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Our journey through life is definitely not a jolly ride. We face obstacles, challenges and opposition every day.

We can be up today and down tomorrow, happy today, sad tomorrow, in profit today in loss tomorrow, growing today, stagnant tomorrow.

Nobody has it all worked out and all perfect and happy all the time.

Insecurity in life is real and with everyone. Nothing is really or truly guaranteed even life.

We live every day hoping things will work out according to our hopes and expectations. We are constantly in fear of things working contrary to our expectations.

We all want security, we pay for security, we hanker for security but if you really take a good look at life, real security is a mirage.

The security of our jobs, businesses, career, relationships, marriage, finance and future is all based on hope.

The security of our children, property, investment, health and society is also based on hope.

The security of our hearts, emotions, mental prowess, and achievements is based on hope as well.

There is really nothing we can do as humans to be absolutely confident that nothing can go wrong with all these precious areas of our lives.

The tragic reality is that no human being can boast of still remaining alive by the end of this year, no one can say I will not be sick, out of a job, out of business, out of marriage, out of finance and out of this world within the next one month. Hence we all depend absolutely on providence, divine intervention and the almighty to guarantee this security.

Facing facts this morning, do you know there is nothing you can do about the truth that you’re aging and one day you’ll be old and you’ll pass on to the life beyond?

Do you know you can never celebrate your last birthday again; it is gone and gone forever?

You can’t put your life on hold, control your existence or determine your future. You can only plan for it to be fulfilling, exciting and rewarding; you and no one else can guarantee your future.

Negative and painful experiences can be very devastating and demoralizing. The agony and turmoil of such a bad experience would also leave us with an after effect of fear and strong wish that such tragedy would never repeat itself.

We hardly ever fully recover from a very bad experience and any future occurrence similar or close to a nasty previous experience will incite great fear and the desire to flee and avoid a reoccurrence.

As humans, we are living daily in fear; we are afraid, afraid of what we know and even what we do not know.

The airwave is also saturated with information and news that further promotes our sense of fear and insecurity. Good news is hardly breaking news. From the TV, radio, cyber world and even phone broadcast the news with the highest rate of mention, rebroadcast and hype is bad news, embarrassing news and tragic news. All geared to increase our sense of fear, insecurity and tension.

But may I say this morning that a life engulfed in fear and insecurity can hardly achieve anything worthwhile?

You see the reason why there is disappointment, challenges and opposition in life is to create in you a good sense of value for anything you have or have accomplished.

Anything you acquire cheaply without much ado will likely be disdained, disrespected and abused.

I believe this is common knowledge as a lot of single ladies would tell you they cannot propose to any man based on the thinking; he would not respect or appreciate them, he would see them as cheap and desperate.

Even as our children grow, we begin to instill in them the culture and mindset of earning whatever they want, we begin to reduce all the freebies.

Meaning what makes life what it is, is the blend of good and bad, positive and negative. If no one really has to work hard, earn anything or can lose anything, then nothing is worth earning, working for or preserving, the world will be destroyed in a twinkle. Insecurity evokes the need to be preservative, careful and responsible.

But may I say this morning that in reality there is no such thing as security, only opportunity. Security is all in your mind. No matter how much you invest in cash, in care and in self-preservation, whatever will happen will happen no matter what you do.

This is not to scare you or bring despair, it’s actually to wake you up and make you see life differently.

Instead of investing your mental energy, emotions and efforts in self-preservation why don’t you focus on opportunities? Opportunities I believe offer the advantage in life.

Being alive in my opinion is an opportunity not security success, being employed, being healthy, being happy, progressive, educated, married, having children, having cash, growing in career, having a good boss, working for a successful company are all opportunities not the benefits of your security plan and proficiency.

Being aware of this fact, I think the attitude is to analyse these opportunities and maximise them. Rather than trying to hold on desperately to them.

Do you realise all these great things would one day come to an end no matter how long they last, life has been designed that way. What then should be your attitude? Deal with all fears and insecurity and become daring. Maximise what you have, get the best out of everything. Push all limits. Try out new, different and interesting things.

Make every opportunity worthwhile, don’t waste it or under utilise it. Give it your all. Take calculated risks. Take risks based on an intelligent assessment of the potential danger and reward.

Be courageous, act boldly, shun fear and intimidation. Do all you need to do.

Take an inventory of all the opportunities you have today, is this all you can make of them? Look at your team, your department, your company and the industry, how far can you go? Is this all the experience you can gather? Is this all the skill you can acquire? Is this all the income you can make? Is this the highest level you can attain? Is this all the value you can create? Are you afraid, insecure, too timid or overly careful to dare and try new things?

Every time you say ‘i can’t’ what you’re really saying is I don’t want to try; because in reality there is nothing you can’t do if you make up your mind to do it.

Do you know many people today who ought to have gone to school for further qualifications keep procrastinating based on excuses such as workload, traffic, attention to the family and many others. But immediately their employer gives an ultimatum for the acquiring of this qualification with a threat to retrench those without the qualification after a specific period, these same guys in spite of their excuses will immediately register for this programme and run it fully, the excuses would not be relevant anymore.

Dear friend, be bold, be courageous, grab your opportunities, real security is only a mindset. Enjoy your day.

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