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Obviously, many people love Fridays, they believe Fridays are great days as the last working day of the week. For them, Friday is that cool, fun, exciting day, reserved for them to enjoy themselves and catch maximum fun. Little wonder everywhere you turn most Fridays you see the excitement on faces and in places; people are less stuck up, employees dress down and there is this easy and calm approach to work and operations on Fridays.
Fridays are cool days, there is an air around, the atmosphere is kind of different, people are generally happier on Fridays.
Why are people happier on Fridays? Because it’s the start of the weekend. What’s the difference between weekends and weekdays? Offices don’t open on weekends, people don’t go to work.
On weekends, so many early birds who get up as early as 4am during the week can remain in bed till 7 or even as late as 10 am on a Saturday. People sleep more and rest and relax on Saturdays. A Saturday is a day to laze around, watch TV, play and bond with the family, go visit friends and loved ones and generally have fun.
For party lovers, clubbers and night crawlers, Friday night is ‘the night!’ Hence, Saturday is a good day to recover from the excitement and adventure of their Friday night lives.
For many who enjoy ceremonies and celebrations, most weddings, parties and big events happen on Saturdays, so it’s a day to wear the ‘aso ebi’ and join friends and family to celebrate good and marvellous occasions in their lives. Weekends can really be fun and relaxing.
The sad thing about weekends, however, is that it ends quickly. Before you’re done saying thank God it’s Friday, it’s already Sunday night.
Oh, Sunday night, hmm, many people hate Sunday nights. People generally become sombre, touchy, cranky and temperamental on Sunday nights. That’s the night mothers shout and overreact to their kids. Home works, school uniforms, going to bed early, getting work clothes and work stuff ready and remembering all the outstanding work and necessary information for the early Monday morning meetings.
On Sunday evenings, the reality of Monday morning begins to kick in, what the boss is likely to ask for, the major tasks for the week, the politics, beef, games and intrigues of the workplace. The sad reality of waking up early and hitting the road in mad traffic. In fact, by Sunday night, many employees are psychologically tired of the week they’re about to begin. Many people do not like Sunday nights and more people hate Monday mornings. For many it’s thank God it’s Friday and oh, God its Monday.
Why should any day of the week influence or determine your mood and attitude? Why should some days be fun and other days not so fun since every day is the same only differentiated by activities?
Think about it, really, every day is the same, Mondays, Sundays, Wednesdays, – all the same, 24 hours; morning, noon and night. Nothing different except the date, and the activities of the day.
What makes many love Fridays and hate Mondays is not in the day of the week, it’s in the activities packed into that day of the week. Personally, I love Mondays because it’s the day I rest, I wake up much later on Mondays and don’t get to leave home till after 12 noon except I have meetings with clients or important business commitments.
I look forward to my Mondays, I love Mondays; I rest and relax on Mondays. But I work most Saturdays and work every Sunday; Saturdays and Sundays are extremely busy days for me; not Mondays, but guess what, I love my weekends too, I love my Saturdays and my Sundays, why? Because I love what keeps me busy and occupied on weekends. I love my job, I love what I do so no matter what day of the week, my excitement and attitude is positive; every day of the week is the same for me mood wise. For me, it’s thank God every day of the week.
You see, many love Fridays not because it’s Friday and many hate Mondays not because it’s Monday. Loving Fridays and hating Mondays perhaps proves one fact; you don’t really love or enjoy paid employment. Please understand it, I’m not saying you don’t enjoy your job, I’m saying you don’t enjoy paid employment.
I’ve hardly met anyone in self-employment who doesn’t look forward to Mondays. I’ve not met anyone in self-employment who looks forward to prolonged public holidays or bank holidays. For people in self-employment no matter the state or condition of their business, they want to be at work, except the lazy ones.
Dear friend, I want you to summon up courage today and ask yourself some real questions. Why are you committed to this life routine you don’t enjoy? Happy on Friday, unhappy on Monday morning? Do you consider it a sacrifice for a good life, or it’s actually a choice? Are people who enjoy every day of the week poorer than you, less respected or irrelevant?
Wait a minute, when exactly are you going to exit this lifestyle you’re not in charge of? I’m absolutely for paid employment if the reason is to gather the required experience and start your own after 5, 10 to 15 years and help employ some of the millions of unemployed graduates in Nigeria today.
Many of us are holding on to paid employment out of fear and job security. We believe it’s safer and less risky. We appreciate the regular income every 30 days and we like the fact we don’t bare the direct consequence of any business loss.
I just can’t comprehend this self-delusion of job security when people get fired or retrenched every now and again without notice from even the best organisations. When in reality the security of employment is if you’re your own employer.
Daily you’re worried about making mistakes and getting fired, you’re weary of the politics, the treachery and manipulations. The power play is daunting, and you cannot even plan your speed and be precise on when you’ll get to the peak of that career; it’s not your decision to make and most times it’s not even based on hard work.
You’re existing and spending the best days of your life in a sea of worry and insecurity, depression is frequent, your company can even go out of business and technology can make them obsolete.
Your life, career and finances are anchored on the general economy not your own personal economy. You lack the power to determine your own growth in income, profit and welfare because you’re not in charge; you’re powerless in determining the quality of life you want for yourself, your spouse, your children and relatives.
Some dreams will perpetually remain a dream, the time, creativity and devotion you require to accomplish your dreams; you’ve relinquished. You can’t create any business, create employment or impact the society greatly, you’re more a part of the workforce; not a significant game changer or value builder in the nation. You can’t enjoy the best of cars, the best of homes, the best of food, the best of travels, the best of life unless it’s handed you by your employer.
Please understand me, paid employment is very good and very important, but must be time bound, you must one day and in good time leave to bring to reality your own dream and manifest the glory invested in you by your maker.
We need to employ several millions of unemployed graduates in Nigeria today, be a part of the solution; stop playing safe and selfish. 20 years in paid employment won’t create room for new guys to get employed. You need to go out there start yours and employ people. You’ve done 10, 15, 20 years in paid employment? Maybe it’s time to move and start yours, then you’ll be able to say thank God it’s Monday not just Friday. Dear friend, taking charge of your life and time is really great.


  1. Abiola says:

    Truly… It should be thank God it’s Monday if we have the right mindset. Thanks for putting this beauty across

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