Don’t End Up Like Her…

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Ada, (not her real name) was a very focused, committed and dedicated brand manager working for a leading multinational in Lagos, Nigeria.

Her 12 years career as a brand manager revealed a woman that was focused, dutiful and extremely hardworking. Her sense of responsibility, willingness to learn, innovation and solution mindedness was unmatched by any other member of the team.

Her director was so proud of her, found her unquestionably dependable, and was already in conversation with the board of directors to make her the General Manager of the Marketing Department. She’d be next in line to him, and would become the next Marketing Director after his retirement in less than a year.

Ada was in the middle of a presentation to the marketing director and 5 other key members of the team in the board room of the department when unannounced, the managing director walked into the department with two white global directors of the company from the UK.
The three powerful men walked in, sat down just to hear her and get a feel of the goings on in the marketing team.

Ada suddenly lost it. Her confidence, composure, charisma, flow and clarity of thought suddenly disappeared. She became nervous, anxious, confused and short of breath. She totally messed up the presentation.

The Managing Director and foreign directors were disappointed, and the Marketing Director was embarrassed. That marked the end of her consideration for elevation.

Dear friend, confidence has produced more leaders everywhere in the world than competence ever did. Leadership is more of confidence and charisma – the ability to inspire and work through others, than just pure hard work and dedication.

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Sincere regards.
Muyiwa Afolabi

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