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The reason many of us go to school today is to acquire knowledge in a chosen field of practice. We want to learn about a profession, a practice, a skill or occupation so that we can eventually become practitioners.

We simply think the basic key to generating regular income and the definition of a successful life these days is to go to school, learn stuff, finish with good grades, look for an employer, get employed, earn a salary, pay bills, meet needs, enjoy regular promotion, get to the peak of our career, retire when we’re of age, live off retirement benefits and ‘put aways’, or start a small business, get old and die. Hmm

Is that all, really is that why we exist? Is that the whole essence of our long lives? Is that the reason for our intelligence, creativity, cognitive powers and soundness of mind? To just learn something, practice what’s been learnt for years, support ourselves with regular income till death? I don’t think so.

Dear friend, I’m convinced there’s more to you and your life quality than this basic life story. I’m convinced your life, your mind, your potentials have more to offer this world – has more to offer mankind than you, just earning enough to pay your bills enjoy your life all through your time.

Did you actually come to this world to work so hard so as to live as long as possible then die? Is that really why we’re here? Dear friend, I do not think so.

Please permit me to show you something you may never really have thought about. You see when you were in school, all you were taught, the textbooks you used, the materials you studied and had to understand and take tests and write exams on were actually written by some people; human being like you.

Schooling is basically learning what other people before you created, invented and discovered about life. All the topics in all the subjects you studied in school did not fall from heaven, some people came up with them and the world thought it was important enough for everyone to know hence, it became part of what people must study at school. People like you created subjects, even the very tough ones.

All the topics in physics, chemistry, biology, economics, mathematics and other important subjects were discovered, invented, postulated and proven by normal human beings like you.

School work was created by human beings, it didn’t fall from heaven. Every formula, theory, concept, ideology, definition was developed and created by human beings.

The pooling together of the creativity, invention and discoveries of different people in similar fields into one course of study is what are now subjects studied at school.

That subject that you kept studying and failing, a human being actually thought it up and created it. Listen, this human being is not superior to you in anyway. They only did what you’re not doing today because their mindset about study is probably different from yours.

The real purpose of going to school is beyond acquiring knowledge as it were, it is actually to go to school, discover how much knowledge has been discovered on a subject matter; then applying your own cognitive powers, thinking further, applying creativity and improving or adding to what other people before you discovered or came up with.

When you go to school to study physics for example, don’t just be satisfied with knowing and understanding what has been discovered or proven, the thinking must be to improve on what is already known.

Having this kind of mind set opens your mind to any subject matter differently. There is a difference when you read to pass an exam and when you study to apply the knowledge in life. The concentration, interest, passion and understanding and comprehension level is usually different.

When it’s to pass exams, all you’re interested in is remembering what you read or studied, if it’s to apply in life, you will seek to understand and your intelligence and reasoning will automatically kick in.

Today, how exactly do you use your knowledge or skill to earn an income? I assume you simply apply it to what you do at your place of employment or in business. But it’s amazing how so many people claim they apply the knowledge acquired in school to work and business yet they have no quality outcomes or results to show.

In fact beyond the knowledge acquired from school, there’s knowledge acquired from the place of work, from the environment and even the experience of others, yet, all the knowledge acquired has not translated to enviable success in the life of many people today.

Why is this so? It’s simply because wisdom is absent or not adequately available. When wisdom is not in place, no matter your knowledge, training and certificates, you wouldn’t have much to show, you would always have less than glowing results.

Many say wisdom is the application of knowledge. This is not absolutely correct. Productive wisdom is not just the application of knowledge but the correct application of knowledge.

When knowledge is incorrectly applied, you manifest wisdom deficit. When knowledge is partially applied you receive suboptimal results.

If today your results, your rewards and your life is beneath your desire, expectations and what you think you deserve, don’t only check your knowledge level, investigate how you apply this knowledge.

Are you applying the knowledge in the right way, to the right thing, at the right time, with the right people, for the right reasons?

It’s not just applying your knowledge, it’s the right application of your knowledge that makes you successful.

There’s a time and season for everything under heaven. Wisdom is not just about knowing stuff, working hard, studying hard and being strategic, its about studying the season to know your own time and chance.

Time and chance produces champions; not energy, effort, knowledge or ability. Wisdom is about time and chance.

Dear friend, can you read and recognise your chance for something, do you know the timing for all you desire to do? Your results will show if your knowledge was applied at the right time and in your chance.

Wisdom is not just having answers, it’s about having and applying the correct answers at the correct time.  Correct application of knowledge is about time and chance simply because life is dynamic, seasons keep changing, a winning formula in the morning could fail by evening; life is not consistent.

There are many who hold on to a tradition, a belief, a culture, a mindset and a familiar way of thinking  for so long; though it’s never really helped them in life, on the contrary, it’s held them down, yet they hold on to such thinking and beliefs because they glory in knowledge not wisdom, unfortunately, Knowledge puffs up; hence, they’re too proud to change.

Dear friend, your reluctance to question and test your knowledge to know if it’s authentic, valid or still relevant will leave you bereft of wisdom. You must be willing to reaffirm the efficacy of your knowledge because if your knowledge is primitive or substandard, your wisdom level would reflect same.

When you lack enviable results and you criticise and judge and condemn the principles and methods of those with good and legitimate results, you’re not ready for good change yet.

When your knowledge about life, business, career, other people, other religions, the economy, the polity, and where we are currently as a nation is primitive – not up to date or totally wrong, you can hardly get good results as you decisions would lack required wisdom.

To think corruption, stealing, bribery, cheating, impunity, greed, lack of accountability, irresponsibility, laziness, nepotism, cutting corners, indiscipline and incompetence would still be rife in Nigeria by the end of this  year and into next year, I’m afraid your knowledge is obsolete; you don’t know the times, you can’t read the season and you’ll most likely miss your chance.

A wise man is made by having the right and up to date knowledge, then recognising the times and his chance to apply. A wise man is revealed by results, not just in mere word and arguments.

Dear friend, are you wise, apply your knowledge correctly; understand your time and chance and let greatness happen for you.

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