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Are you upset about something? Has someone done something really painful and you’re very angry about it and you’re finding it difficult to let it go? Let’s share on this today. This one, I’ve titled, the bait of offence.

Every human being has got emotions. Our soul comprises our mind will and emotions. Our emotions is simply the way we feel about things. We all have positive and negative emotions.

Our emotional reaction to issues and situations in life is not standard across all humans, emotional reactions are subjective. The way you react to a situation can be quite different from the way I react to the same situation. This is mostly a consequence of nature, nurture and various experiences in life.

Some people by nature are soft emotionally. They are easily moved and touched by people, situations and events. Things get to them easily, for most people like this, it’s mostly a function of nature.

There are some other people however, that are hardly moved by people, situations or events. No matter how sad, unfortunate, painful or pitiful a situation is, they are most times indifferent, it doesn’t get to them as such; they are hardly compassionate. These kind of people are emotionally hard people. They are not being wicked, it’s just their nature.

Being hard or soft emotionally vary from person to person and it’s also in degrees, some are harder than others and some people are softer than others.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you know the core of human interaction, power and dominion is all wrapped up in the emotions of mankind?

Every love affair and every war situation in this life is a matter of feelings. People love and die for each other, people also hurt and kill one another; it’s all about emotions – the way we feel.

Your feelings as a person determines almost everything you do in this life. Almost all your activities in life is based on how you feel about all things. From romance to marriage, to parenting, to quarrels, to domestic violence, to divorce and even murder; they’re based on how people feel about situations and persons.

From dreams, to vision, to mission, to ambition, to persistence, to tenacity, to power, to control, to dominion, to oppression, to intimidation, to war, to governance, to rulership and accomplishment all these and more are based on how we feel. Almost every single thing we do or don’t do in life is a matter of feelings. Anything your feelings don’t influence is a basic instinct.

Emotional strength has been a silent basis upon which most things have played out in life. If you can arrest a man emotionally you can get him to do anything for you. You don’t create a suicide bomber through logic and common sense, for example, you make him one by working up his emotions.

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Emotional strength is more powerful than physical strength. That’s why women have actually been in charge since the world began and a lot of men don’t even realise. Women generally are emotionally stronger than men. That’s why it’s easier for them to bounce back from crisis and even live longer than men generally speaking.

Ladies and gentlemen, the urge and decision to hurt or help someone flows from our emotions not our minds, and the urge to commit suicide or prosper our individual lives stem also from our emotions not our minds. Your emotions are extremely powerful. The most powerful religions on earth thrive through emotions.

My dear friend, the ability to succeed or fail in life I believe lies more with your emotions than your knowledge or hard work. How you feel about God, other people and life situations is more powerful than what you know and how hard you work in this journey of life.

Dear friend, are you upset or angry today? Think and observe. Are you really offended by someone or something?

Lately, too many people have become so angry. I’m talking about this deep sited anger down within your soul; like a volcano, waiting to erupt.

Some are angry at friends, lovers, siblings, parents, children, spouses, in-laws, neighbours, colleagues, bosses, associates, customers, business partners, other tribes, other religions, other races, the government and even God. Many people are angry. Tell me my dear friend, who is really upsetting you today, who are you angry at?

Dear friend, let me share this with you this morning, anger is a very dangerous and terrible weight. Anger sits heavily on your mind and blocks your ability to reason constructively, think objectively or create anything meaningful.

Anger diminishes your intelligence and blocks your flow of thoughts. Anger makes it difficult for your mind to function optimally. Anger as a matter of fact, can also cause you physical ailment, anger leads to stress, depression, anxiety, acid reflux and even ulcers. Carrying anger in your soul is very dangerous.

I plead with you this morning, in order for you to make headway and good success of your life and destiny, let that anger go. Choose to release that offender and let that person off. It’s more in your interest. Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the person you’re angry at to die.

Anger opens up your soul to other dangerous and negative emotions. Anger is a dangerous trap, it confines you, limits you and makes you toxic. You begin to radiate negative energy everywhere you go and no one wants to be around you or stay with you no matter how good looking, intelligent, creative, brilliant or rich you are. Anger is a big turn off.

Everyone becomes careful, sensitive, and insincere around angry people. They don’t want to be the victim of your outburst consequently, you can never get the best out of anyone in your circle.

To overcome that anger, ill counsel you carry out one or all of the following:

  1. Pick up a pen and paper and write out deliberately and sincerely all the good things about that person you’re angry at. Think about the good in that person, acknowledge it and pencil it down.
  2. Secondly, did that person offend you or you got offended based on your expectation from the person? Did the person deliberately hurt you or you became hurt based on a wish or hope that didn’t come to pass and now you’re angry at the person?
  3. Talk yourself out of the offence. Make excuses for the person, believe it was a mistake; an error or the person is also reacting to something you did wrong or someone did wrong to him or her.
  4. If possible, let out this anger by talking to this person. Please focus on the issue and purpose to resolve it. Don’t use words that will offend or hurt this person. Let your motive be to let the person know you’re angry, not to verbally hurt or assault your offender.
  5. Lastly, avoid and keep away from people that always make you angry. If anyone in your life is least bothered about the fact that he or she always make you upset, he or she is dangerous to you and not good to be around, avoid such people for your happiness and health sakes.

Ladies and gentlemen, one of the easiest ways to deal with anger is to apply the principle of self-control. Self-control is the ability to control yourself; what you do, how you think and how you react. You don’t have the power to control others but you have the power to control your own actions and reactions. Decide today never to react in anger to anyone or any situation. Your life will be happier, easier and more peaceful. Don’t get caught in the bait of offence.

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  1. Stanley Ese says:

    Anger! Anger!! Anger!!! A killer of visions. God bless you sir for unveiling this.

  2. Chibueze I says:

    Your post always inspires me a lot, letting go have been what hold many from progressing in life,I have decided a long time ago to never let people action determine my direction of reaction though it never easy but it Worth it. Thank you sir

  3. Ibrahim Kareem says:

    Thank you for another insightful writing Mr Muyiwa.

  4. Olayemi bolutife says:

    Your stories, radio shows and programmea always inspires me….God bless you.

  5. Aderemi says:

    A very thoughtful lesson. I learnt a lot from this post.

  6. Awosolu Folasade abiodun says:

    Whaooo! This is great! To be frank u re a good mentor

  7. Athanasius Chigozie says:

    Meeting and Attending your Sunday Programmes is one of priorities.
    I enjoy listening to you hear in Anambra State.
    Sir You’re the source of my inspiration.

  8. Jide Dominic says:

    Your messages are quite inspiring. Anger, to me is just like a time bomb waiting to explode. Thank you for this thoughtful revelation.

  9. Muyiwa thank you for your post. In this economic recession we have found our-self as a country we need to start talking to old friends that could help us.Old friends we have not been talking to in the past for one reason and the others one never can tell were help would come.

  10. bassey edet says:

    Your are my mentor, thanks.

  11. Sunday usha says:

    Thank you, mentor


    Thanks for educating us. please I will like to meet you in person

  13. Olusola Davies.Dada says:

    I am greatly enlightened I’ve been going thru some issues with some people but with this piece I know better. Thanks Muyiwa.

  14. Maria Teresa Crisol Casabuena says:

    Your Post… it all answers to someone who always said..that I am a Drama Queen. He’s the One who makes me happy..and sometimes do..makes me upset @ a little time.. My Anger Just change easily..thinking of how much He Really Mean To Me..

  15. moses abiola williams says:

    this was just timely tonic for me , for the past days i have been so upset about everything around me but now i have a new insight and perspective to things . thanks so much for the wonderful piece

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