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Of course, every normal person somewhere in their mind have got great plans for their future, no one wakes up each day with no clue or idea of how they hope their future would be. If not from the perspective of what they hope to do, it’ll be from the perspective of what they hope to have, own or accomplish.

We all look forward to a brighter and more rewarding future. Better income, better homes, better clothing, better bank balances, better exposures, better experiences, better relationships, marriages, new assets, latest cars and of course a stronger, larger and more rewarding business. We all look forward to our future being better than our now.

These anticipations and expectations naturally excite us and keep us looking forward to a brighter future. We mostly become dissatisfied with today, sometimes displeased with today based on the natural hope that tomorrow will deliver better tidings than our today.

This mind-set, of course, is good and natural, but in reality, there are many people who today have experienced a better past and a better yesterday. The future they assumed will deliver something better apparently didn’t, and they are disappointed, unhappy, frustrated and looking back at their good old days.

These are not lazy, indolent or inactive people, no, they are brilliant, hardworking, educated and smart people, some even had good jobs and excess of cash, but unfortunately, they do not have a better today than their yesterday.

What did they do wrong, what really happened? Are you with me today and you fall in the category of those who perhaps had better yesterdays than today? What mistakes did you make, what really went wrong, perhaps I can help you find your bearing again and for those enjoying your today, I can somehow make you tune in to a really better tomorrow.

Funmi was a very brilliant student back in her school days, an accountant by discipline, a first class graduate, envied by classmates and siblings. The first child of four siblings, average parents but her commitment to education, dreams about the future, and determination to do well in life gave everyone around her, especially her struggling parents, hope that she would in future be their saviour.

She served and was afterwards offered immediate employment with the financial institution she served with, not a surprise, she had what it took to stand out intellectually and at working hard.

She joined the financial institution and gave her all to her job. She subsequently began to offer financial help to her parents and siblings and her family became a bit more comfortable financially, thanks to Funmi.

Year after year, Funmi was just working very hard, paying little or no attention to all that was beginning to happen or evolve in her work environment or the larger society. She was convinced hard work was the key to success and she gave her all.

For ten years, her former classmates and colleagues being more aware and responsive to changes in the environment began to develop themselves – writing professional exams, some going for their masters,  some venturing into self-employment, and many doing so many new and different things in response to environmental dynamics.

Funmi, only kept telling herself she would also one day write exams, go for her masters, and do other things necessary for a better future, but she never really did anything about it. For 10 years, Funmi did nothing but worked hard at the bank and kept postponing and procrastinating her plans for self-improvement, diversification and upgrade to meet the changes and dynamics in the environment. I remember clearly our conversation over 2 years ago when she expressed the intention to join my business academy to master the art of effective marketing and customer base cultivation, she agreed she would join and when it was time, she said she couldn’t because of the demands of her job. And she told me she would consider it the following year.

Funmi was so engulfed in all she was dealing with at work and the financial assistance she offered her siblings and parents, she kept postponing the things she apparently needed to secure for herself a superior and better future. Funmi became stagnant.

Even her marriage was based on a stroke of luck. A customer walked into the bank four years ago, found her good enough to be a wife and married her six months after. Immediately after her marriage, pregnancy and the birthing of her first child, the will, zeal and desire to write exams, attend an academy, improve herself and secure a better future diminished. All she did was just concentrate on her employment earn more salary to take care of now, an expanding family. Her husband happens to be a teacher in a public primary school.

November last year, Funmi was relieved of her employment. Technology had taken over her role, and her colleagues who personally trained themselves in contemporary computer workings, the ones with masters and the ones with certification in project management were retained and trained on the new technology.  The bank prioritised new skills and competencies over hard work and dedication, Funmi had to go.

Funmi is not lazy, she wasn’t distracted, she was dedicated and hardworking, but she did not do anything about her changing environment and a different future. She looked forward to a greater future, but did nothing about that future. The intention was there, but the will to act wasn’t there until it became too late. All her parents, siblings, friends and colleagues and even husband can do is empathise with her, they can’t help her.

All she has is a 10-year-old first degree in accounting, no ICAN, no masters, no certifications, no diverse experiences, nothing really useful for today’s first-rate employers. She is no longer that valuable in the labour market. Hardworking, but with little or no employment value.


My dear friend, yes, your business is doing very well today, you have good customers, and they are paying you well. You have your arts right and today’s business environment truly favours you. I’m sure, you are also looking forward to a better tomorrow, you want your business to grow and expand, you want to make more money, and want a really well-established business. All good dreams and hope, but are you really doing anything today, to guarantee that business future?

The business environment is changing, new government policies, new players in the market, new participants and competitors, customers preferences changing by the day, income levels fluctuating, youth market expanding, computer and internet world dominating, social media expanding, communication world exploding, pop culture transforming, and new inventions coming up every now and again.

Are you responding to these changes or delaying your intention to respond? What are you doing about that future that is coming? Are you just talking about it or doing something about it. Are you improving yourself – your knowledge, skills, ability, capacity, networks and connections, or all you’re doing is expecting a change in government to change your story and future?

Nothing in your life will move until you move, nothing in your life would improve until you improve. Hard work and prayers are not enough, fasting, dry or wet will not deliver, you must actively and deliberate build for yourself the kind of future you desire by preparing for it in knowledge, understanding and capacity.

Come on, overcome your fear to do something, stop procrastinating the things you must do now, trash all your excuses and prioritise your priorities. Stop holding the society, the government, friends, family and selfish customers responsible for your problems, do your own part as well and you’ll see your results in due season. Never have a reason to look back to a better yesterday, do all you can to deliver to yourself a better and rewarding future, it’s in your hands.

So what do you have to do after now? I’ll tell you.

Write down five things you want to do this year.

Tick them in order of priority.

Identify the ones that would immediately impact you and your business plans positively

Write down the names of people and perhaps ventures that can make it happen

Start working on them immediately after this show, don’t say later, don’t say tomorrow, kill procrastination, do something now, make sure you do it, don’t fall victim of diminishing intent, secure a better future from today onward, this year would be good for you I promise.


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