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Did you know the creator has written out in a book; all you’re expected to do on earth before He sent you here? (predestination).

Did you also know angels are keeping daily records of what you’re actually doing here on earth.
(Your Works/deeds)

Judgement day is a day to compare your daily works recorded by angels in books, against what God wrote down in His own book about you before He sent you here! (Revelations 20:12)

Are you living your life according to what God wrote in His book about you, or based on your own opinion, decisions, discretion, convenience, comfort and choices?

Please hear this, without a doubt, you are predestined for something by your creator!

Do you really know what it is?
Are you walking in your destiny?
Are you working in your destiny?
Do you really care to know your destiny according to what God wrote?

What are you destined by God to manifest here on earth?
How did He want you to impact the world?

What did God really design you for?

Do you care to recognize, acknowledge and prioritize all these very important matters of life?

Or you’re still distracted by the environment, your own needs, your living standards, winning social contests and fulfilling a personal life ambition?

Do you realize all these happen and manifest much more easily when you’re in destiny?

How old are you now? Is your afterlife really important to you?

If you still aren’t sure why God created you, if you’re still in doubt about being in destiny, if your purpose is still hazy and confusing, I’ll suggest you sign up for this seminar!

You will definitely be repositioned for a meaningful existence…

FINDING YOUR PURPOSE AND ACTIVATING YOUR DESTINY is an online seminar you can’t afford to ignore!

This has nothing to do with your age or religion.

It’s about finding and activating exactly why the Creator created you!

This is the only true measure of a life of success – not just material possessions, good health or longevity.

Are your daily deeds aligning with His written will for your life?

Kindly click on the link to register today!

God bless!

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