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Nowadays the most common, yet misleading way of viewing or measuring success in our society is by financial status and material possessions. Once a man is seen to be rich or wealthy everyone most likely concludes he’s successful irrespective of the means, irrespective of what he does for a living.

In my opinion, success measurement is not standardized. Success is as unique as the number of humans on the surface of this planet.

My success definition and factors should be different from yours. What I see and define as success shouldn’t be the same as yours because, I ought to have my personal dreams, aspirations, vision, plan, mission and destination different from yours and upon the fulfilment, achievement or accomplishment of these set goals, I say I’ve succeeded.

If through the accomplishment of my dreams I become materially outstanding, all well and good, but it doesn’t necessarily translate to failure if I’m not outstanding materially. The richest men in the world today may not be the most successful people on earth.

For example, a man’s dream might be to eventually become the president of his nation. If he does become the president, he has succeeded and he is, of course, successful; achieving this purpose may not automatically make him a very rich man yet, it does not mean he has failed in his pursuit of success.

My ambition may be to become the Managing Director of one of the most successful multinationals in Nigeria, and I could set it as a goal and work hard towards it, if I achieve it, I am successful, if this position does not make me a billionaire, it doesn’t mean I have failed.

In fact my ambition as a woman could be to raise very confident, influential and powerful global leaders and I opt to be a full-time housewife in order to achieve this purpose, if my children eventually become global leaders; successful in their endeavours, achiever’s and solution bringers in their various fields, I am of course successful as a great housewife and mother in the pursuit of my dreams. In this case, money is not even a driving force or motivation from the start hence, for such a woman; her success wouldn’t be measured by her bank balance at the end of the day.

If I’m fortunate to be fathered by a rich and wealthy man and upon his death he bequest to me companies and a lot of money, and my dream in life is to be the most famous music artiste in the world, the money does not translate to success for me, I have not succeeded in my purpose just because now I have come into a lot of money because of the passing of my rich father and his generosity in his will.

Dear friends, success is relative, my success may not be your success, in fact the end of your dream and ambition may be the beginning of mine, the scope of your influence may be just Lagos or Abuja, or Port Harcourt or your own state of origin or Nigeria and my dream could be to influence the whole world.

Professor Wole Soyinka’s success, for example, is different from Aliko Dangote’s success and it’s both different from Nelson Mandela’s success and it’s all different from the success of Michael Jackson.

When it comes to real success, money is usually not a major. Success is not about what you gain but what you give, success is not about what you buy but what you build, success is not about the ease and comfort of your journey, it’s about how you surmounted all obstacles and challenges and delivered excellently despite all odds and oppositions.

Success is about the will to give and not to take, to deliver not to acquire, to sacrifice not to accumulate. When you pursue the first you automatically gain the second. When you succeed, reward automatically follows.

The greatest distraction from living a successful life for many of us is the pursuit of riches. When you chase money you derail in your pursuit of purpose when you, however, pursue success money pursues you. Money serves those who create value; their wealth is consistent and sustainable, it’s never a fluke or by luck, it’s ever steady, flowing and continuous.

Today many keep grumbling and complaining about how difficult it is to make ends meet, they worry about their sub-zero bank balance and their growing responsibilities and heave indebtedness. They can’t find a way of escape and they assume to get out of this quagmire, money is the answer; not so my friends. Success, not money is the real answer to your social and economic aspiration.

My dear friend, I think today is a good day to begin to pursue rapid, positive changes in your life. You know more than anyone else, your issues, challenges, limitations and fears.

Worry brings no solutions, logical and constructive thinking about that way of escape is your best consideration today. How do you change your life experience? How do you wake up every day with a broad smile on your face and great peace in your mind?

How do you begin to enjoy that life free of worries and fear and social intimidation? For how long do you want to keep enduring a life of turmoil, depression, anxiety and exasperation?

Make up your mind today dear friend to learn and activate the following steps to a life of real success, and you’re gradually but surely on your way to enjoying a great and fulfilling life. These steps appear simple and common but I promise they are extremely efficient and they sure work.

  1. Intense Desire – What exactly would you want to achieve or accomplish in life? You must be intense in your desire to achieve that purpose. If you’re not really that passionate or committed to anything, you’ll end up trying out so many things and failing at all because you’re not desirous enough to endure till the end.
  2. Be on fire with ideas – Nowadays, ideas rule the world. That thing you’re passionate about, invest hours in meditation and thinking; keep ruminating and thinking about it until it becomes as real as it can be. The more intensely you think about something; the more hours you invest in thinking about it, the more realistic it becomes and the ways to achievement begin to pop up in your mind. After a while, you’ll be able to instantly recognize opportunities and helpers when you see them because that ambition is top of mind for you.
  3. Get all you need – A major frustration in pursuit of any purpose is competence and ability. Many of us want some great things in life but we are unwilling to train ourselves to qualify for it. Sadly, mediocrity is extremely common in Nigeria today; half measure syndrome, good enough to go; not excellence is our practice.

If you want to excel, you must be excellent in what you’ve purposed to do. Invest hours in training and self-development.

  1. Start now; star small – I’m always impatient with many people who have great business ideas when I ask them why they’re not doing anything about it and they say they don’t have the capital to begin! There is a major prevailing delusion in our society today that make many think that their money is needed to start business; you don’t need your money to start any business. If you have a brilliant idea, and you’re excellent in your skills, sponsors would show up. Plan to start small then grow it gradually.
  2. Keep doing it; keep growing it – Many of us give up too easily. When you start something and there’s a little challenge or setback, instead of taking it as a lesson, you interpret it as failure then you give up and pack up. You can’t go anywhere this way. You must never give up, keep keeping on no matter what because frankly speaking, at every level of success, you experience challenges and setbacks, it never ends.
  3. Know where you’re going; avoid distractions- You must be sure about your destination. If you’re unsure you’ll get easily distracted and you’ll derail. Never let anything or anyone shift you off course no matter the pressure; endure every level of hardship and see the end from the beginning. Never yield to distractions in people or situations or irrelevant opportunities.

Dear friend, if you engage these six steps in your pursuit of success I promise in a matter of time, you’ll be living and enjoying a life of joy, peace and abundance untold. You deserve it, it’s better than what you may have now, apply these, give it your all and you’re right at the top, accomplish this, this year. Dear friend, Enjoy your day.

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