Some are dying and some are thriving, this is how you will thrive!

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About 2 months ago, a childhood friend on a Sunday afternoon felt a bit uncomfortable and tired.
According to his friends who were with him, he excused himself to visit the rest room, and about two hours later his unconscious body was found lying flat on the rest room floor; he had collapsed.
He was rushed to the hospital and a few days later, he passed on.
Medical reports confirmed he suffered from blood pressure, had a stroke and it killed him. He was in his mid-forties!
Just last month a close relative – active, friendly, jovial, wealthy and generous woke up on a Monday morning, had a bath, got dressed, and as he headed towards the dining room for breakfast, he mentioned he felt tired and weak, and almost instantly, he collapsed!
He was rushed to the hospital, and sadly confirmed dead on arrival – Blood pressure and stroke. He was in his early sixties!
Last week, a former colleague at work sent me an invitation to the dedication of some luxury apartments he just built, worth some hundreds of millions somewhere along the Lekki/Ajah expressway in Lagos. He is into property development and doing very well!
He remains rich, peaceful, hale and hearty. He is in his forties!
And just last night, a doctor friend sent me a message, inviting me to the launch and dedication of an 18-room medical center he just built somewhere in Ikeja.
He is a very active, passionate and hardworking Doctor. He is rich, peaceful and happy regardless of the economy. He is in his early fifties!
My dear friend, if you are in your place of natural design, you will thrive. If you’re however, misplace in life – doing things you’re not naturally designed for,  it may kill you.
Dogs and cats are domestic animals, the jungle will kill them. A Hyena on the other hand, don’t belong at home, it’ll destroy things and die of frustration.
Dear friend, the fact is, a GREAT ECONOMY does not favour everyone, and a BAD ECONOMY does not hinder everyone!
If you BELIEVE God does exist, you will naturally believe HE CREATED YOU WITH A PURPOSE AND A PLACE IN MIND!
God CREATED and DESIGNED everything and everyone for a purpose and a unique assignment, EVEN YOU!
The greatness and legit success of any man is not outside of God’s PURPOSE AND DESTINY.
God’s grace, favour and help for you in this life is within, and according to what He PURPOSED and DESTINED you for!
That simple!
God is only committed to that purpose and the assignment He created you for, not the ones you chose, or the environment bestowed on you!
This my friend, is NOT about religion or morality, it’s about your assignment in this world – the impact He created and designed you to make!
Perhaps that’s why your prayers are yet to be answered. You’re, for example, an eagle, praying and fasting so hard to survive and thrive deep in the waters, and out-swim the fishes!
It’s ridiculous!
God will NEVER ignore any prayer or request that is perfectly according to His will, design, assignment and purpose  for your life!
Sadly, many of us today, don’t bother with this reality of purpose and destiny.
This may be because we don’t know it, can’t find it, or what we know about these are not realistic and have failed.
You’ve perhaps been taught wrong, misinformed and misdirected on this important subjects of purpose and destiny.
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This TRUE knowledge will bring you TRUE peace, progress and prosperity in good health!
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This is a life changing experience you do not want to ignore. It’s time to find your PURPOSE and fulfill your DESTINY.
God bless!

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