Dec 21, 2022 164 No Comments

Greetings, Did you know the creator has written out in a book; all you’re expected to do on earth before He sent […]

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I think it’s important to note…

Dec 14, 2022 75 No Comments

Greetings, Consider this reality; 50 is not middle age.  We only assume it is because it’s half of 100. But extremely few […]

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Some are dying and some are thriving, this is how you will thrive!

Dec 13, 2022 163 No Comments

About 2 months ago, a childhood friend on a Sunday afternoon felt a bit uncomfortable and tired. According to his friends who […]

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Are You Set?

Dec 1, 2022 89 No Comments

Hello Friend, Welcome to December! The final month of the year 2022! 2023 is today, exactly 30 days away! To make the […]

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