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Organisations become very successful and rich because they plan for success, profit and growth. Every year, the leadership and management of every progressive business will sit down and plan the strategy for growth, progress and profitability for their business. If they fail to do this, the business will soon die. The reason why they do this is because it’s been proven over time as a wise behaviour that works.
Success and profit in life is hardly accidental, it must be planned and deliberately executed. This is how businesses grow and earn billions of dollars annually, hence become respected and valued worldwide. Successful businesses plan for success.
The same principle of planning for profit business organisations apply to become multibillion dollar worth is the same principle you need as a person to become a multibillionaire. Your personal success, profiting and growth must be planned if you want to be great and successful in life. If it works for business enterprises, it will definitely work for you as an individual.
Becoming a billionaire in life is very easy if you have your personal plans for success, profit and healthy growth into billions. Unfortunately, many of us have no personal plans, strategy or ambition for multibillion dollar successes. We mostly think of survival and that’s all we get – survival. Many of us can never become legitimate billionaires not because it’s impossible but because we cannot attract into our lives what we don’t think about, plan for and work for in this life.
The thinking of a billionaire is different from the thinking of a millionaire and it’s definitely different from the thinking of someone who just wants to pay bills and survive through life.
The differences in these thought patterns will influence our choices, behaviours, decisions, activities, attitude and eventually, our results.
Becoming a billionaire is not about where you are, but how you think.
Multibillion dollar Companies don’t manufacture money, customers and clients give it to them, you can’t manufacture money too; you must earn money from your customers and clients of life. Do you even know who they are?
Successful organisations are also known for high quality, needed product or service. To become successful in life, you must be known for something useful, valuable and needed by those who can reward you.
Successful organisations don’t also interact and invest in everybody, they interact and invest in their target audience; they invest in their rewarders. The days of mass marketing is gone, investment and communication is now tailor made to a specific and pre-defined audience, it’s not a matter of discrimination, it’s about efficiency and focus.
Also, successful organisations don’t just employ any applicant, they employ applicants who can add the needed value to their growth and profit ambition. They make room and create positions and offices for these people within their space. They don’t make room for these people because they have so much space, they make room for these people because these people add value to their ambition. These people have what they need for them to achieve their success plans.
Dear friend, who are you making room for in your life space? Who do you permit into your life? Think through very quickly all the people you make time for in your life, what is their significance and importance to your progress, profiting and good growth?
Your time is too valuable to share with people who add no value to you. Never spend too much time with needy people, just meet their needs according to your ability and move on.
Successful organisations take care of the needy too, it’s called corporate social responsibility, but they never make room for the needy within their business structure, they never allow into their system people that can’t add value. They care for them though, but don’t create office spaces for them.
Dear friend if you really want to be successful, never create space or room in your life for anyone that can’t add relevant value to your success.
Anyone you create time for must really have something you need for your own success in life. Time is more valuable than cash, give cash and substances to the needy and those who need your help, but create time for the useful persons.

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I mean let’s face the truth, before you can really carry anyone, you must be standing solidly on your own two feet as well. To grow others, you can’t ignore or disdain your own growth needs too.
In today’s world, no individual or business can succeed alone without support from others. To attract and retain all the valuable people you need for your profiting in life, you must apply the following principles
1. Decide that one thing you want to do and be known for in this life, and pour your whole life into it. Don’t waste your time doing many things, you don’t have much time, focus on one thing and give your all to it. Decide and make up your mind to be the best in the world doing what you’ve chosen to do and do it with the whole of your might, strength and life.
2. Identify people who have the knowledge, skills, capacity, experience and access for the things you need for your future success and connect with them. Go for them, seek for them and connect with them. Don’t be shy, intimidated or too proud to find these destiny helpers. If you don’t make the move, it’s your loss and your eventual regret. Don’t be docile, make the move today, you’ll be glad you did in the long run.
3. Reward these people for anything they do for you. In cash or in kind reward your destiny helpers just as successful organisations reward their employees. When someone adds real value to you and your life and you reward them, they feel appreciated and cherished and every time you need them, they’ll prioritise you. That’s how life is, even God appreciates appreciation.
4. Be consistent in purpose and character, let them know you for who you are. Stand for something, let them be sure whom they’re dealing with. Don’t be a pretender or have multiple personalities. They may not absolutely agree with what you stand for, but they know what you stand for, that naturally will make trust possible. When people are sure of your character, they commit to you. You need not be perfect, just stand for something and make your stand clear. Be trustworthy.
5. Pay attention to their emotional, psychological and social needs. We all want to be loved. When you connect with your destiny helpers, pay attention to the emotional needs and desires in their lives. Remember their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, attend their occasions, be there for them at the hospital, and be at their events. It shows you sincerely care and it’s not just about what you want to get. By so doing, you’ll get more out of them.
6. Show and genuinely care about their own dreams, vision and ambition in life. Discuss it occasionally and if there’s anything you can do or give to support their own dreams don’t hesitate to offer. Let your relationship be symbiotic, not parasitic, care about their visions and dreams as well.
7. Lastly, be grateful. Be thankful, appreciate them. Say thank you when they help you or do something meaningful for you. Send thank you text messages, and commend them publicly.
With this, you’ll retain your greatest destiny helpers, not only will they support you, they’ll invite more helpers into your life.
Your destiny helper may be your employer, your friend, your spouse, your employee, your subordinate, a mentor or someone making good success in your line of profession or interest. Let these people occupy the space and time in your life don’t waste your time and life with people that are not really valuable to your destiny, you are accountable to your maker, be a good steward of time.
My dear friend, all things are lawful but not all things are expedient, there is no crime in having lots of friends, but how profitable is this habit? You’ll spend most of your time managing all these friends; responding to their requests and demands and it’ll wear you out and at the end of the day, you’ve accomplished nothing.
I challenge you this morning to do a list of not more than 5 destiny helpers. Think about your life and your dreams and the kind of future you want, who would your destiny helpers be? Who can help you, support you or direct you towards your dream success? Make the connection today and change your story.

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  1. GEORGE says:

    In-fact this write up just made my day .. you are really an inspiration sir..i decided to check your website after the motivational speech you gave on radio this morning. God bless you and more grease to your elbow .

  2. Okomama Benjamin says:

    WOW! Very very direct truth you have outlined here sir. The whole of yesterday, I spent it thinking through all you have talked about today. I need to draw back to really think an take some honest steps about meeting the needs of most of my friends and about fulfilling my dreams. Thank you sir. you have helped solve a big question. God bless you sir.
    However, I need your personal email if possible because as my mentor, I want to relate with you one on one sir.

  3. SUNDAY says:


  4. Thank you Muyiwa your purpose in this life is already been fulfilled.God bless you for our generation.

  5. Tobenna says:

    always got inspiration from u write up sir..

  6. Tobenna says:

    i am a regular reader of u blog sir… it seems like u change it????

  7. Bayo Afolabi says:

    Everything you say is a practicable solution to people’s problem, you are indeed a precious gift to human hood.

  8. FenProf says:

    Thanks sir, this makes me simile and encourages me to continue being focused. Some say I am too principled. God bless.

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