition, appreciation and promotion by the management.

The challenge for many however is how to consistently achieve objectives and in fact, exceed expectations when appraised over a set period of time.

Work environment is very dynamic and unpredictable. Micro and Macro environmental matters influence the next line of action, decision and choices you need to make. In fact, at times it becomes so complicated that even with available information it is still difficult to choose a smart direction.

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Often also, bureaucratic challenges, approvals, limited powers, and your position at times mitigate the ability to make quick decisions and respond to work matters urgently.

These factors including office culture and personal competence may affect your ability to achieve your objectives impressively at the end of a year.

But do you know that these factors do not limit or stop everyone? As realistic as they appear, a few individuals have found ways of achieving and surpassing their targets again and again. Some I’m sure are in your office and you wonder what makes them tick.  Some of these folks may not even be as qualified or hardworking as you are yet they deliver on goals in manners and frequencies that are too impressive to be ignored.

What is the secret? How do they do it? You know perhaps, some of your colleagues within a short period of time have risen to the top; enjoying better remuneration, allowances, perks, power and prospects that have been so hard for you to apprehend despite your consistent effort. This reality is perhaps frustrating you and the situation may have left you discouraged, unhappy, laid back and lackadaisical towards work.

In fact you may begin to blame it on your own task as being more complex, difficult, or harder to measure in terms of result. And you may also think your own supervisor is stricter, has a higher level of expectations and in fact is more difficult to impress. Your thinking may even begin to incline towards discrimination, favouritism, and segregation, tribal, ethnic or gender biases.

All these, often times may make you lose your zeal, passion, excitement and commitment to work, and your commitment at work begins to wane.

Frankly speaking, I believe every growth-oriented organisation will be more than willing to encourage, motivate and retain their best hands. I do not suppose they will be willing to subjugate productivity, performance, business growth especially making money for cheap sentiments and retrogressive behaviours – creating unnecessary problems and division in the rank of their various teams especially in profit-driven establishments.

Dear friend permit me to share with you an important ideology that can make you outstanding at your place of work as well.

This ideology Ill call result-oriented thinking.

This is simply the ability to always see the end of every matter before you start. It is an effective evaluation of processes and outcome of tasks right from the beginning.

It is very easy really to be very busy at work yet achieve nothing. Achieving objectives is not just about being busy and investing several work hours on assignments that don’t touch the core. It’s about evaluating the impact of each assignment on the overall output of the business.

Many of us in thinking confine ourselves to just our deliverables and job descriptions, hence when we feel we have done our part, we conclude we have achieved success. This is not very smart.

Every employee, including you, are a part of a process of value creation, value management and value delivery. Everything you do must sit well within this context of building value. How exactly does your role improve the overall efficiency in managing the business? How do you prioritise your to-dos? Is it based on convenience, department, job description or overall effectiveness?

For example as an accountant do you pay suppliers based on their importance to the business or how nice and polite and generous they are to you?

Do you frustrate other departments in urgent need of cash because you want them to respect your position and appreciate your power?

As a training manager is your selection based on training needs of staff or a way to reward friends and colleagues that are nice to you or close to you?

As a procurement manager, how do you deal with suppliers? Is it in the best interest of the business or your friends and associates you’ve registered as suppliers?

You see, your result oriented thinking the approach will help you make decisions and choices that will truly improve and impact overall business performance. Hence you will always be seen as a value builder not just another employee.

Promotion, recognition and good reward comes faster to value builders than longest serving members of staff.

To enhance your relevance and importance to your organisation, choose today to be a value builder, not a politician with a sense of entitlement.

Think of the outcome of any assignment before you start. Prioritise based on overall business impact.

Choose not to be a people pleaser, chose to build and create value always, don’t see yourself as too important to do any task as long as it’s critical to the business.

Result oriented thinking allows for good initiative, forward-thinking and foresight. It protects you from negative surprises, embarrassment and poor performance.

Choose today to see the end of every task from the beginning and it will amaze you how vital your achievements would be today.

You can get the promotion, elevation and recognition you’ve always wanted. Just become a builder, see the big picture, after the business and the process, see the end from the start then prioritise.

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  1. Okorie, Nse Matthew says:

    This is more than morning tea in my life, is truly frankly Speaking. God bless You sir.

  2. Charles says:

    Great work boss keep it up

  3. Graham Moses says:

    Thank you my mentor

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