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To every living being is apportioned a time, season and duration to live on earth. You entered on your birth date and you’ll definitely exit on your last day, no one lives forever.

You are not responsible and didn’t make the choice regarding the circumstances surrounding your birth. You did not choose your parents, your siblings or relatives. You didn’t choose your tribe, culture or part of the world. You didn’t choose your race, language, gender or looks, in fact many didn’t choose their religion, most practice the religion passed down by their parents. You also did not choose the living standards, environment and exposure you were born into.

You didn’t make all these choices but most definitely these factors play a major role in whom you are and how you’ve turned out today.

Also critical is the impact of your experiences as informed and created by the circumstances surrounding your upbringing, beliefs and value system.

Instinctively, all living things are self-preservative so by design the number one priority for everyone is the desperation to stay and remain alive. We are all raised this way and it’s hard-wired in our thinking and belief systems. Any threat to this wish is abhorred and avoided. We all want to stay alive.

Consequently, staying alive being priority for all; many today spend and invest almost their entire life pursuing this purpose – staying alive! They invest money, energy, time and so many resources in self-preservation. They avoid so many interesting and adventurous ways of living because they believe it is dangerous and life-threatening.

Many physicians and health experts today are churning out many theories and research findings on how to live long, live well and remain healthy, and of course many of us are consumers and believers in these theories and prescriptions.

But facing facts no matter how much we invest and how careful we become to remain alive, we shall all die eventually. Death has no respect or regard for anyone – Presidents, kings, rulers, servants, rich, poor, young, old, educated, illiterate, smart, dumb, African, Caucasian, Asian, male, female, beautiful or ugly, even babies death is no respecter of anybody.

If this is a fact, then I think our approach and thinking shouldn’t be essentially on how to preserve our lives, on the contrary, we should think and prioritise how to deploy our lives.

If infact we shall all die one day, we should then begin to embrace this reality; not let it scare us but let it motivate and guide the approach to deploying ourselves appropriately.

If you’re alive and well, functioning and creating value, your thinking should transcend the level of meeting needs, paying bills, making money and living large. If you truly appreciate and value your life and you’re grateful for the privilege to live, your priority and commitment should be on how to add value and leave this world a better place than you met it.

You have so much in you that the world needs. Your upbringing, belief system and desperation to stay alive may, unfortunately, have subdued the value and worth you carry on the inside, hence the world is being denied the benefits of your content.

What you should then do is talk to yourself, ask this question today and regularly, what do i carry that the world needs today? I dare not die with it, I must deploy all before I pass on, it’s not useful to me or anyone when I’m dead so i must give it to this world to benefit this generation, my children’s generation and subsequent generations. The world must be a better place to live in because I came, deployed myself and poured out my content.

This thinking and orientation I promise would change your career values, thinking and orientation forever.

May I ask you this question, what are you giving today that will make you live forever? What i mean is what values are you creating today that generations after you will continue to enjoy and be grateful for, referring to you and your achievements forever? What are you deploying?

The great writer Chinua Achebe wrote the book things fall apart at age 27. The whole world today after his death celebrates him and this great work. Please tell me my dear friends, how old are you? What are you deploying in your own field and career? Are you still all about salary and more money? Please think again. When you deploy yourself you can never be poor because your great work will continue to make money for you even after you’re long gone for your children’s children to enjoy, this is how to live forever. A man capable of feeding many generations after he’s dead is obviously, alive forever.

Stop looking at your career from the standpoint of what you can gain or get from it alone, start seeing it from the viewpoint of what you can do with it; how you can change and improve the world with it.

From this moment on, start asking yourself the question, how do I live forever, how do I live forever? As you think about this through the eyes of your career, you will begin to see great opportunities for value creation and expansion, your attitude to work, colleagues and management would change. You will become more productive, more proactive and more creative. You will begin to exhibit superior reasoning and your productivity and output would be multiplied. Remember the question; how do i live forever; what impact can i make that would last forever. Hmmm.

To experience good and rapid growth within the context of this new thinking, you need to begin to ask yourself the right questions.

Today, at what are you failing? Why are you failing? Be sincere, truthful and be willing to take responsibility for these failures. Then write down all areas of your life where you believe you can better deploy yourself and create greater value capable of outliving you. Career, family, marriage, child raising, religious service, community service, gifts, talents, sports anything.

If you’re failing in any of these, there is a reason, it’s not natural, there’s always a reason for failure or success. Identify the reasons for failure then begin to address it one after another.

If others like you have achieved it, why not you? Find out how they did it – then go and do likewise.

If you remain the way you are and you keep doing what you’re doing please don’t expect a different or superior outcome. Results can’t improve if efforts and activities don’t improve. Input always determines output, what you give is what you get; whatever a man sows surely shall he reap.

Many today are hiding under the veil of being busy, but may i say today that the fact that you’re busy does not mean you’re productive. You have to be busy doing the right thing, at the right time, at the right place with the right people applying the right effort to get results.

The reason many blame others for their frustration and lack is simply because they ignore this rule.

Many people speak to me daily sharing on how they work very hard, night and day and have nothing to show for it.

Of course, these guys know very well that what they are doing can never deliver their dreams and expectations, yet they keep doing it because they hate change, hate discomfort, hate risks and are laidback – embracing their comfort zones, but people don’t see through this especially their spouses and loved ones because they keep covering up with so-called hard work.

For example, a driver who lives at Ikorodu and works in VI may leave home as early as 4am and return at about 12 midnight daily – working very hard during the day.

No matter how hardworking his wife, children and relatives think he is, it will be difficult for him to pay the bills of four children in private universities in Nigeria because his vocation, capacity and value contribution can hardly attract that value in returns as salary.

So to be truly capable of making his ends meet and satisfying obligations, hard work is definitely not enough, he must upgrade the value and worth of his contribution to the world through a superior career venture or an upgrade of current practice. Hard work is not always enough.

Do the right thing, at the right time, at the right place with the right people applying the right effort to get the right and expected results.

Dear friend, this is your life, this is your time, this is your season and your opportunity, what are you deploying, how are you deploying yourself, stop preserving your life and all it’s worth, pour it out, change the world, live forever, represent well.

Enjoy your day!


  1. UKARA-ABASI says:

    “Of course, these guys know very well that what they are doing can never deliver their dreams and expectations, yet they keep doing it because they hate change, hate discomfort, hate risks and are laidback – embracing their comfort zones” DEEP

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