Are You Set?

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Hello Friend,

Welcome to December! The final month of the year 2022!

2023 is today, exactly 30 days away! To make the New Year a great one, it’s simply smart to plan for it now, before it actually starts.

Much like in a race, the racers don’t begin to prepare and get ready when the race is already on, no, they get on their marks, and get set before the race actually begins.

The referee will instruct the racers to get on their marks – the marks is the starting line, then he will bellow “get set”, then finally, he would shoot the gun and the racers will start running.

It’s actually possible for the referee to ask the racers to get on their marks, and after they all do, he’d shoot the gun without shouting “get set”, and every racer will still run. But the referees shout “get set” for an important reason.

Shouting “Get set”, before a race is the final charge for all racers to powerfully pull themselves together mentally, emotionally, psychologically and physically in order to run well and win!

I believe for every year, the first day in December is the call for everyone to get on our marks!

And the remaining days of December is for us all to “get set”. How? We pull ourselves together mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and physically, to powerfully confront, dominate, overcome and conquer every challenge, responsibility, obligation and surprises of the New Year successfully!

I believe December is the “get set month” to concentrate, focus, draw strength, declutter, unbundle, re-strategize and get equipped to win convincingly in the New Year!

Until this has been done, celebrating and partying at the end of December is perhaps not duly on foresight.

Perhaps the essential questions to ask so as to verify if you’re really set for the New Year are as follows:

  1. With the ex-depot price of petrol now fixed at N210:00, pump price may consequently be as high as N250:00 to N300:00. With this price increase can I still conveniently fuel my home, business and vehicles next year? Can I easily cope also with an increased cost of transportation?
  2. With the massive floods of the last couple of months – destroying hectares of farmlands, poultry farms and ranches across major food producing states in the country, would I be able to afford another imminent rise in food prices? Basic food stuff is already expensive compared to a few months ago! What would food prices look like next year?
  3. When petrol and diesel costs go up, it affects almost everything else. So will I still be able to pay my rent, school fees, buy provisions and essential commodities for the home with relative ease?

Clothing, domestic daily needs like sugar, milk, detergent, insecticide, gas, and the likes, will they all still be that affordable? What about health bills for me, my spouse, and the kids; how affordable would this still be?

Will I still be able to afford a good house maid, a driver and a security guard, and pay them enough to keep them happy and loyal?

My social obligations with extended family, work colleagues and religious bodies; how do I support them, relate still and pay necessary dues? Will I still be able to afford all these easily?

My plans for self-improvement and personal development – the planned master’s program, diploma program, skill development plan etc., will I still be able to afford these?

The big question is, will my earnings now, conveniently cover all these with relative ease, and with something substantial to still put aside in case of emergencies?

In fact, what if I suddenly lose my job? God forbid!

Dear friend, if these are not “set”, I’m afraid, you are not set for the race of 2023! So it’s time to DELIBERATELY GET SET for 2023!

In just a few days – Sunday, December 4, at 4pm, I will be sharing on Zoom, five easy-to-start businesses you can activate now, with good potentials to bring you impressive income in record time.

These five businesses will not require or request that you join any business group, invest in anyone’s business, or collaborate on any financial project.

This is exclusively about simple business ideas you can choose to do for yourself, by yourself, and on your own in this season in Nigeria. Get set for 2023!

Simply click and register. You will be very glad.

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