Money As A Defence…

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Damilola had to grow up very fast and began to earn as early as age 17. Her father died suddenly in a car crash while on travel duty as a driver for a fledging insurance company. She was the first child of five children and her mum simply sold seasonal fruits in front to the house at Ikorodu, Lagos.

Damilola at 17 began to work odd jobs – sales girl, nanny, cleaner, receptionist, lesson teacher, and with all these she supported her mum strongly, to pay necessary bills and carter for her younger ones.

She got admitted to LASU to study accounting on a part time basis, hence, still working while in school.

She focused, remained committed and eventually graduated as an accountant. While still in LASU, she sat for her ICAN certifications and succeeded, hence, became chartered by graduation.

Damilola got employed in a first Generation bank and without wasting much time, she married her long time sweetheart, Tunde, an employee with Lagos state government.

Dami was very hardworking, secured rapid promotions, paid everyone’s bills and with time, built an apartment for her Mum and her younger ones at Ikorodu.

Damilola sponsored her immediate younger sister Bola, through secondary school, secured admission for her at the University of Lagos, and Bola was doing very well until she took in for a very wealthy older man in her second year. She married the man as a 3rd wife.

Initially everyone was angry at her, but immediately her husband – this older man began to spend lavishly on everyone, Bola was quickly forgiven.

This man secured a 4 bedroom duplex for Bola at Magodo, furnished it lavishly, bought a Camry and a Honda CRV for Bola, and Bola began to travel all around major world markets to import and sell high quality fabrics in Lagos. And suddenly everything changed.

Bola became the star of the family, moved everyone from Ikorodu to her place at Magodo, began to take care of everyone’s bills; opened a big provision store for her Mum at Ketu, and very quickly, Damilola lost her say, respect, relevance and influence on everyone in the family.

In fact, when the house she built for them was sold off and the funds used to stock up her mum’s provision store, no one told her.

It was the Dad’s 20th remembrance anniversary dear friend, Bola and the Mum planned everything, leaving Damilola out completely. The venue, the food, the aso-ebi were very expensive and extravagant. When eventually Damilola was brought into the picture, she couldn’t afford her share of the cost.

In order to remain relevant and valued with her mum and siblings, she unfortunately perpetuated a fraud in her bank to raise funds and meet up for this event. She was caught, dismissed and arrested.

Her mum, her sister and younger ones didn’t help, they mocked her. Her gentle husband was also very disappointed.

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