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If you believe in the existence and the sovereignty of the almighty God, you’re likely to agree with me that He created all things including you. Yes, God created you!
Also, all basic religions subscribe to, and agree on the concept of destiny and predestination. This simply means whatever it is you are on this earth to do is already predicted and pre-determined by your maker.
Christianity, Islam and even our ancestral religions subscribe to the truth of predestination. And through interactions with divinity by the faithfuls of all three religions, the destiny of some who care to find out, have been perceived and foretold at different times; some even before they were born.
Examples of this reality, too numerous to mention abound everywhere you turn if you choose to seek for proof and evidence of predestination.
Dear friend, permit me to mention here that you are also predestined for a purpose in this life. Your maker did not create you and grant your entrance into this life for nothing and to do nothing.
God will not wake you up every day, give your life, energy, sanity and abilities for all these years for nothing. No, He is not wasteful. There is a purpose.
Now, the very important and big question is, do you know your destiny?
Are you sure you are fulfilling your destiny?
Are you within your maker’s purpose for your life?
Is your life based on God’s plan, God’s wish and agenda, or your choices, decisions and desires?
Are you in the place of your calling, talent, natural gifts and divine assignment, or you’re just responding and reacting to the dictates of life?
Has anyone, any force, the actions of your parents, ancestors, or your own errors derailed or truncated your destiny?
Are you struggling in life because you’re operating outside your destiny, or even running a life that will make you end up a “successful failure” – because it’s not your destiny?
These are questions many people avoid and don’t want to think or talk about simply because they do not know or they’re afraid of the possible answers.
However, the stark reality is, you are sent here to fulfil your destiny, and you have a critical role to play to make it happen!

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Thank you for your time, God bless.
Muyiwa Afolabi

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