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One of the greatest gifts ever possessed by man is the power of the mind. The mind is such a powerful possession with the potential and ability to influence everything that concerns the possessor.

The mind has the capacity to think, reason, create, interpret and attract anything the owner so desires.

By engaging the power of the mind, mankind over the years have been able to invent great things like the aircraft, the rocket and space shuttles, the computer, the satellite, powerful weapons and even find cures for many diseases and ailments.

The world we live in today is fuelled and powered by the engaging of the mind of men. If a man loses his mind, his purpose for existence is defeated.

Even when a man is physically challenged and has physical limitations, as long as the mind is intact, he is still useful and relevant.

The mind is where it all begins, it’s the incubator for all we see and do, it’s the baseline for all interactions, it’s the source of all opinions and submissions, it’s the superiority edge of mankind, it’s the compass, the rudder and the steering. Your mind is your most valuable asset.

As precious and valuable as your mind is, the reality for many is that you don’t realise it.

You take your mind for granted, you disdain it, abuse it, you don’t feed it right, you don’t feed it well and daily you’re destroying your mind and diminishing its ability, capacity and power.

Unfortunately the more you keep abusing your mind, the more it reflects in the quality of your personality and accomplishments.

A great mind is expressed and reflected in a man’s quality of personality and judgement. And a poor mind; a mind not so sound is made obvious from the quality of the person’s personality and by extension his lifestyle.

Many of us can sure relate with the reality of a total loss of mind, where the victim is called insane, but we’ve never really considered that the mind can vary in quality and capacity. If it’s possible to lose a mind it means consistency in the quality of any mind is not guaranteed. Our minds as powerful as they are can also be tender and sensitive.

Over many years as you continued to grow and mature in life, your mind has definitely been subjected to all forms and nature of abuse: Verbal abuse, psychological abuse, mental torture, heartaches, disappointments, treachery, cheating and oppression.

Every day your mind is opened to so much information and transmissions – some healthy, most unhealthy.

You may have been told you’re dull, cheap, crass, lazy, ugly, slow, local and a disgrace.

You may have experienced discrimination, disfavor, rejection, heartbreak and judged unfairly by people you really value, appreciate and love.

Your community, the society, your school, religious bodies, family members, siblings and even parents may have dealt very severe, painful blows at you – leaving major scars and re-settings on your mind.

Your wife, your husband, a fiancée, a best friend and a role model could have disappointed you and hurt you seriously causing you very unforgettable pains and experiences.

Life itself either through the loss of a loved one or an accident that left you deformed and incapacitated or an incurable ailment could have left bruises on your tender sensitive mind.

All these kinds of experiences have in effect reduced the power and capacity of our minds for maximum effectiveness.

The mind is quite elastic, the more you train it the better it gets. There is no limit to what your mind can do and create; the limitations are these mitigating factors earlier shared.

That is why people who have learnt the act of protecting their minds have been able to achieve great feats everyday people find extremely difficult to achieve.

A mind that is at peace and at rest can achieve and create anything. A troubled mind cannot create or produce anything. There is no progress or advancement in a storm, only turmoil and destruction.

The aeroplane, the television, the telephone, the satellite, the rocket, electricity, the computer and the World Wide Web are products of great minds that remained focused, productive and creative in the eye of storms. Consequently, the carriers of these minds became recognized, celebrated and forever remembered because they refused to allow mind troubling agents and incidents destroy their mental capacities.

Listen to me, the greatest inventors in history had very serious personal problems and issues. From health to relationship, to rejection, to incarceration, to frustration and even bereavement, yet they wouldn’t let all these stop them.

For some the same society they were willing to serve and help turned against them and criticised and judged and abused them yet they were able to achieve great feats by engaging their minds right.

Dear friend, what have you allowed to completely take over your mind and prevent it from full capacity operation?

You hold anger against people and situations, you recite how badly you have been treated, you rehearse it continuously in your mind creating and still keeping alive a reason for your anger and unhappiness.

Dear friend, your mind consists of a pool of energy that can only be channelled towards a direction at once. In as much as you keep channelling your mind power towards, regret, un-forgiveness, anger, bitterness, hatred and resentment, it will be difficult to still be creative, focused and productive.

There are two dimensions to your life my friend, your past and your future, to re-program your mind correctly and effectively, forget the past, concentrate on the future. You can’t change the past anyway so why commit so much to what is already gone and impossible, come on, look at your future and channel all your mind power into it.

Forget the man, woman, teacher, uncle, neighbour, principal, lecturer, that boss, armed robber, rapist, pastor, imam, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, sibling and parent who caused you all the pain and hurt. Many of them didn’t know better, they acted out of fear, insecurity, self-centeredness, ignorance and bitterness.

Make excuses for them and their behaviors, not because they deserve it, but because you deserve to be free! Free from the hurt, the pain, what they did to you; you deserve your freedom from these people. They’ve held you down long enough, set yourself free, you deserve it, it’s your right, it’s your mind not theirs, drive them out, they deserve no place in your thoughts and memory. Replace them with great dreams, ideas, ambitions, and desire for your beautiful future. Your future is bright, exciting and rewarding.

Develop immunity to the wickedness and callousness of the society and some mean people in power, focus on yourself, look inward and project forward into a future beyond their capacity to hold down. Nothing and no one can have control over you unless you still want something from them. Many Nigerians are bitter and angry about the various challenges in the country because their dreams and visions are limited to Nigeria, they don’t see themselves making global successes. If they have dreams and ambitions global in scope and this country is just an integral part of their dream, what they will feel for the nation is compassion and the will to support not anger and bitterness.

Channel your emotional energy towards creativity, innovation, productivity and value expansion. Make your future count, use your mind well, give it your all, set your mind free, set yourself free.

Enjoy your day.

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